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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Big City Cowgirl



10 Things You Didn't Know About Big City Cowgirl

Big City Cowgirl is a Country music singer and songwriter seeking to spread her music worldwide. You will be pleased to discover important details of her brilliant artistic career and learn more about her views on music. So, relax and enjoy your coffee while you read this exclusive interview!

1 – Where does the name Big City Cowgirl come from?

It’s really rather simple. I am a city girl with country music in her heart. I picked the name Big City Cowgirl because I felt that it fit perfectly with my persona. I’m a girl who lives in the big city who loves all things country.

2 – Is your family musical?

I’ve had a few relatives who were musically inclined. The most notable of those is my Uncle Mort, who passed away last year. He played the recorder and used to create musical pieces, mostly stuff that was classical. He used to write and direct whole musical performances and would find people who would perform his compositions for audiences. Other than my uncle, I think I might be the only other one in my family who writes music. I have hopes that one day my daughter will write music. My daughter seems to be musically inclined. As soon as she was born, she was into music. She would tap her hand in time with music. She sings melodies and makes up lyrics. She also tries to play the guitar. This year we are going to get her formal training.

3 – When did you discover your singing voice?

I discovered my singing voice when I was a pre-teen. I always loved to sing, but when I was in elementary school, the choir director heard me sing once and pursued me to join the choir. When I agreed, he pushed me to develop my craft and gave me a lot of confidence. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember his name, but I owe him a lot because it was the first time that I took myself seriously in regards to singing and starting a music career. Since then, I have sung a variety of different genres, and recently I started taking vocal lessons with a prestigious vocal coach so that I could better my singing prowess.

4 – What’s the name of your most recent single? What inspired you to make this song?

The name of my most recent single is “Game of Love.” I wrote it because I’ve been through both good romances and bad relationships, and I’ve wondered a lot of the “game of love.” I’ve also spent a lot of time talking to people about relationships – friends, family, acquaintances would catch my ear with their stories – and it was my fascination with the “game of love” that inspired me ultimately to write the song.


5 – Where was the music video filmed? Any funny anecdote?

My music video for “Game of Love,” my most recent single, was filmed in Asharoken, Long Island. Asharoken is a lovely oceanside town where my in-laws live. They own a gorgeous home in which part of the video was recorded. I am so appreciative that they let me use their home and that location. There is a “funny” anecdote about the filming actually. There was a hurricane headed for Long Island that developed right around the time of the video. Everyone who had been hired to do the video was panicked that the video couldn’t go forward on that date. But, as it turned out, the hurricane went out to sea by the time it got to New York and all we got were awesome winds and waves, which made recording the video in that area dynamic.

 6 – Have you written songs for other artists or bands? How can people contact you?

I have co-written songs for a variety of bands in which I performed, but I have not written songs exclusively for other artists or bands to record. I’m not opposed to doing so though. People can contact me through my website,, or by connecting with me on ReverbNation, Twitter or Google.

7 – We know you are also a lawyer, How is possible to combine your artistic career with your other profession?

I don’t combine them necessarily; I balance them. It takes a lot of logistical planning to do so. I do it the best that I can so that I can pay my bills but still have stress relief from pursuing my passion. One thing I will say about litigating is that it involves a degree of performance, which is not all that different than doing music. I can’t sing my opening statements, summations, or arguments, but I can use inflection in my voice to be persuasive and use words to evoke emotions. I hope my songs do the same for people.

8 – What is the most criticized aspect of Country music in America?

I think the most criticized aspect of country music in America right now is that most of it is not authentic old school country music. Country music has become what I call country plus – country plus pop, country plus rock, country plus rap, country plus hip hop. I miss the old school country music even though I can appreciate the new. I find myself vacillating between the two in terms of what I write and how I produce it.

9 – If you were not a Country singer, What different style of music would you choose? Why?

Well, in my past, I’ve written just about every style of music you can imagine. And I love, love, love all styles of music because I feel as though they all have something important to contribute to the music world. But right now, if I were to choose a genre, and it couldn’t be country, I would choose pop music. I love to throw myself around when I perform – so I would want to do songs that are upbeat and uplifting – but I also love the intimacy of ballads – so I would want to do that too. I think that you have the most amount of leeway in doing both with pop music.

10 – What’s your ambition for the year ahead?

My ambition for the year ahead is to continue putting out music from my heart and soul. I would love to make a career of music so I could focus on music and nothing else. And who knows? Maybe I will see that happen in the year ahead! Being a mainstream country music artist is definitely my ambition.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.