SHOCKING! Dad And Daughter Pole Dancing Pair

SHOCKING! Dad And Daughter Pole Dancing Pair

I Pole Dance...With My DAD!I Pole Dance…With My DAD!

While many dads and daughters bond over family meals, the odd father-funded shopping spree or a love of similar films, Hazel Roberts and her father Dave have found a more unusual way of spending time together. The 24-year-old personal administrator and her 50-year-old dad are the world’s only dad-and-daughter pole dancing pair.

Not only do the duo dance on single poles, they also take part in doubles competitions, where they perform some moves together on one pole, then split off on to separate ones to do the same synchronised moves.

Initially, neither of them had any idea that the other one was taking part in the unconventional exercise classes. Hazel was studying in Ireland in February 2013, where pole lessons were all the rage.

Shocking! Dad And Daughter Pole Dancing Pair
Meanwhile, back at home in Swindon, warehouse manager Dave and his then-girlfriend had seen Bendy Kate, a renowned pole-dancing and acrobatic act, on the Sky 1 show Got To Dance in May 2012. Deciding she wanted to give it a go, his now-ex persuaded Dave to go along with her. Always up for a laugh, he agreed.

The father and daughter didn’t find out about the other’s pole dancing pastime until Hazel sent her dad a picture of herself doing a spin, saying: ‘Guess what I’ve been doing today?’ Dave then replied with a picture of himself in the same position and said, ‘Funnily enough, I did the same thing two weeks ago!’

Hazel and Dave then started taking a pole dance course together, so when they progressed to pair-work, it seemed natural that they should work together.

Time later, they started practicing and, to the shock and astonishment of family and friends, they became skilled enough to compete in the UK Amateur Pole Performing Championships in October 2013. They made it to the finals, making them the first father-and-daughter team to get that far.

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