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1700 Monkey Ninjas Interview 2016



1700 Monkey Ninjas Interview 2016
Ed Purchla aka 1700 Monkey Ninjas is a talented musician and a digital abstract artist. He has been working since 2012 making experimental electronic music, and from that year on, he hasn’t stopped showing his creativity on the world wide web. He’s now promoting a new album, called ‘KNOW THAT MUSIC IS MY LIFEBLOOD’, which is an amalgam of diverse electronic sounds. Read the interview below and discover important details of his musical life!

1 – How did you find your passion in experimental electronic music?

Electronic music has always been something I’ve gravitated towards. I like the versatility of the medium. Electronic music, especially experimental work, explores horizons of the audiosphere that mainstream music (and I realize this is a large brushstroke) cannot, by default. Mainstream music needs to make money, be accessible to the widest range possible, based on formulaic notions of songs and songwriting that have been around forever.

2 – Tell us how you got your name. How it defines you as an artist?

I wrote a short story a good time ago…inspired by Haruki Murakami. A man gets a call from another being who claims that he and 1699 others have his wife. Chaos ensues. 1700MN is a place to put randomness of form, thought, noise, melody and absence of the prior. The name itself stems from an unknown story, much like the music. I’m not a fan of stating that something defines someone as an anything. We are all fluid, always changing. Art is a process, life, etc.

3 – Do you use modern tools or analog old machines when producing experimental music?

Various software and Novation hardware.

4 – Where and when did you learn to produce music?

Self-taught. You never really learn until you do.

5 – What’s been the hardest sound for you to get? Why?

Simplicity and fun is the process of making music. Anything hard, anything that takes away the fun of creating sucks. I stumble upon sounds…these are chance occurrences, and not all are fascinating to me, so they fall through the cracks. They don’t hold weight. However, those that I can’t even remember creating, that stand on their own…they make me take a step back and wonder how I ever even came up with them. The thing is, only in retrospect can I see something that another producer might call “hard” to make, and by then I don’t really have an opinion concerning the process because it is over. All we have left is the conclusion…the final mix.

6 – What’s the name of your latest single or album? What are you working now?

My most recent record is “KNOW THAT MUSIC IS MY LIFEBLOOD.” Presently a video is in the making for the song “phassyn8.”

7 – Do you have a different occupation/job besides being a musician?

Of course.

8 – How do you find ways to promote your music? What works best for you?

I don’t. I put it out there the cheapest way possible. People find your music if they want to. Shitty music is the stuff that people accept after they’ve been beaten over the head with it through radio, television, social media, etc. Let them find you. If you are a real artist, this is what it’s about—putting forth your work, and let whatever happens, happens. If you are doing it in hopes of money or success, then you are something different.

9 – Have you ever created songs for films? What’s your favorite movie soundtrack?

I’ve never made anything for films as of yet, however, I’ve been asked to work on a song for a film being made by a guy who played stuff off my new record in a club in China. Damn, my favorite movie soundtrack? There are soooooo many. Right off the bat I’m Thinking Greenwood’s compositions in There Will Be Blood and The Master. Amazing stuff! One of my fave’s of all time is Zbignew Preisner’s score for Kieslowski’s Trois couleurs: Rouge.

10 – What should fans look forward to the rest of 2016 and beyond?

Keep an eye out for the video while I’m brainstorming.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.



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