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DJ Jounce Interview 2015



DJ Jounce Interview 2015
DJ Jounce continues to captivate and attract greater amounts of EDM fans with his music productions. Recently, his name is on everyone’s lips due to the success of his newest single, entitled “Nobody Knows“, which features the well-known singer Christina Novelli.

I asked him a few questions about his music for our Electro WOW fans. Enjoy this interview!

1 – What got you into music? Were you part of a band?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved music so I think it’s just something in my DNA. I grew up playing instruments starting with piano around age 5. I went to public schools but we were very fortunate to have music programs. I played various instruments including bass in Jazz band and trumpet in the concert band. I even played tuba at one point. No joke. I played guitar and sang in a Rock band and we played at school dances and even the local bar, which was a trip. My mom is an angel for having put up with the noise of me practicing.

2 – When did you start producing EDM?

I didn’t really dive into EDM as a producer until about 2011. I had gone to music school and was familiar with traditional instruments and music theory. So I foolishly thought the transition to quantized electronic music would be easy, but … not so much. Unlike my guitar which is basically a set instrument, soft synths, plugins and everything in the DAW are so vast it’s insane. One thing I love and hate about electronic music is that the possibilities are virtually infinite. Honestly, some days I feel like throwing my computer out the window. But when I am able to get the right sound, it’s so much more gratifying because of all the hell that went into it.

3 – Do you ever give your music away for free?

Oh yeah. At my shows, I give away these “DJ Jounce” bottle openers that double as a USB flash drive and are loaded with my music, videos and other media. On my SoundCloud, folks can download my original track “The Place To Be and Die” for free. We’re going to give away more stuff on my Facebook and elsewhere online, which is great so I can reach fans no matter where they are. We ship worldwide!

4 – How has the Internet influenced you as a music producer? Any interesting stories to share?

The Internet is beneficial but also adds complexities. I’ve found helpful tips from other producers and it’s enabled long distance collaborations. The Internet also creates more opportunities for sharing your work with fans. But it’s also a distraction because now we all have to play the social media game, and fight for attention along with everyone else. My management and PR tell me to be more active online, and rightfully so … but I’d honestly rather focus on just the music and not on updating people with every silly thing I’m doing at the moment. Well I’m trying to improve that. So follow me online for all my latest interesting stories. All my social media handles are @djjounce! How’s that? LOL

5 – Where do the inspirations for the songs come from? Who writes the lyrics?

I don’t know. I’m guessing all the sounds in my head are some twisted amalgamation of everything I’ve heard throughout my life. And something will trigger me to grab certain noises. It could be the mood I’m in, something I just saw out the window, or something from the Internet. For example, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with a random melody in my head. I couldn’t tell you where it came from, but I just use it if it works. I still listen to a lot of non-EDM, which I think helps approach song writing differently and hopefully come up with something unique.

I do write lyrics and eventually want to do a vocal track of my own. But most lyrics of my past collaborations were done exclusively by the singer and I don’t want to take any credit away from them. Christina wrote all the vocals for “Nobody Knows”.

6 – At what point did you know that Christina Novelli was the best singer for your latest track “Nobody Knows”?

Ever since I heard her voice for the first time on “Concrete Angel”, I knew I wanted to work with her on something. My manager had sent her some samples of a few new song ideas I had and we had agreed to collaborate. But “Nobody Knows” didn’t really come about until Christina sent me her vocals. She’s in the UK and I’m in LA so I worked on the instrumentation and production remotely. We’ve had a lot of great feedback so far and are thankful for the support we’ve received.

7 – What’s your perspective on the relationship and the balance between technological advances, music and the art of DJing?

I know some producers who will use 1000’s of dollars worth of plugins and hardware, but wouldn’t dare even consider using a laptop to DJ. Some of these guys are my friends who I love and respect. But if they were a film producer, would they insist on using a VCR for playback even if it could play HD? Or would they be a telemarketer using a rotary phone? I understand the desire to “keep it real” and shun tools that enable virtually anyone to call himself “DJ”; but I think the focus should be on advancing the art to do even more than what technology does by itself. I can already envision the hate comments coming from my comments here. Ha ha ha…

8 – Are you against the sync functionality on DJ gears?

I don’t have strong feelings one way or another. I know hardcore DJ’s hate it because it’s flooded the field with people who can’t really beat match and OG DJ’s are pissed because they spent years honing that skill that used to be essential. So yeah, it does suck in that sense but we have to evolve. Even though I use Serato for the music video and other digital functionality, I do not use any sync function. I also DJ with USB but have never used sync. The only way I could foresee me using any sync function is if I were using Ableton and combining dozens of tracks, sounds or instrument components into a live performance and essentially playing a live production. No matter what, I try to avoid the heated arguments about sync because I’d rather spend time making music.

9 – What’s the weirdest DJ name you have ever heard in your life?

Hmmm not many things are weird to me. So maybe I’ll just say Dead Mow Five? Yeah, I’ve met some non-EDM people in the music industry who have said that. It hasn’t happened lately since I think he’s become more of a household name. I like his name and music, but it’s weird when people say it wrong. Ha ha ha…

10 – Please recommend two DJs to our readers which you feel deserve their attention.

The 1st DJ I’ll generically say is the real turntablist. Two of my favorites are old school guys Q*Bert and DJ Angelo. One of the best things about DJ’ing is the power to start, stop, reverse, and cut up a song or sounds as if all the instruments are perfectly in lock step with the motion of your hand. You can’t do this as a live band and it’s nearly impossible to program in electronic music. Scratching is a powerful and creative DJ skill and these guys are awesome at it.

Another DJ I’d like to mention is Mark Robinson from the UK. I met him when he came to DJ in the US. Just a super cool and nice guy with great skills. No attitude, gimmicks or inflated ego. I’ve met some real characters in this business and it’s refreshing to see someone doing great music primarily for the love of great music.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Interview: Adrian Hibbs Opens Up About His New Single “The Ostrich”




interview adrian hibbs
Adrian Hibbs
is back with his new single in over two years. Catching up with the former keyboardist and back up singer for Panic! at the Disco, I discovered his own musical evolution through “The Ostrich”. Definitely, listeners can expect funky and dark notes all in one magnificent song. Learn more right here!

1 — Before you went into the studio to record your new single “The Ostrich”, how did you envision it?

Originally the first sessions began back in 2010, I was working with James Gadson (drummer) on a bunch of stuff for a full length and it was never released. It took me years to locate the recording sessions from back then but when I found them I ended up re-recording all the parts and self-producing them only keeping his original drum takes.

2 — Did you achieve what you imagined?

By the time I found the old sessions I had written and released several EP’s, Singles and an LP. I had pretty much forgotten the sessions still existed and it took me years to get my hands on them but when I did I decided to scrap all the music on it and start over but only keeping Gadson’s drums and using my friends to re-record a new record. Some of the songs from the 2010 sessions are on the record but are updated with 10 years of experience. The songs still feel relative and I am glad that much time had passed.

3 — What made you want to release this track in October, the month of Halloween?

Ha, well I wish it I could say I planned it to roll out with the holiday but it was a coincidence. It’s been about 2 years since my last release because I’ve been so busy performing with my solo format. I could have easily kept editing and changing arrangements but it’s time for them to be released and time from me to move on.

adrian hibbs artist
4 — How long did it take you to write this song?

Originally it was an instrumental Jam that I would play live at gigs, then after a painful breakup end of 2017, I started to write lyrics about an ostrich that lies.. I think the metaphor is obvious enough but if you need more explanation just google an ostrich with its head buried in the ground… The more I looked into that being true reaction from fear I discovered it was a myth but it was too good so I kept the ostrich theme.

5 — Who is doing the vocals?

Over the years I have been working with Rod Castro for guitar parts, he happened to bring his 10-year-old son over to my studio during the session and I had this two paged children’s rhyme about an ostrich so I randomly had him try out the vocals because it wasn’t working with my voice. I had a few different people come thru and record them but his sons were better for the mix and gave it a unique element that wasn’t planned. He didn’t want record at first, he was pretty shy and Rod had to keep telling him it was ok to say the things I had originally written down.. There were more graphic details that he was too uncomfortable repeating so I worked with what I had and cut up the bits.

6 — How many different synths did you need for this track?

I used two, mainly a moog little phatty and the original microkorg. I had my friend Lex Sadler in town who is a phenomenal bass player and mentor of mine, he did three full takes to James Gadson’s drums on my moog. I went in and edited the parts, then had Tom Lea come over and record viola and violin and eventually Rod Castro to lace it with the guitar.

tales of an ostrich
7 — Is this the first time you produce something dark?

No, most of the stuff I have produced has always had a dark element, I did a track for a UK artist Chenai Zinyuku about 2 years ago and I used the same group of guys, the song ended up KCRW’s rotation and was eventually picked up by a label in Rotterdam (Maktub).

8 — If you could use this song as the main theme for a movie that already exists, which movie would you pick? Why?

Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal. I love the way this film was shot and there is an amazing scene with him telling his boss how they are going to date followed by him punching a mirror as he appears to have a downward spiral, I think an instrumental would be great in the back round as it’s a bit of a menacing orchestration.

9 — Are you planning to release a music video anytime soon?

Yes, I’m compiling a list of all the blog rejections from this release and the rest of the songs for the album and will have some great quotes that will read as the song plays… Anything for comedy.

10 — Finally, what can we expect from Adrian Hibbs in the next months?

In addition to releasing my solo stuff I have a new project that I am producing and performing in called “Plasty.” It features an extremely talented singer and writer Chloe Pappas. We just performed at the Kaaboo festival and have releases coming out next month, Plasty has elements of dark dance music, nu-disco, and pop, I am surrounded by analog synthesizers and Chloe stands nearby destroying on a mic.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Zeb Samuels




Interview | Questions & Answers With Zeb Samuels
“Lost In My Dreams” is the first single release taken from the highly anticipated debut album ‘Hope & Light’ from Deep Heads label boss, Zeb Samuels. Scroll down and discover all about this fresh talent.

1 — First of all, what made you fall in love with music?

I think one of the first memories I can recall, is hearing my brother play Phil Collins and really liking what I heard.

I must have been about 4. Then as an 80’s kid, Michael Jackson was the first artist I was fanatical about, at the age of about 6. I vividly remember getting ‘Bad’ on tape and playing it to death and trying to dance like him at any opportunity.

2 — How did you become a multi-instrumentalist? Do you have a favorite instrument?

I started playing the piano at about the age of 6 and then Trumpet when I was 9.

I then took up the drums when I was about 11 I think.

Then I gave it all up and started DJing when I became a teenager, but massively regret it now.

I then picked up the piano again in 2016 and would say this is my instrument of choice.

Zeb Samuels Interview
3 — Do you consider yourself an underground artist?

I don’t really think about it, to be honest. I consider myself as someone who makes what I feel and want and hope that it’s received as a unique listening experience.

I think some music I make is definitely for a small niche of people and maybe that would define it as underground, but I haven’t released that much music, so not sure where it sits.

4 — What’s your goal: artistic success or commercial success?

I just want to be able to write and create music that I feel happy with personally. I love the process of writing and creating and just hope that I can continue to do this as long as I live. To me, joy and happiness are within the process, not the reception. Although, of course, I want people to enjoy what I make, but this is secondary.

5 — Why is your debut album entitled ‘Hope & Light’?

I felt like the overall tone and message I wanted to communicate was of hope & staying positive in the face of adversity.

The writing has a lot of messages and content about my feelings of struggle and pain, but I try to write and focus on the resolution of these battles.

6 — Can you tell us more about the topics and subjects behind your new songs?

I guess the last question sort of answers this, but also touches on a lot of my relationships I have been through.

Some of the songs also just represent a thought process that doesn’t necessarily have a specific topic and just act as a canvas to lay down my thoughts and feelings.

7 — What made you want to work with Faded Tapes on your second single “First Written”?

I have known Joe for a while now, through Occult. He sent me some bits to listen to that we could potentially collaborate on.

I love his lo-fi approach to music and contacted him for some music, as I have always been drawn to his sound.

8 — Why did you opt for an animated music video?

I have always liked the idea of making myself into an animation of some sort and came across the illustrator/ director Rachel Seropian.

I fell in love with some of her work and thought it would be a perfect style for my music. The organic feel of her work really projects visually the way I want my music to be seen and was over the moon with the finished video.

9 — What was the main message you wanted to send to fans with “First Written”?

Stay positive.

10 — Finally, what can we expect from Zeb Samuels in 2020?

More music. 😉



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Quickfire Interview With: Klox




Hailing from Montreal, Vincent Dupont aka Klox is making his way through electronic music and Pop as a Producer. This interesting interview will allow you to discover basically everything about himself and his new artistic project.

1 – You’ve been Producing since…
First off, I am a singer and songwriter but last summer, after moving to Montreal, I decided to build my own studio and learn the basics of producing. That’s when I realized what I wanted to do as an artist. So, I would say I’ve been producing since summer 2018.

2 – You got involved in the music realm because…
Music has always been part of my life. I remember listening to old Rock records when I was a kid and dreaming about being on a stage playing guitar and singing in front of thousands of people. I started playing guitar and singing when I was 16 years old and I got in the music realm without really noticing it, probably because I was really passionate about it and knew I had something to say and music seemed to be the best way for me to say it.

Klox interview
I then started writing songs and a couple of years later, I decided to make a career out of my passion and started living off my music, starting with a French Pop/Folk project. Fast-forward a couple of years later and here I am, launching this new project in a new music genre and being pretty excited about it!

3 – Your sound is…
As I said, I spent the last few years working as a songwriter/singer and producing is kind of a new thing for me. So, after hundreds of Pop songs written, I think Pop music really has had an influence on my style. I try to blend EDM elements with my Pop songwriting and influences. That’s why I consider my sound to be Future Pop music.

4 – Your biggest inspiration is…
I started producing electronic music because I was kind of obsessed with the way Flume treats sounds and music in general. I don’t know if he’s had that much influence on my sound, but I’m definitely inspired by the freedom he allows himself with his work when he’s in the studio.

5 – Fans should listen to your new single “Back Together” because…
Well, it is my first single, so it’s the best way to discover where my career is heading at the moment. I have worked on several tracks in the past year and this is the one that seems perfect to launch this new project. I think it shows what I am influenced by as a songwriter, but also as a producer.

6 – If you want to know who Klox is, listen to the track…
I think “Back Together” is a good track to start with. Not saying that because it is my first single, but because it reflects who I am as an artist. I want to be involved in every facet of writing, recording and producing and this is what I’ve done with “Back Together”. In fact, you can even hear me sing a few lines on the track!

7 –Your most memorable career moment so far has been…
Too early to tell, but the last year has been really great. I produced the tracks you’re going to hear in the next few months and had the chance to meet and work with really talented artists. It’s only the beginning, but it’s a pretty nice one!

8 – Your dream is…
Of course, I would like to have the chance to play my music in front of big crowds all around the world, but I have a simpler dream: I want to keep making music as a living. If I can achieve that and call myself an artist for the rest of my career, I’ll be more than happy. It is the best job in the world and can be really hard sometimes, but in the end, it’s all worth it. I want my career to last.

9 – Your next release is called…
“Back Together”. It will be released this fall and I think the following track will be a beautiful and smooth song named “Lost In The Cloud”… To be continued. ☺

10 – Your all-time favourite track is…
It has nothing to do with what I’m doing right now, but I would say it is “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis.

11 – Your favourite venue/club is…
A venue in Quebec City called Imperial Bell.

12 – If you weren’t a DJ and Producer you’d probably be…
I’m already a singer/songwriter so I would probably focus on that. But If I had to stop making music, I think I’d probably work in advertising as a creative or become a video editor. Something like that.

13 – You’ll only stop making music if…
I would find a way to make music even if I went deaf…

14 – In a few years, you want to be…
Get better as a producer and hopefully have my music heard all around the globe! I’d like to travel the world and have my music played everywhere.

15 – What are you doing for the rest of the day?
Will probably go out for a coffee, work on a couple of song ideas, eat and watch the Office TV show and go to sleep! It’s been a long day. ☺



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Katrina Stuart




Katrina Stewart

Katrina Stuart has a passion for music from an early age. Currently, the Canadian-born singer resides in LA and is gaining notoriety with radio-friendly Pop songs. In the following interview, we talk about her career and the new single “Blue Roses”, which is accompanied by an amazing video clip.

1 — Thanks for your time, how do you think you’ve grown as an artist since you first started making music?

I feel like I’ve grown as an artist since I first started making music because I now song-write on everything and I also feel like I have found my sound and my message after so many years.

2 — Who would you say are your main influences?

It’s hard to choose my main inspirations as so many different people inspire me in so many different ways but Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber were definitely some of the first.

Katrina Stewart Interview
3 — Are you vocally trained or is it all-natural talent?

I began singing at a young age and then around 10 years old I started taking singing lessons for a couple of years. I still like to take lessons to this day because I believe there is always room for improvement!

4 — What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to launching a new song?

Probably the biggest challenge I face when launching a new song would be self-doubt. Sometimes I will start to pick at little things and then get nervous for my fans to hear. I just always hope they will love it as much as me.

5 — I’m really enjoying your new single “Blue Roses”, who do you want to dedicate this song to?

There isn’t one specific person I would dedicate “Blue Roses” to. It is more for anyone in a tough relationship that needs to get out of it.

6 — What is the inspiration behind “Blue Roses”?

While we were in the studio, the concept for “Blue Roses” came up and we wanted to figure out the best way to say it. I think it’s very common that people in relationships or even friendships try to solve issues with gifts or flowers but I want people to realize that these gifts aren’t going to fix your problems.

7 — Are there any upcoming shows?

I actually had my “Blue Roses” release party last Saturday and we premiered the music video there! I performed the song with a band and dancers!

8 — What is a fun fact for your fans that you are unlikely to find on the Internet?

A fun fact that my fans may not know about me is that I don’t like chocolate ice cream LOL.

Katrina Stuart music
9 — Outside of music how do you have fun?

Outside of music, I like to relax with my friends. We usually make silly videos and dance and sing to the 2000’s songs.

10 — Finally, what advice would you have for aspiring young artists?

Some advice that I would give to aspiring young artists is to stay true to yourself. So many people get lost on this journey and it’s super sad to see. Also, remain humble!



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Notelle





You’ve probably heard Notelle before as a featured vocalist in many EDM tracks. Today the Nashville artist follows her own personal path as a soloist. Taking this into account, she’s promoting her new single “Beyond The Grave”, which she has described it as dark, creepy and weird. Isn’t that interesting?… Well, scroll down to discover more!

1 — First of all, where do you take inspiration from when making music?

I’ve always been drawn to dark art, you know, things like folklore and legends, Edgar Allen Poe and hauntings. There’s something about it that has always been so alluring to me. I try to incorporate that chilling feeling into my own work.

2 — Where did it start for you? Do you remember what first got you into wanting to create music?

I think I’ve been interested in music as far back as I’ve been able to be interested in anything. I’ve always played the piano and never wanted to practice my assigned songs, I always wanted to come up with my own, just little melodies and piano parts. I showed my first completed song to my parents when I was around 13? I don’t know, maybe younger. I had a piano teacher who made my “homework” to write a song. It was probably total garbage, but he seemed excited about it.

3 — When and why did you decide to become a solo artist?

I’ve been a featured vocalist and topliner for years, but I really wanted to explore more creatively. As a songwriter for other people, you have to write within the lines they give you for their projects. It’s been incredible, but I knew I had other songs in me that would never find a home in someone else’s project, so I knew I needed to make my own. That was probably about a year and a half ago. It’s still fairly new!

Notelle Interview
4 — Why did you take a dark direction on your newest single “Beyond The Grave”?

The spookier the better! I think creepy stuff is cool as long as it’s not particularly gory. I can handle some gore, but I think the eloquent side of “darkness” is way more interesting. I wanted to go in that direction for “Beyond The Grave”…like an educated haunted house.

5 — What is this song about?

I wrote the first verse about another person and the connection you can feel. It feels like it’s inside of your body, far deeper than the word “love” can describe. That type of emotional draw to someone can end tragically, kind of like Romeo and Juliet. I wanted to describe that feeling of borderline obsession, almost feeling like someone else is your possession because you care for them so much. The darkness in the chorus lyrics…

“Let me be your prayer, your virtue,
If you leave me, let me grieve you,
Sweetest love is the love we take,
I’ll hold you from beyond the grave”

….it’s almost as if the speaker is saying “I will love you even after you no longer love me, I will love you even after death.” It’s tragic, unstable yet eerily passionate.

6 — How long did it take to produce?

The melodies, lyrics, and direction of the track…(the bizarre poetic intro into the bass house “drop”)…I came up with that during the first session. It took a few more evenings to really smooth out the production because there are some fairly complicated time changes between sections.

notelle beyond the grave
7 — Is the Nashville Pop scene still influencing your sound?

I think the Nashville Pop scene isn’t necessarily influencing my sound, but it is influencing my drive and hustle. The amount of creative, talented people in this city is absolutely insane. Although I don’t think I look to many local artists as a sonic inspiration, their creativity as a whole and overall desire to succeed…it’s infectious and revives me from time to time when I feel down.

8 — What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned over your career?

Humility. Humility. Humility. There is nothing less attractive to me than someone who can’t stay humble. One of my favorite books makes the point to separate amateurs and professionals. Professionals often feel like amateurs, amateurs often feel like professionals. If you think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread…you’re going to stop learning and you’re going to stop growing, and that will be the death of your career.

Notelle music
9 — What’s the best collaborative track you have made in the past? Are you still open for collaborations?

I think one of my favorite collaborations was with a DJ named “Nurko”. I’m not the featured vocalist on it, my co-writer, Luma, is. However, it was a great song just as a piano-vocal demo, we gave it to Nurko (Jack), and he brought it to life. It holds a special place in my heart. I’m ALWAYS open for collaborations – if you see this and you want to work…slide into my DMs. (@notellemusic)

10 — Finally, what do you have next on the horizon?

I have a long trip to LA planned this fall so I’m excited to get out there and hop in the room with some new producers and co-writers. I want to push my own sound and write with new artists. Time to mix it up a bit!



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