Dr Lektroluv Full Unmasked Photo + Real Identity Revealed

Dr Lektroluv Full Unmasked Photo + Real Identity Revealed
Dr Lektroluv real name is Stefaan Vandenberghe, he is a Belgian DJ known in Europe as The Man With The Green Mask. During his live sets, he wears an elegant tuxedo jacket.  He also runs the Lektroluv label, with releases from Mumbai Science, Modek, Sound Of Stereo, etc. Initially, when he started as a DJ he wore a white doctor’s uniform, and used to be known under the alias of T-Quest. In the late 80s and early 90s Dr Lektroluv used to have a great radio show named ‘Behind The Beat’ on Radio S.I.S in Ghent, Belgium.  During those times he was simply known as Stefaan Vandenberghe, his radio show focused on underground electronic music and Acid House. He also used to be a resident DJ at the ‘Kaos’ parties held at Cherrymoon during  the ’90s, and today he is one of the most popular Techno DJs of Europe, that has never shown his face in public. This case is similar to other masked DJs who dominate the electronic music scene, such as Daft Punk and The Bloody Beetroots.


Check out the video below, Dr Lektroluv invitation to party hard at I LOVE TECHNO 2012 taking place in Belgium, on November 10th.


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