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The Best Music Of 2016 — ELECTRO WOW



The Best Music Of 2016 — ELECTRO WOW
ELECTRO WOW Music Awards 2016

These are the songs that I couldn’t stop playing this year. The selection was not easy at all because I have many hits in my mind. After an ardous process of checking sound quality and ratings, here you have the best music of 2016. I hope you enjoy this selection and congratulations for all the winners 🙂


Cirez D - In The Reds

Cirez D – In The Reds

Superstar Eric Prydz made the best Techno track of 2016 under his lesser known Cirez D alias. The brutal “In The Reds’ lives up to its name with its hoovering bassline and slamming beat engineered for peak-time festival main stage madness!


Omair Mirza Interview 2016

Omair Mirza feat. Avari – Perfect Imperfection

Since making his Coldharbour debut in 2014, Omair Mirza has assembled an impressive portfolio of work, through both original and remix form. Without doubt, “Perfect Imperfection” became a new Vocal Trance classic this year. It’s also important to mention that Minneapolis songstress Avari did an excellent job with her magical voice…


Infinity Ink feat. Yasmin - How Do I Love You

Infinity Ink feat. Yasmin – How Do I Love You

“How Do I Love You” is apparently Infinity Ink take on the Queen Latifah track of the near-same name “How Do I Love Thee”; in the hands of Ali Love and Luca Cazal it get turned into a future-bass-synth-soul-ballad propelled by a gentle House bounce. It’s the beguiling vocals of rising UK singer-songwriter Yasmin that made this track a hit!


South Beach Recycling - Playing Daze

South Beach Recycling – Playing Daze

“Playing Daze”, a ten-minute trip into high-tempo disco-funk-meets-boogie territory. Once again the Disco duo South Beach Recycling are the winners for the second consecutive year on my blog. They are experts in Diso-edits hits and of course in dancefloor bangers too.

 Deorro feat. Elvis Crespo - Bailar

Deorro feat. Elvis Crespo – Bailar

“Bailar” is a bombastic collaboration by rising Mexican-American DJ Deorro and Puerto Rican singer Elvis Crespo that fuses the best of both worlds: Electro House and Merengue. Get up and dance to the catchiest EDM anthem of 2016!


Niki & The Dove - So Much It Hurts

Niki & The Dove – So Much It Hurts

This is one of the most beautiful Electro Pop songs I have ever heard in my life. Niki & The Dove remain in the realm of the pensive with their stunning, Prince-referencing new single “So Much It Hurts”, which keeps the tempo low but the melodies front and centre. An amazing emotive track with cool synths and great lyrics.

BEST ALBUMPet Shop Boys - Super

Pet Shop Boys – Super

13 studio albums, 55 singles, 2 B-Sides compilation albums, and 3 soundtrack albums on, Electro Pop pioneers Pet Shop Boys present yet another ambitious and experimental record in their illustrious discography. Driven by their vision to conquer every field in the landscape, ‘Super’ is the duo’s most electronic album to date and the best album of the year! Produced and mixed by Stuart Price in Los Angeles, the album was written in London and Berlin. The record features 12 new Pet Shop Boys compositions including the lead singles, “The Pop Kids” evoking the London club scene of the early ’90s and “Twenty Something” which is my favorite one.


Boys Noize  – Overthrow

Video directed by LILINTERNET.

Boys Noize‘s “Overthrow” music video is an artistic and introspective look into societal outsiders and cultural anarchists. The video’s primary goal is to break down any preconceived stereotypes of these people. The personalities featured in the video are amazingly not actors and portrayed just as they are at the core of their being. I love the ending because it’s very funny 😀

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Live Soccer – Monitor The Information Anytime



Live Soccer – Monitor The Information Anytime
Today the live soccer provides a brand new opportunity to every fan. You will no longer be tied to a TV and will be able to monitor the latest sports-related information at any time of the day.

In Italy, the previous season was again quite expectedly won by Juventus Turin, and in fact the only competitor of the Old Signora in the long tournament distance was Napoli. Despite the fact that now the team is noticeably weaker than when it was coached by Sarri, it managed to impose the fight on the recognized giant, and also beat other potential competitors:

• Inter.
• Milano.
• Roma.

Napoli’s second position in the standings already looks quite familiar, but will the team be able to make a qualitative step forward the next season? Without the decent strengthening of its lines, this seems unlikely. Despite the fact that the team provided its fans with interesting soccer lives, its bench is too short, the fact that doesn’t allow to keep Juventus in suspense until the end.

live soccer
Carlo Ancelotti hasn’t succeeded in fully implementing his ideas in Napoli yet, but he still has time for it. Moreover, the coach now has a serious trump card. The fact is that almost every major team of Series A has a new head coach. Ancelotti has been with the team for a year now, so he will not need to establish relations with the players anew.

Who will conquer the liga Serie A next season?

The main favorite of the liga Serie A will certainly be Juventus. Napoli is considered as perhaps the only team that can challenge the Old Signora in the long tournament run. However, in order to really fight for the title, the Neapolitans need high quality reinforcement.

liga serie a
It is also quite possible that Inter will show itself well under the leadership of Antonio Conte. The specialist already had champion experience with Juventus and Chelsea, and therefore comes to the Nerazzurri for a long time to compete in the Serie A liga not only for the top-4, but even for gold medals. It is unlikely that this will happen right in the first season, since so far Juventus’s superiority is too obvious.

sports statistics
You can always follow the development of events in Italian football on the website of sports statistics, where you will always find the wide list of events, convenient way to monitor information and an opportunity to find out even the personal statistical indicators of players. Given the density of results in the standings, the outcome of each match may be decisive. Now,you will not miss this information, which will in turn make you understand Italian football even better.

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These 4 Considerations Will Help You Buy The Perfect DJ Turntable



DJ Turntable
The mental image of a DJ churning out fresh tracks is too strong. DJ’ing fits the bill of a second job, a business you can run on weekends or as the occasion demands. Who knows, your next gig may be at a large music festival.

That being said, you are eyeing a turntable to add to your plethora of DJ equipment on your table. How do you end up buying the right one for you? Stop by here a moment, and find the answer to your question.

Do DJs Still Use Turntables?

Yes, despite the digitalization of music coupled with the rise of more complicated equipment. Turntables and DJ’ing go a long way back, so these devices never go out of style:

● Scratch. Nothing beats doing the scratching and spinning on a real analog player. The large platter contributes to the tactile and raw experience.
● Sound. Vinyl records are at the heart of turntables. This graph shows that the music on vinyl is better than on CDs or cassettes.
● SL-1200. This record player has become a standard for DJ’ing. Turntablism is proof.

The merits of the device for practitioners like you have been discussed. What would factor in your choice?

Consider Your Type of a Turntable

If you have little to no knowledge of this DJ equipment, do your research first. You will come across lots of details, including but not limited to the following:

● A belt drive or a direct drive? Each turntable has a platter where the record rests and a motor that rotates the platter directly or through a belt. The sound quality is a common point of divergence for audiophiles and DJs where the belt-drive type offers little to noise vibrations while the other one provides interesting sounds that DJs appreciate.
● Is it manual or automatic? The choice sometimes boils down to convenience and preference in moving the tonearm and turning the device on/off.
● Is a cartridge included? The cartridge fulfills a critical role in playing the record. If you are buying a new one, you are likely getting it with the unit. But play safe and ask.

turntable djing
Look Into Your Needs

The turntable is arguably the foundation of DJ’ing. Whether you want to specialize in scratching or mixing your beats, get the unit that lets you do that. As far as learning to scratch is concerned, direct-drive turntables have been the go-to choice. Some, however, use the belt-drive counterparts.

Think of Features

Don’t be misled by the traditional label of turntables. They have evolved to cater to the ever-changing demands in the world of music and disk jockeys, aiming to combine the analog and the digital.

perfect dj turntable
That being said, modern DJ turntables often have these:

● USB connectivity when you want to digitize your vinyl records
● DVS to vinyl switching
● Compatibility with DJ software
● High torque
● Pitch control

The list can go on, and you have to go over the technical aspects and features of each product.

Factor In the Money

How much do you plan to spend on a DJ turntable? Your budget will more or less determine your choice, taking into account the quality. If the more sophisticated ones are out of the question, you can opt for entry level to practice. Also, look into buying a used turntable or financing the purchase.

Don’t be surprised if you ever need another unit, though.

There’s Another Kind of Table

You are pretty much excited to own a turntable. The next question is, how’s your setup looking so far when you perform? DJ equipment is no joke, and you want to set it down somewhere safe and stable, as well as sleek and stylish for the audience to see.

Pick a reliable DJ table. It can be a foldable type that you can bring to any stage or event or a full-fledged DJ’s booth that is still portable. The look always matters, and facades or screens provide the quintessential setup for a night of dancing and partying.

We hope you find the perfect turntable soon and expand your DJ skills.

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Golf Swing Tips That Work



Golf Swing Tips That Work
Golf a game rich in tradition, grows on you the more you play. Many a wannabe golfer quits the game far too early. Imperfect swinging techniques often result in a slice or a hook. This is often demoralizing to the beginner. It is important to get the swing right from the beginning.

These tips will get you swinging right.

1. Balance

It is of utmost importance that you get your balance right. A small shift in position will affect your center of gravity and make the shot awry. You must work on a stance that does not alter the center of gravity during the full course of the swing.

Some experts advise practicing swinging on a foam log. Perfecting a swing on such an unstable surface will do wonders to your balance.

2. Hand and body synchronization

The key is to get the hands and body into sync. It naturally happens if the stance is right. The club should be driven from the shoulders or the chest. If you use too much hand, the shot will not be powerful and accurate.

The momentum of the swing should not cause your body to lose balance. Keep practicing until you get it right.

Hand and body synchronization
3. The grip

Choose your favorite grip. The Vardon grip is the most common. A good grip gives the shot distance and accuracy. Grip firmly and not too hard. Practice with all types of grips and perfect to the one you are most comfortable with so that it becomes almost second nature.

4. Posture

Align yourself to where you want to hit the ball. The feet should be spread, about shoulder width apart and the weight, balanced on the balls of your feet. The knees should be slightly flexed. Keep your spine straight and bend at the hips.

Check if you are not gripping the club too tightly, relax your body, and do not keep it rigid. A good posture will determine how long and accurately you hit the ball.

A good way to learn about the right posture is to watch live games. Don’t miss out US Open Golf 2019 live to learn from the pro.

5. The rhythm

It is important to get the flow of things right. When the balance and rhythm are right, your game will go up several notches. After getting the basics right, you must practice on improving your rhythm while swinging.

golf game
More sessions on the driving range will give you a feel for the rhythm and balance. With more practice, your rhythm will build up, and your swing will improve.

6. In the rough

The coarse structure of the grass used in the roughs can present unique challenges. Use an appropriate club, stand closer to the ball and hold the club a little more firmly. Keep your feet spread and swing in such a way that the ball is hit at a sharp angle. Avoid hacking and chopping.

7. The sand

Sand traps are tough even for a seasoned golfer. It is important to extricate yourself as quickly as possible. Use a sand wedge. Firmly plant your foot in the sand, aim at the sand behind the ball and strike. It will raise a plume of sand and send the ball sailing to where you want it to go (hopefully).

While the above tips may get you up and swinging, realize that the mental aspect of the game is extremely important. It requires intense concentration and composure to pull off a win. Yoga and meditation can be of help.

With rhythm and balance playing such an important role in the swing, you need to visualize the swing in your mind frequently. With good practice and visualization, you can build up muscle memory to aid rhythm. Now you only need to hit the green with confidence!

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It’s Really Hard To Get A Record Deal… Not Anymore Thanks To VIRPP



record deal
is an online platform that allows Producers to be heard by labels who are on the lookout for new talents. What’s more, a record deal can open the doors for you with multiple benefits. Getting signed by a label is not that easy these days. However, the hyper-competitive music market now has this system that facilitates selection processes. You just have to upload any of your unreleased tracks and let the magic begin!

➡️ Sign up now:

That being said, listeners and labels will rate your work publicly. Therefore, you will notice the real potential of your productions. In my opinion, this is also your chance to get discovered on a large scale. Best of all, VIRPP is already approved by respectable companies such as Musical Freedom Records, BMG Talpa Music, White Villa International, to name a few. Don’t think it twice, join VIRPP immediately.



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BitSubmit — A Brand New Platform For Independent Musicians



independent musicians
Nowadays, the main goal of almost all independent musicians is to get noticed. For this purpose, I would recommend Bitsubmit, a brand new platform that will help you get the attention you need. It doesn’t matter if you want to promote a single, an album or even an EP. Your work deserves to be heard by record labels, and this marketing tool can be of great help.

The first step seems pretty easy. Just request access, connect all your networks to their system, and upload your latest production. They will automatically send your music to the top promoters and labels out there according to their premium and professional plans. The video below will explain to you better how it works. Thousands and millions of listeners are waiting for you, so give it a try today! 😉 



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