Interview | Questions & Answers With Mateo Paz

Interview | Questions & Answers With Mateo Paz

Mateo Paz
Mateo Paz
has turned his progression up to the next level this year. With big releases and more time in the spotlight, he is looking to build on the rich vein of experience he has earned with his passion for Electronic music over a considerable period. He looks to grow and doesn’t plan to stop until the whole world knows about the Mateo Paz sound. We caught up with him to get some background information about the musician, for those who have yet to hear his work.

1 – Hey! What’s going on in the world of Mateo?

Well, Mateo’s world is full of sounds! Currently, I am preparing a few singles and I am really excited to see your reaction.

2 – Where about are you based?

Currently, I am based in Los Angeles. Not long ago, I was based in Emirates, worked as a resident DJ there. It was exciting, but I am always looking for new challenges.

3 — How long have you been working in the Dance music scene? And how did it all start?

I think about 19 years ago. But I guess all started when I listened to music with my Dad, who is very passionate about it. He took me to a concert of a well-known Polish band when I was only 3 years old, but I fell asleep… But when I was 10, he took me to an old Berlin factory for Prodigy’s concert. I think that this was a huge factor. I just fell in love with Electronic music and that’s how it has been to this day.

mateo paz interview
Once I got the bug, it started with creating a vinyl collection. My favourite place was London then, and I especially liked the Plastic Fantastic shop at Covent Garden. There was a great manager – Oliver MacGregor, who I remember well.

4 — Describe your sound in three words!

Fresh, modern and listenable.

5 – Who were your influences as you got into Dance music?

I can’t name any specific name, as the greatest influence was the revolution in musical electronics, it was technical possibilities that developed my sensitivity.

6 — What have been your career highlights so far?

I played as a teenager at cool festivals in Poland such as Global Gathering, Sensation or A Day at the Park with big names like Carl Cox, Tocadisco or Armin van Buuren.

Last year was very interesting. For the first time, I decided to wander around the world and seek inspiration for activities in music. I was a DJ for 7 months in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a resident DJ in clubs. Other than European culture, it ennobled me and strengthened me in self-realization.

I also released a track with Grammy-nominated producer Eddie Amador – Feel Alright. Not long ago my remix Danny Darko was 4th on Beatport top 10 and also with Kwanza Jones, where we got into top 20 on Billboard chart.

7 — What does this year hold for you?

I’m looking forward to seeing what Los Angeles can offer me. Asmik Shiroyan – Armenian Eurovision singer and I are preparing new track right now. I’m also going to release two singles with an amazing Mexican singer.

8 — What’s your ultimate career dream?

Start the party on Mars (kidding). Not easy to answer but my goal is to be successful and make a living from the job I love to do.

9 — Can you tell us about any upcoming releases and projects you’ve got lined up?

Estribo Records of parent label Proton Music – My remix of Deng & Slavak – Lunar Path in the middle of October and some singles that are waiting to be signed.

10 — Whose releases have impressed you most this year?

Eelke Kleijn – The Calling
Sebastian Leger – Love Star
Nick Muir, John Digweed, Eagles & Butterflies – Crazy Diamond
FISHER (OZ) – Stop It

11 — What is your aim for the next few months?

Get a good booking agent and management so I can be 100% focused on creating music.

12 — Can you tell us something not many people know about you?

At a height of 2m, they call me “Short” in the house. I have sensitivity, but I tread heavily on the ground with shoe size 47(12.5 UK).

13 — Anything to add or shout outs?

I would like to thank you and all the people for reading this. Also, to my friends and all people believing in me from early stage. I believe hard work pays off eventually.




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