Electro WOW Music Awards 2013

Electro WOW Music Awards 2013

electro wow music awards


Panteros666 – Hyper Reality

“Hyper Reality” acts as a slow progressive intro into what proves to be a game changer, sporting ’90s rave chord progressions, trippy futuristic synths and vocal samples.


Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson – Shake That 

Swaggering over a fluid 3-note bassline, the vocal ties the track together with some deep, infectious hooks that guide the release’s movement. Complete with some questionable lyrics and playful offbeats, “Shake That” is a nice bomb to have in your collection.

Boe & Zak – Loop For Love

This is an epic Henry-Street-Disco-House track with soaring strings and an instantly captivating vibe. This will haunt you for months.You’ve been warned!

Josh Butler- Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix/Pleasurekraft Edit)

Bontan brings a whole new dimension to the original mix with a clear jackin beat replacing the sophisticated sounds found in other versions.

Hot Natured – Different Sides of the Sun

Jamie Jones, Luca C, Lee Foss and Ali Love display their smarts with delirious and dashing big tunes that draw on Deep House, Detroit Techno and Soul. The rest of the album is just as sassy, with beautifully drawn synths, sunshine grooves and silky minimal twists to the fore.


Bean Pearce – What I Might Do

Video directed by James Copeman


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