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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ariel Currant



10 Things You Didn't Know About Ariel Currant

The smart and charismatic singer Ariel Currant reveals new information in this interesting interview. The purpose of this article is to let you discover how she formed as an artist, and what she currently does with her music career. Don’t forget to listen below to her newly dance song “We Are The Night”, which is, in my opinion, phenomenal!

1 – What important event in your life inspired you to become a singer?

College. My freshman year, I found myself with a life pretty void of music. I went from being very involved in almost any sort of music related activity possible to nothing. Which, as dramatic as it sounds, made me feel a small emptiness inside of me. That’s when it hit me just how music means to me. Then I wrote and created my first EP. And the rest is history.

2 – Have you ever taken singing lessons or do you consider yourself a natural talent?

The most training I have gotten was through high school choir. We were required to have private lessons with our director about every week and a half. Those helped me tremendously. Besides that, I just work on my own to hone in on my talent and skills and ask for help from those around me when need be.

3 – How much creativity is involved in your songwriting process?

I have such a random songwriting process. I’ve got an app on my phone that I use to write down small tidbits of ideas wherever they hit me. Which could be at the grocery store or at home or even when I’m outside on a walk or something – completely random spots for sure. And from there I decide if it is strong enough to be the chorus or if it has verse potential.

Other times, I have an event in my life I know I want to write about. Those either start with a central idea or I free write in a blog type format to get out all my emotions and thoughts. Then I use that to create the song.

I kind of just let the song come to me however it wants, and then fill in the missing parts as needed.

4 – Who produced your latest single “We Are The Night”?

For this song, Marc Lotus produced the foundation music for “We Are The Night”. We brought in Scot V from Double Diamond Records to capture that killer EDM sound we were looking for the final product. Scot V is known for his dance rhythm tracks and smooth synth sounds. He gave the song the musical life it needed so it could shine.

we are the night
5 – The sound of “We Are The Night” is, without a doubt, electronic dance music. Why did you change your music style from Pop and Country to an upbeat genre?

Dancing has always been a huge part of my life. I took lessons for fourteen years growing up, and now I find myself dancing whenever and wherever I can. So when I came to my label with an idea of an upbeat, danceable song, EDM was the perfect fit. I still love my pop and country roots. But this song was fun to do because it was so different for me. It has helped be broaden my abilities too!

6 – Will you continue releasing more tracks intended for the dance floor?

For sure! I loved tapping into this side of music. So, I can definitely see myself releasing another dance floor track. It probably won’t be with my next couple of singles, but definitely somewhere down the road!

7 – How do you handle negative criticism from haters?

I’m a very resilient person. In my life, I’ve dealt with a lot when it comes to criticism and harsh words. Not necessarily with my music but just in general. So, I’ve built up a pretty good set of tools to help make sure the negativity of others doesn’t get to me as much as those saying the words would like it to. And I know there will always be a comment or two that I will get to me despite my efforts to make sure they don’t. But I know myself, and I’ve got a great support system around me that I can lean on when I need to.

8 – What’s the best part of performing live?

Connecting with the audience and being able to share a piece of myself with them. Whether that’s with my own songs or with a song I’m covering. There’s something special about looking out into the crowd and seeing someone’s eyes light up while you perform.

9 – How happy is your love life?

Right now, I’m definitely more focused on myself and my music – which I’m completely content with. I still let guys take me on dates and whatnot, but it isn’t my main focus at the moment. I figure if I keep doing me and building my passion, that sort of energy with attracting someone special and someone who makes me think a little more about love life. I’m young and happy, no need to rush.

10 – Are you planning to release an album or a music video in 2017?

2017 will bring more singles and hopefully a music video or two! All of which I am very excited about. The singles will show a different side of my music, and help me create a wider sound. And I love shooting videos, so I’m super excited about those! Stay tuned!



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