The 10 Best Acid House Tracks According To DJ Pierre

The 10 Best Acid House Tracks According To DJ Pierre
Best Acid House Tracks
Chicago producer DJ Pierre is credited as one of the founders of Acid House. He was one third of production trio Phuture, whose seminal 1987 EP ‘Acid Tracks’ inspired a generation. With Acid currently riding high in the charts as DJ Pierre sagely points out below, here’s a timely look back at its roots with his ten favourites Acid moments!
1) Phuture – Acid Tracks
Why? The intensity, the energy, and the veracity of the track. And… it’s the one that started it all.
This was the first time I heard an Acid track that was funky. Bootsy Collins would love this track. House heads who didn’t get into Acid, even loved this track.
Piano on Acid is what Tyree Cooper did on this one. This track was smooth, soulful, and jazzy. No one has done anything close to that since. (Oh yeah…it’s banging too!)
I love this because it was the first Acid song and the first acid track with singing on it. In Chicago this track is stilled played straight (not in a DJ mix) but on mainstream FM radio. Chicago still shows this much love.
Amazing Acid bass line. So catchy that it never gets old. Best vocal hook on Acid!
Wow, this Acid is so sexy, sensual and erotic. It just builds and builds to a massive climax.
The first time I heard this my stomach dropped! The Acid was so simple but at the same time deep, driving and menacing.
Hardfloor took Acid into a new more Techno/Trancy direction. They made Acid as though they heard it in the womb as a fetus. They made Acid as though they were born to make Acid.
This is a great track. One that I’m really proud of as it clearly states that Acid is the “Phuture” and look at it now, 26 years later and acid is still going strong. 
Adonis had a way of making great Acid lines without even tweaking the 303. Actually, his Acid lines are so hot that they don’t even need tweaking…

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