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Electro WOW Music Awards 2013



electro wow music awards


Panteros666 – Hyper Reality

“Hyper Reality” acts as a slow progressive intro into what proves to be a game changer, sporting ’90s rave chord progressions, trippy futuristic synths and vocal samples.


Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson – Shake That 

Swaggering over a fluid 3-note bassline, the vocal ties the track together with some deep, infectious hooks that guide the release’s movement. Complete with some questionable lyrics and playful offbeats, “Shake That” is a nice bomb to have in your collection.

Boe & Zak – Loop For Love

This is an epic Henry-Street-Disco-House track with soaring strings and an instantly captivating vibe. This will haunt you for months.You’ve been warned!

Josh Butler- Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix/Pleasurekraft Edit)

Bontan brings a whole new dimension to the original mix with a clear jackin beat replacing the sophisticated sounds found in other versions.

Hot Natured – Different Sides of the Sun

Jamie Jones, Luca C, Lee Foss and Ali Love display their smarts with delirious and dashing big tunes that draw on Deep House, Detroit Techno and Soul. The rest of the album is just as sassy, with beautifully drawn synths, sunshine grooves and silky minimal twists to the fore.


Bean Pearce – What I Might Do

Video directed by James Copeman

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Styling And Profiling: TOP 10 Reasons To Drive A Convertible Car!




Convertible Car
The sun is always so nice. You can do many interesting things in Miami. But still, the best things you can do are getting through the city to Miami Beach and have a nice weekend there. Sixt Miami airport makes your weekend even more comfortable. Just take a private tour to Miami Beach by car. Which car? Of course, the best vehicle for traveling through Miami is convertibles. You can enjoy your tour and sunny weather from every seat. Traveling with kids, you should pay attention to safety belts and get someone who can help you with them in the convertible car. Nevertheless, it must be a cool experience. How about Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro?

convertible cars

Continue reading and you can find a list of reasons to drive a convertible car in Miami this year. They all are based on travelers’ experience. Just don’t think long. Take the car and go to find the beach!

1. 360-degree visibility

Convertible car gives you a chance to move the roof down and see everything around. Don’t worry about the weather. It’s sunny in Miami and you can enjoy the see views and fresh air without leaving your car. It is more enjoyable than looking out of the window.

2. Add more sun

Sometimes, you can take a convertible car for your business trip. You may be busy to go to the beach and visit as many enjoyable places as you can. You can push down the roof of your car and add more sun and fresh air to your busy day.

3. Better your mood

Sometimes you may have a bad mood. It doesn’t depend on today’s weather but your car can help you a lot. How? Just drop the top of your car when you are in and enjoy the views around. Try to look around and notice everything pleasant that is going on in the world now. Share your shiny face and speed up! How do you feel now?

4. More space and unlimited headroom

It can happen that you need more space in your car to carry something big. It can be a sudden souvenir, travel gear, anything. You can’t make a hole in your car roof but you can drop it down and enjoy your comfortable driving. Even if you wear an extravagant floppy hat, you have enough space in your car to feel comfortable.

red car
5. More entry options

A sport car just like many others has a very uncomfortable entry facility. Not enough space and you feel like you are leaping through the open window into the driver’s seat. You don’t have such a problem with a convertible auto. You can even jump in the car directly into your seat! Actually, you can do what you want if you keep in mind the road safety rules, of course.

6. No regrets about keys in the car

If you are a troublemaker and used to leave the car keys locked in the car, just leave the convertible top down. There is no such a problem as locked keys if you are driving a convertible auto. So, don’t worry about this annoying habit.

7. Interesting for family journeys

Don’t you think that your convertible car can be interesting for your children? Take them for a night drive to watch the stars. What a great idea. Pretend that your car is a rocket and you are taking a flight to the moon. It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

8. Romantic atmosphere

The idea to create a romantic atmosphere for your partner is very good, especially when you are having a trip to Miami Beach. Think about it. A convertible auto boosts your mood and allows enjoying the road trip over the sunny Miami to the full. Also, the combination of wind and sun is very attractive. What is more, you can arrange a romantic night trip to the seaside or go to the city park to watch old movies just from your car.

romantic atmosphere
9. Convertibles are always fun

Driving a convertible car is always funny, even if you are a slow driver. The wind in your hair and bright sun over your head cannot be sad or unpleasant. You look optimistic in your car. The days seem longer and the nights are more romantic. It is said that only happy drivers pick cabriolets. Do you want to be one of them?

10. It’s cool!

If you are a girl it’s really cool to wear your best summer suite and extravagant hat and go driving a car with a roof down. It attracts everyone’s attention. If you are a man, you become more attractive for girls!

Of course, you may have your personal reason to drive a convertible car. Whatever reason you have, to hang out with friends or have a romantic date with your girlfriend, you should try to drive convertibles at least once in your life. Share your impressions. How was it?

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Live For Now! TOP 7 Brightest Music Festivals In Florida!




music festivals in florida
No doubts Florida is the best-visited place in the world. People come here in summer, spring, or even in winter to get some sunny weather and excitement. Car rental under 21 in Florida gives you a chance to rent a car without fees and age limitations. And if you decided to visit Florida this weekend, try to plan doing something crazy and explosive like visiting music festivals. Of course, Florida is a state of a never-ending party atmosphere! Local music festivals can be a really unforgettable event. It doesn’t matter what music style you prefer, you can find a festival on your own taste. Looking for the best music event, look through this list.

music events in florida


Location: Miami
Time: March – April
This festival lasts for three days. This is the brightest evenе that doesn’t even need the introduction. The festival is more than 20 years old already. So, in short, this is a unique concert of electronic music. If you are a fan of electronic music and going to Miami these days, make a stop at Ultra in Miami. By the way, there is an analogous ULTRA festival in Europe. When it comes to tickets, the prices are divided into so-called wild and expensive sides. This is an international event where you will never stay alone. What about the organization? There is enough space for parking but most people in the USA know for sure that there is always a problem with parking in sunny Miami!


Location: Orlando
Time: November
You heard it right! It’s a real big carnival of electric music. You should go to Orlando to attend this faery event. This is a part of a global Electric Carnival series which takes place all over the world. It looks really bright and colorful in the state of the round-the-year sun. That’s why people come to visit this particular event! It lasts for two days and meets you with the brightest samples of EDC techno music.

music festivals florida

Location: Miami-Mexico
Time: January
This unique cruise starts in Miami and takes you to Mexico through many American cities. There can be nothing better than a music cruise! You go on board of a beautiful ship and enjoy the rhythm of electronic music. You can find millions of feedbacks from people who experienced Groove Cruise before. Besides, it can be a good start of a new year in January! The festival is called a big international event because it crosses the country and takes you to such popular music cities as Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Cozumel. Many new faces, vibrant music, variety of crazy parties and funny activities are waiting for you. The ship is also worth mentioning here. This is a huge platform of luxury bars, restaurants, lounge zones, outdoor and indoor pools, sport centers, and a huge dance floor.


Location: Fort Lauderdale
Time: April
This spring music event is a big party for all music lovers. The festival takes place on the beach and raises a problem of the ocean conservation. What about the music? This is a mix of all existing music styles, including rap, country, and mix of them. Electric rhythms are not popular here.


Location: Jacksonville
Time: May
Now it’s time to visit the biggest rock party in Florida! You should come to Jacksonville in the spring. Of course, rock music is very loud and noisy. You can hear it everywhere in the city. More than 60 000 of rock fans come here for a never-ending rock dancing.


Location: Panama Beach
Time: August-September
It’s a popular weekend when people are free from their everyday duties and comes to listen to the country music on the seaside. The weather in August and September is hot and sunny. That’s why people come to the beach to get some rest and relax under the popular music. What is the music style? It is mostly rock and country rhythms. What about the festival location? Panama is the brightest and the most romantic place in Florida. It’s a white-sand coast, emerald water, romantic sunset, and green palms everywhere. You can’t find a better location for a summer festival! Wake up! It’s time to dance for the whole night!

gulf coast fest

Location: Miami
Time: May
It was said a lot about the rock and electro music feast. Here comes the biggest and brightest hip hop music event. It takes place in the sunniest city in Florida – Miami. There is no problem to take a flight to Miami and take a car to get to the seaside. The cheap hostels and cafes are available at the festival location. What to come? You have a chance to watch the brightest concert of such local stars like Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and others. There can be nothing better than a music party in the bay area.

Visiting music festivals is more interesting than visiting a night club. These music events are not only the best-visited attractions for young and adults. Also, this is an important cultural exchange, place to meet new people, and get a priceless life experience. Live for now!

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Grow Soundcloud Community




Grow Soundcloud Community
If you’re interested in growing your online fan base, then we’re here to tell you that you can’t go wrong with SoundCloud. SoundCloud is the perfect platform for finding fresh talent, and it gives musicians much more exposure than any other platform. In essence, moving further into this particular platform will make a huge difference when it comes to how successful your music career is.

Our article dives into the top tips for growing your following audience and encouraging them to buy plays for SoundCloud!

Creating An Eye-Catching Unique Profile

You’ll firstly need to create something that sparks and hold the attention of anyone who views your profile. So, ensure that you use your creativity to craft something as unique and appealing on your SoundCloud profile. Simply put, you should aim to captivate the viewer’s mind if you truly intend to personally establish yourself within the SoundCloud environment.

soundcloud profile
Become Part Of The Community

Successful musicians not only reach out to their fan base or followers, they make and establish contact with other creators. Sharing and engaging in positive, creative conversations with other musicians give you a better opportunity to develop new techniques which can take you a long way with your budding career. And, if your music is really good, you’ll soon be noticed by some of the most prominent persons within the music industry. So, whatever you do, make it your business to become part of the community and use it to your advantage.

Share Your Tracks On Various Platforms

If you’re really going to go the extra mile and make it within the music industry, you’ll need to join and share your music on other platforms. And this will also give you the opportunity to connect with more followers as time goes. You can even allow and notify your fans so that they can download your tracks for offline purposes.

music platforms
Don’t Forget To Be Consistent

Nothing beats the value of consistency. Your journey has just started and if you’re going to succeed, you’ll need to have the will power to put in hard work in order to become the best musician that you can be. So, keep the creativity flowing and stay consistent when it comes to creating new masterpieces and don’t forget to release them on multiple platforms. You just might go viral sooner than you think!

Be Active And Share On Other Social Media Platforms

For each post that you create on SoundCloud, be sure to share it to all your other social media accounts. You’ll create the way to gain more exposure and this is the best thing that you can do. However, don’t forget to include the proper hashtags and tags when applicable. This will send your music to the perfect audience.

social media platforms

We hope that we’ve provided you with informative and useful info. Be sure to comment in the section below. And, don’t forget to share your questions and concerns while giving any suggestion that you may have. We also look forward to hearing from you all very soon! Don’t forget to share with your friends on different social media platforms!

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Get Your Band On Digital Channels, And Fast




Starting a band may at first seem like a passion project, but if it’s going to pay the bills, you may want to treat it like a business. Promotion is a band’s form of advertising, and what better way than to access the single biggest platform of all: YouTube? According to studies, the top ten music videos share a collective viewership of over 66 million. Digital promotion is not only one of the fastest ways to reach a wide ocean of fans, but it also spans some of the fastest-growing platforms on Earth.

Social Media As A Starting Point

For many bands, social media may seem like the only digitally viable route to follow for promotion. While social media can play a big part in band promotion, there is a large portion of the internet that still needs to be covered. That being said, for a band to gain digital traction, social media is a good place to start. This means setting up those Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and scheduling tweets on Twitter at the right time. Social media is an important component of fan engagement, pretty much how businesses would use it as a means of customer engagement.

social media
The Right Approach To Streaming Services

One of the biggest reasons artists are slow to upload their tracks to streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora is the relatively low income generated from these sites. According to research, Spotify pays artists around $0.006 to $0.084 per stream to the holder of the music rights. That means it will take a significant amount of streams before an artist even earns a dollar. However, streaming services should be considered as one of the artist’s growth strategies, as this is a vehicle for advertising which is similar to that of a business.

streaming services
Collaboration Across Channels

One of the best ways to gain traction on promotion across the digital channels is by partnering with a brand that you would like your music to be associated with. This includes partnering with productivity apps for musicians who produce ambient and instrumental music, or fitness apps for those who produce something a little more athletic. Songwriting for games and music scores for streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are also great ways to bump up collaborations.

In the age of Indie music, it’s important to get the basics of digital band promotion down as a means to complement physical band promotions.

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TOP 5 Most Fashionable And Luxurious Cars You Can Get RIGHT NOW!




luxurious cars

© Pattern by Hernán Piñera

There may be many different reasons to rent a luxury car. Do you want to impress your girlfriend or your business partners? Or you need a big exotic SUV for a road trip. Or maybe you want to take your friends for a party in a luxury car. It is not a problem in our days as you shouldn’t buy the car. Just take it for rent from MCO Enterprise. The choice of elite cars is big and this can make your dream to ride a luxury car come true.

luxury car

© Cruising on Highway 1 by Pedro Szekely


You need to consider a few factors when cruising a luxury car. The most important things are:

• Do you want to drive the car on your own or with the help of a chauffeur?
• Make sure you are not an underage driver as luxury class vehicles are not available for rent for the young drivers.
• Check the agency reputation.

mercedes benz

© Mercedes- Benz G550 V-8 by Michel Curi


There are many categories of luxury cars to choose from. They are:

SuperSport Cars
This category is probably the biggest and the brightest one. You have to choose from a variety of exciting sports cars such as Maserati, Audi R8, Aston Martin, Lamborghini Huracan, Bentley Continental. They all are brilliant. Just check the rates.
Luxury SUVs
The cars of this category are good for outing with friends. They cars you may choose from are Cadillac, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz G550. The rates and availability should be checked beforehand.
Luxury Convertible Cars
Convertible cars, such as BMW Convertible, Mercedes Benz , are especially good for cruising over the California or any other American state with a warm and pleasant weather.
Tesla Model S
Rent Tesla model to get the best and stylish car ever. The car is really impressive to perform and comfortable to use.


Mercedes Benz has the newest model of S-Class to be the best in the world. Is it really the best of the best? This car does everything you need. The salon is long and comfortable. This car seems to be strong and powerful, equipped with all modern conveniences, standard air suspension, and damper adaptors, that’s not to mention all available modern devices. What is more, you can choose between petrol and diesel engine, automatic nine-speed driving or electric power.

Jaguar cars gained its popularity in early 60th. Jaguar XJ model is the best and the brightest exemplar. The sleek lines, stylish cabin, high quality materials, high tech interior make you feel like at the peak of your success. What about the driving facilities? Have you ever driven Maserati or Mercedes S Class? Jaguar is driven as a good sport car.


© Jaguar XJ 220 by Brian Snelson

Rent BMW
BMW has always been in the shadow of Mercedes. Now these companies both have the worthy exemplars that are classified as S-Class. The latest version is BMW 7 Series. It is a luxury car that combines all the latest privileges. The air suspension makes you feel like you are flying not driving a car. The engine work quiet but the car is powerful. What about the interior? The salon is large and full of goodies. It can impress you with its integrity and usability.

This car belongs to the ultra-luxury class. People usually rent it for self-presentation. It’s really cool to drive a giant car like this! This car is reputable as the quietest transport ever produced. Of course, the brightest its option is the convertible top. You can open and close the car roof in silence. What about the color? The classic black is the most popular car model.

The latest Range Rover model is a car of the fourth generation of Rovers. It is a revolutionary new and interesting car with its new aluminum chassis and the great luxurious appearance. It is big in size and can boast the capability of driving offroad. This car is a unique combination of luxury and functionality. Look at the seats! They are excellent and comfortable for drivers and for passengers. The car is heavy and you can’t even feel any road inequalities. The price can be different, depending on the country you are traveling through.

If you want to feel special during your short drive, you can take a luxury car. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a luxury weekend with friends or looking for the best car for your wedding. Don’t be afraid of the car’s price. There is always a possibility to rent the car hourly, not daily. Also, there are no special limitations or demands for driving a luxury car. You need a driving license, your credit card, and the age up to 25. Different companies have their specific requirements so you’d better to check it beforehand.

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