Sound Strider ‘Intrepid Travels’ EP Review

Sound Strider ‘Intrepid Travels’ EP Review

Sound Strider produces a unique melange of haute sonique from only the finest waveforms, hand picked from the data forests and lovingly blended with precision and flair. From organic analog body grinders to intricate digital brain busters his spectral alchemy conjures up outlandish aural landscapes laced with hypnotic polyrhythms.

‘Intrepid Travels’ is the name of his latest EP and this is a mere example of innovative sound design. Out-stand tracks and futuristic break-downs form a fusion of interesting sounds that seem to be from another planet.
Fans of IDM, Glitch Hop, Psybient and Techno music will love all these bass anthems. Each track from the EP will give you a tour through the to the depths of the cosmos. I’m happy to see this style of music gaining more popularity.

Read my track-by-track review below.

1. The Stakes The first track has a cool vintage NASA countdown which is creatively mixed with wobbly, breaks and more fun sound effects.

2. Menlo Park  This song will create a futuristic atmosphere in your room! It features a hypnotic downtempo vibe too.

3.  Childhood’s End It’s a little bit dark than the other songs and you’ll noticed a repetitive synth-bell sound that will make you trascend your mind!

4. Limit? A very interesting track, I love when it reaches the climax, it will surely get your heart beating.

5. Betoniere The last track from the EP sounds more Industrial/Techno, and it’s cool!

Finally, I am impressed to know different styles of music that we can discover today. Listening to Sound Strider’s ‘Intrepid Travels’ EP made me feel like if I was in the future. He’s such a talented and creative artist and of course making all these sounds is not an easy task. Much respect to him!


Check out Sound Strider‘s new video “Prometheus” a track he collaborated on with Miriam Waks.

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