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10 Facts About Tufina Watches



10 Facts About Tufina Watches

Whether you’re choosing your first watch, a new watch, or simply a watch, you should know first all the facts! Below get all the details about one of my favorite brands, the Tufina watches.

1 – Since its establishment, the firm has been owned by the Tufina family. In the beginning, it was the tower clocks, longcase clocks, pocket watches; then the gentlemen’s wristwatches. There is a total of 35 watchmakers in the whole family, that’s incredible, isn’t it?

2 – In the last century Tufina partnered with some of Europe’s finest watch companies; while in this century, they are a strong independent company.

3 – Tufina has remained true to its heritage and its time-honored watchmaker’s values. Famed not only for its distinctive identity also for its technical mastery. They have created Theorema and Pionier brands in the same spirit.

4 – The excellent attention to every detail during the making and the design process gives each Theorema and Pionier timepieces importance as well as purpose.

5 – Tufina’s desire and vision have always been to produce designs that captivate every successful and cosmopolitan man. Theorema and Pionier have an intimate understanding of the way men think at a reasonable price.

6 – All wristwatches are individually hand-assembled that are not only functional but also highly fashionable.

7 – Tufina has the ability to create wristwatches that combine tradition and innovation.

8 – Since January 2016 Tufina has officially expanded in Chicago, USA to better serve and reach the North & South American customers.

9 – Unique designs and flawless style, that are made using only the latest technology in the watchmaking industry.

10 – They are a great gift option for the upcoming Father’s Day celebration or even for your boyfriend, husband, or brother.

Here’s the entire elegant collection of Tufina watches:

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