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11-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Amartya Paul Releases “Giant’s Revenge”



Amartya Paul
Take a listen to something quite relaxing. Amartya Paul offers a delightful piece of Classical music in the form of “Giant’s Revenge. Setting aside the stormy times that lie ahead, these piano melodies will comfort everyone.

Only 11 years old, the young piano prodigy and composer conjures transcendent creations whenever his fingers glide over the keys. Thanks to the right technique, hypnotic melodic hooks transport you on a fantasy trip.

Although Amartya plays “Giant’s Revenge” remarkably, this recording is by the world-class pianist, Deborah Offenhauser.

As a matter of fact, he’s currently working on a series about a royal family and their adventures. “Giant’s Revengeis included in this saga.

What’s more, on his official YouTube channel you can see ice skaters giving life to the artistic concept behind each composition.

In the video above, Princess Ava is in the castle and hears a commotion. She then makes her way down to the depths of the dungeon. Once inside the dark dungeon, she encounters the escaped giant. The giant and Princess Ava get into a struggle as she tries to prevent him from escaping. However, despite her best efforts, the giant escapes.

The original stories will continue their course with the next release on March 25th.

Beyond everything, Amartya Paul is already establishing himself in the Classical and performing-arts worlds. His musical sensibility is amazing as he delivers flawless transitions that guarantee harmony and tension in equilibrium.

Propelling his astonishing career further, he has participated in many competitions and played at the Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, and Paris Philharmonie.

All things considered, I foresee a bright future for this blooming artist.



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