Interview | Questions & Answers With Kate Faust

Interview | Questions & Answers With Kate Faust

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What a pleasure it was to interview Electro Pop singer Kate Faust about her most recent work, “Trouble”. I also inquired about comparisons, her best song, and future ambitions. There is total clarity in her concise answers, scroll down and read all about this talented woman!

1 — Are you a better singer than a songwriter?

I don’t know the answer to that question. They go hand in hand for me.

2 — How would you define the type of music you make?

I would call it Electro Pop. As for Pop music, that’s a little edgier and a little deeper at times.

3 — Have you ever been compared to Lady Gaga or another mainstream singer?

No, I haven’t been compared to her. I have been compared to Florence Welch and Kate Bush. I think they are both amazing.

4 — Are comparisons good or bad?

Comparisons are fine if it helps people get comfortable with the music. I do think with women artists there is always an immediate need to compare, more so than with bands or male artists. People tend to see women in an archetypal way at this point. I’m excited for the day when folks are more familiar with me and I’m the archetype they are measuring others against.

5 — Is your new single “Trouble” about karma? Please tell us more.

I think it reflects a sentiment on karma, at least the negative permutations. I think we watch the forces of the world and we hope that there is something to balance out the things we can’t control, the deeds that go unpunished. I think, though, there are other ways of working out karmic agreements.

6 — Why did you take a dark direction for the music video?

It felt right for the song. The song has a driving darkness that moves in and out around the chorus. The lights and the different shots match that movement.

7 —Will you bring the same vibe for your next single?

You’ll just have to keep a look out!!

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8 — Have you ever considered to drop remixes for “Trouble”?

Yes, I have. Some folks have approached me about remixes so we’ll see what comes forward.

9 — So far, what’s the best song Kate Faust has released to date? Why?

Oh man! That is tough. I think my fans would say “Never Felt So Lonely.” That is a song that people also mention to me. They always make little videos of it. People come up to me at shows and hug me and say how much it speaks to them. A lot of people can relate to having to choose their dreams and careers over certain romantic ties.

10 — What are your musical hopes and ambitions for this year?

I’m looking to release more music and play more shows. I want my music to live in more spaces and mediums!




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