Album Review: FM R IZ – The Sheep & The Slaughter

Album Review: FM R IZ – The Sheep & The Slaughter

Album Review: FM R IZ - The Sheep & The Slaughter

Electronic music producer, Craig Caudill aka FM R IZ (pronounced “Ephemeris”) has been close to the world of letters, and surprisingly he is inspired by literary resources in order to create new melodies. Poetry is still his great passion but experimenting with art in different ways seems to be part of his life. I believe this is how FM R IZ brings forward all of his mind’s creativity. I can assure you his new album ‘The Sheep & The Slaughter’ is just that, experimental music that will satisfy those of you who are fans of Electronica, and more specifically, Ambient music.

Here we have 14 tracks in total, some of them were named interestingly, and what they shared in common is the cinematic flavor. Most of these songs feature a minimal stripped back instrumentation and no vocals, however, there are few exceptions. If you are ready to stream this album, I suggest you close your eyes and prepare yourself to explore a new sonic dimension.


Check out my track-by-track review below:

1 – Maripoza Translated into English as “butterfly”. The album opener is a little monotonous but magically it features hypnotic soundscapes, reducing the amount of tension in the human body.

2 – Who Is Watching You?  You’ll notice mysterious pumps throughout this track, which are in effect related to the song’s title. You may feel this is a little bit dark.

3 – The Hunted FM R IZ creates a beauty eerie ambiance, and as a result of his experimentations the track has a really well spooky vibe.

4 – So Long Wave Indeed this is the album’s longest song. The most prominent elements are the delicate synth chords and the repetitive pounding beats.

5 – This Aeon  An original production! I simply like the futuristic sound design it possesses. It could serve also as the theme for a Sci-Fi film.

6 – Topaz Frontier 2 If I’m not wrong, this is the only track that features vocals, but it sounds more like a dialogue from a space mission… Too much sound effects in my opinion but I think is an authentic track from the album.

7 – Offshore Accounts There’s a chord sound progression like in the rest of the tracks, but this one sounds a bit louder due to the uncontrolled use of beeps and other electronic rhythms.

8 – The Sheep & The Slaughter A rich electronic composition, where the persistent beats and creepy sounds will transport the listener to an industrial/ambient odyssey.

9 – A Flower Named Dagger I enjoyed the relaxing sound, FM R IZ definitely wants you to chill with this Downtempo gem.

10 – Faded Memory Stains I think this is the most Minimal track from the whole album, as there are just few Electronica elements that can be heard. It requires more dynamism in my opinion.

11 – Raw Sushi Bar Blended with industrial and tribal sounds, you might like this intriguing tune. I’m loving this now. 🙂

12 – A Paid Actor Loud synths vary from second to second, somewhat futuristic but at the same time noisy.

13 – Pure Air In A Can This is totally perfect! Again another great relaxing song, I don’t know why it reminds me of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack.

14 –  Bonus Track: Wind Through Tall Grass Sometimes, I love to use my imagination while I listen to music, just visualize how the wind blows through the grass and experience the mental state of Nirvana thanks to the beautiful last song.



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