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10 Hot Urban Fashion Tips for Winter 2015



10 Hot Urban Fashion Tips for Winter 2015
This article discussed 10 awesome urban fashion tips geared towards men. For every urban man, there are a few wardrobe staples that they must own. Use the information as a guide so that you can create a basic yet ultra-hot wardrobe in order to show off your urban male style wherever your life may take you.

A dark blue blazer

Purchase the highest quality that is within your budget. This is a wardrobe classic that goes with many outfits and lasts for years. It’s crucial to get a blazer that fits properly, so do not cut corners when shopping for this item. The fabric and the weight must be suitable for all seasons or most seasons of the year. This crucial fashion piece pairs perfectly with the additional items discussed below.


A lot of men are not keen on wearing jewelry. However, every fashion-savvy urban man should have a classic watch as part of their wardrobe. Do not hesitate to splurge a bit when buying. A high-quality watch will last for many years and will require only very minor, simple repairs.


Purchase these in black or khaki hues. The fit you choose is crucial. Make sure to keep your chinos neatly pressed and ready to go; hang them up carefully in your closet.


All fashion-savvy men must own some pairs of excellent jeans – Glorious Gangsta has a great selection of all the best styles.

Plaid shirts

Plaid is a huge fashion trend for 2016. Keep a few plaid shirts on hand. While they originally gave off a classic lumberjack vibe, they are now a big part of urban men’s fashion.

Quilted vest

A quilted vest can suit you wonderfully on a breezy day. It is a trendy item for fall of 2016, but it is also a classic staple for years to come.

Fair Isle Sweater

Sure, this item does give off a preppy vibe. If you are not a huge fan of this style, you can opt for a classic style pullover sweater that features a simple color and high-quality fine wool.

Camel hair topcoat. Purchasing this piece should be considered an investment that pays off over time. You are an attractive and stylish urban man. Stay classy for years to come with this topcoat. It will constantly be in style.

Windbreakers and hooded sweatshirts

These are very casual basics that are absolute must-haves in any man’s closet.

Casual shoes for the weekend

Get a pair of loafers for casual Sunday gatherings and pair them with ultra-cool jeans. It’s also nice to have some sturdy work boots for a different urban look.

You don’t have to own tons of clothes to be a well-dressed urban man. Simply fill your closet with the items above, and you have an extremely versatile selection of high-quality urban clothes for all different occasions.

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