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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christina Rubino



christina rubino interview
In short, you’ll like her music, sense of humor and honest words. Check out the interview I had with Christina Rubino. She’s taking the Folk scene by storm and her new song “Godspeed and Guns” is simply woderful! Christina has received positive reviews from The Nashville Music Guide, Indie Artist Alliance, Pop Dose Magazine, The Examiner, and more… Learn more about the artist below:

1 – How would you describe your music style?

I want to say that if folk, country, and punk had a hyper-emotional, attention deficit disordered and semi-unpredictable child……that child would be my music.

2 – Do you find that Christina Rubino the artist is different than Christina Rubino the woman?

Not so much. When I am writing or creating anything – be it a song or a painting or whatever I am doing – I go into that zone, but as soon as that trance is over I am pretty much the same person everywhere I go. It gets me in trouble sometimes. I forget that not everyone speaks fluent metaphor or has a sadistic sense of humor. Sometimes people in the deli just stare at me.

3 – Why do you think you are dubbed as the female version of “Johnny Cash”?

I think probably because I wear a lot of black, write many songs in story formats, and have a voice as deep as Shrek. I should probably just be dubbed Shrek.

4 – What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of “Godspeed and Guns”?

There was nothing in particular that inspired me to write this song. The song came, knocked on my head and asked to be written. There was a fluid rush of inspiration in my belly, so I sat down with a guitar and chords started shaping. Right behind them came lyrics…a story started emerging with visuals, which worked fabulously for the video. The song revealed its meaning to me little by little. It has guided me way more than I have guided it. It’s about our unconscious long term reactions to pain. “If I would have known that this battle could not be won, I would have taken Godspeed and Guns.” To me, this means that if I do not become aware of my defects and true motives, I will never get free of them – I am living in my default version of a hellish prison. A concept of original sin, if you will… therefore, if I am never willing to look at myself, and not just forget my past and move on – but forgive my past and get to a place of true understanding – I stay sick. Without truth, I will be lost. I stay imprisoned. And, if I had it all to do over again… I would not only do it the same… I would take godspeed and guns, meaning I would raise even more hell and take as many people down with me as possible. Maybe the song bubbled from my unconscious. Maybe I have done that myself. I have gotten into plenty of trouble because I was more willing to blame my past for my own defects of character rather than take a good look at myself and where I set the ball rolling in my own chaos.

5 – How did the story of the music video for “Godspeed and Guns” came along?

The visuals that presented themselves while the song was shaping were clear as day. I saw my sister and myself on this Thelma and Louise type of killing spree. That was how it started. When Frankie (Director, Frankie Nasso) wandered into the studio (that happens to be in his basement) and heard the song that Jerry (my producer) and I were working on- he started talking about a cinematic quality to the song. We sat down and brainstormed. We were literally seeing the same storyline. It was like the storyline was revealing itself to us. I would love to take creative credit for the cool storyline, but the fact is that this story wanted to be told and it simply found a few artists who were willing and able to tell it.

6 – I liked your performance on this video. Have you ever been to an acting class?

Thank you! I have never taken acting classes, but Frankie did suggest I make a reel! That was super flattering……but I think that any artist who is immersed in his or her project can just about pull off anything necessary to get it accomplished. I was so intimately involved with the storyline and the characters, that the performance came fairly natural. On the days we were shooting, I felt like I WAS those characters. I scared a few people with a very convincing portrayal of a psychopath, on and off camera. Once I was immersed in the character, it was hard to bounce back and forth to my regular self.

7 – What’s the best thing of being an Indie artist?

Well I wouldn’t be able to compare it to being an artist where anyone else has any sort of control over what is being put out there – so I don’t know what it is like to have any sort of pressure or coercing from a label. I guess in that light, the best thing is that nobody owns me or what I do. Don’t like the video treatment? Too violent for broadcast? Awesome….don’t play it. Ain’t nobody trying to get famous over here paw, we’re just trying to catch inspiration like butterflies so we can help others to experience that inspiration too.

8 – What are some of your fears or insecurities on stage?

It is very strange, but before I am about to play a slight feeling of aggression comes over me. Maybe it’s the way my brain deals with fear. My fight or flight becomes fight…….and I just sort of want to eat the room……while growling.

9 – What kind of advice would you give to other young singers that are starting their careers?

Do not get too caught up with anything that doesn’t grow you as an artist. Practice your craft and turn your attention INWARD to connect with the magic. Your craft enables you to bring the magic into the world, and the world desperately needs the magic. Don’t let anything overshadow that connection. Your ego will continuously try and drag you away from that. Ego kills art and makes it entertainment. Its a dead thing. Don’t do it.

10 – What can fans expect to see from you in the next year?

I am releasing a NEW music video on January 6th along with a single called “Down to the Sea”- and the album has been pushed to a Valentine’s Day release. Shows to support that album… this video is nothing like the first. No blood or severed heads 🙂 I promise… It’s a piano ballad and it’s pretty.



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