A Man’s Guide to Wearing Checked Prints

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Checked Prints

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Checked Prints
The autumn/winter fashion season is upon us and while certain fashion trends have already started gaining popularity, there are others we rarely know how to approach. Checked prints, for one, may be one of these trends, especially since men aren’t that keen on mixing and matching prints. That’s ok! We have a multitude of suggestions and clever styling tips to guide you along the way.

So, either you’re a classy, office kind of guy, with traditional Ray Ban glasses, a hipster trying to look a bit manlier or you’re in between, you want to wear checked prints and you need some help. Ok, we’ve put together a small list of tips to make this as easy and natural for you as possible.

#1. The Shearling Jacket, Believe it or not, 2015 was the year of rugged masculinity. So maybe you didn’t get an awesome chance to show it off during spring and summer, but now, in fall and winter, let that inner beard shine, because we all know “it’s the beard on the inside that counts”. How can you pull it off on the outside, though?


Try wearing a Shearling jacket over a checked shirt. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Shearling’s leather and fur trimming ruggedness will complement the checked shirt’s almost woody vibe, for a masculine, secure, almost arrogant look. Just imagine taking your girlfriend for a walk on a freezing Saturday morning dressed like this. She’s going to swoon she has the alpha male of the block for arm candy.

#2. Boots. Big leather boots and a checked shirt? Yes, please. Well, normally you should wear boots with any kind of checked prints in the autumn / winter season, but you can also deviate from that rule with, for example, a nice pair of classic Converse sneakers, for a more punk-ish look or you can also try a suede low-top if you’re feeling bold enough. But to never go wrong, go with the big, chunky, should-be-black boots. Needless to say, you’re going to want to wear jeans with this ensemble, as torn and tattered as possible, for a kind of “rebel-without-a-cause” look.


You can also try wearing a checked shirt with tattered jeans, a pair of classic Timberlands and a simple hoodie for a casual, but still manly look. But only if you feel bold enough because this is what you would call a “rapper” look. If not, the classic black leather boots are still your best friend.

rapper look

#3. Just a splash. If you want to wear checked pattern this season but don’t feel bold enough or don’t find yourself in the right environment to do so, because, let’s say your office policy doesn’t allow such casual clothes, there’s no need to dive in it. Just wetting your toes can be enough to make a statement. Therefore, you can wear your normal suit and tie, but add a bit of pizazz with a nice cold-colored handkerchief added to your suit pocket. You will still be able to preserve your classy look and play by the office rules while you prove you also have a wild and stylish side.


#4. Return to denim. Return to denim is like a return to the motherland. We all know it, embrace it and keep bringing it back in style whenever we get the chance. And nothing goes better with checked prints than the nice, blue, cottony, steel-buttoned feel of the denim jacket. Indeed, this is more of a summer-ish trend, but you can pull it off during fall with the correct apparel. For example, this spring/summer season, Prada pulled out a very sober collection of denim jackets, almost metal in color and some even knee length, which you can definitely wear in the fall. Guess what, Saint Laurent actually paired one of their denim jackets this season with a beautiful read and black checked shirt.

If you’re wearing denim, you can always accessorize accordingly. Granted, men may not have the freedom that women have in terms of accessories, however, a great leather belt paired with a convertible genuine leather briefcase & backpack and some oversized shoes will surely pull you out of anonymity.


In the same way, if you’re feeling really bold, you can pull the old “switcheroo” and wear a denim shirt with a check-patterned jacket. If you do this, try wearing a sober pant and definitely sneakers.

#5. Last but not least, for all you checked patterns hard-core fans, there are always the checked pants. These are, probably, the hardest to pull off. But it’s not impossible. The first thing you need to know – invest in a high-quality pair. This is not an area you want to stint on. If they’re cheap, they’re going to look cheap and cheap checked pants are going to make you look like Ronald McDonald’s retarded cousin.

Also, this is not a “first come, first served” type of situation. Don’t buy the first pair you lay your hands on. Go out, visit different stores and try several pairs. Also, never buy them online. You need to find the perfect, most flattering and well-fitting pair. Ill-fitting or loose checked pants will look like you’re going to do magic tricks any moment now.

Don’t go for bold colors. The pants are bold enough as it is, there is no need for shades of red or yellow. Some nice shades of grey will do this time. Etro has a beautiful, slim pair, for under 300 euros. This is exactly what you’re looking for.

checked pants
The beautiful thing about the checked pants is that, although it looks difficult, you can actually pair them off with just about anything. Fitting unicolored t-shirts, black or white slim shirts, tucked in the pants, with a leather belt or not, or beautiful and cozy wool sweaters, perfect for the fall season. Try the cream colored ones or, if your bold enough, some pastels.

So there you have it. Five tips to make your check pattern adventure easy and affordable. But no matter which version you choose, just remember, check is very in style at the moment, everyone will be wearing it, so try to stand out!

Author Bio: Arthur Lamber is a young, eager and fashion-forward freelance writer with a keen sense of style and an eye for detail. He believes in the power of a well-tailored suit and the doors that such attire may open. Whenever he’s not reading his favorite fashion magazines, he’s out playing guitar or running with his dog.


Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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