Album Review: NTFRMHRE – 4th Dimension

Album Review: NTFRMHRE – 4th Dimension

Album Review: NTFRMHRE - 4th Dimension
u may have noticed that I’m a fan of NTFRMHRE. To be precise, I started to like his music in May, when he released a clip for the single “Somebody Like You”. Not so long ago, he released his new album ‘4th Dimension’. A splendid original that’s definitely worth listening to. You’re in for a treat with a total of 9 tracks that are the result of merged styles. That all means that this album will please all tastes. It’s clear, NTFRMHRE had a new perspective when producing all these tunes. His concept proves that it is possible to combine different subgenres of electronic music. The reason is simple: It is totally better to listen to a sonically rich and a stylistically broad album than one, with a narrow approach. Are you ready to enter the 4th Dimension?


Check out this track-by-track take on the record.

1 – Netjer The album opens with an instrumental track with a futuristic sound. Here the producer is applying some jazz principles into Electronica. A mélange of fast breakbeats, synths, and of course bass.

2 – Xtrapolated I like how the intro keeps a continual sound following on from the previous song. A progressively-infused tune that takes on a life of its own. Despite the cinematic feel to it, tribal drums and uplifting chords are also in the mix as they get louder and louder… it’s pretty cool.

3 – Electricology NTFRMHRE now dives into the deep sounds. I love the housey vibe and the female vocal samples. It’s always a winning formula in music terms since the early 90s.

4 – Pac-man It’s party time!!! I do not say this just because I’m addicted to this arcade game. What really goes on is that the dose of Electro House in this tune is amazing. The Philadelphia artist didn’t use part of the original theme, on the contrary, he transforms the waka waka sound creatively.

5 –  Somebody Like You My favorite song has to be “Somebody Like You”. It became the first single before the official release of this record. The emotional EDM vocal track is sung by Scott Thomas. As I stated before in another article, it features haunting melodies that create a chill vibe, and it’s extremely catchy. This number deserves to be a radio-friendly hit.

6 – 4th Dimension In my examination of each tune, I am now understanding that all of them have their own essence. The pumping nature of this tune will make you want to go to raves and dance all night long.

7 – Looking For You If NTFRMHRE wants to attract fans who like commercial music, then this could be the right choice as the second single. The sweet and girlish vocals from MRS and the energy of this tune is a bound to get any crowd moving.

8 – Wicked Thing Dubstep was not forgotten on the ‘4th Dimension’ album. This one sounds a bit like the German band Scooter with a clear influence of Reggae music. A strange but interesting combination, isn’t it?

9 –  Peace What a great way to end the album with relaxing sounds complemented by a nice piano melody and electronic beats. An absolute must hear record from a talented man.



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