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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wolf Critton



10 Things You Didn't Know About Wolf Critton
Endorsed by LUNA, ICON MOTORSPORTS, SHURE & D’ADDRIO. Featured on Magisto with over 20K views and counting, featured on Steve Harvey in the morning radio, PLAYING FOR THE MAYOR OF HIS CITY and Connecticut Style News. singer Songwriter Wolf Critton is the artistic musician to be heard! With various collaborations and interviews with all forms of media, this street raised Iraq War Veteran is reaching the ears of thousands, with his soulful sound of Rock & Blues. Read below this exclusive interview and discover much more…

1 – How does one go from being an Iraq War Veteran to composing music?

War has an amazing way of bringing out ones true self.

2 – What’s your music style? Why did you choose this genre?

Rock & Blues, because it’s the one thing I can relate too in this life.

3 – What was your very first paying live performance? Was it good? Was it bad?

My first performance was at a Hip Hop showcase. It was amazing! It let me know if it was something I actually wanted to pursue. Haven’t put the guitar down since.

4 – Have you released a new song this year? What’s its name, Where can we listen to it?

Yes we just released our newest song called “Black Sheep” will be releasing the music video this Halloween!!

5 – Over the course of your musical journey, have you had any disappointments or experiences that did not meet your expectations? 

People can let you down, but Wolves stick together. I’m a pack animal and we are many. Mike Colonna (Wolf’s Drummer) is on the same page.

6 – Do you have any formal music training?

Yeah! try learning how to play a guitar while bombs are going off in the distance lol.

7 – On a lighter note, are you a Dog person or a Cat person?

Oh, I have two German Shepards and my name’s “Wolf”. Although my girl’s a cat (wink wink).

8 – Are you planning to make a music video or album in the future?

Yep this year’s gonna be epic!!!

9 – As an artist, are you very active on the Internet and social media? How can fans discover your music? 

I’m hooked on Facebook, but I definitely encourage fans to check out my website.

10 – Are there any secrets or things that you would like to share or promote?

Stay tuned!!! We have a show with Vero at the Ritz Theater. To support the strong women that survived Domestic Abuse. I’m thankful to be apart of it.

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