Interview | Questions And Answers With Cordel

Interview | Questions And Answers With Cordel

Interview | Questions And Answers With Cordel
We can’t quite believe the response we’ve had from Cordel‘s debut on our site. We are now going to give you way more over the next couple of days, we were very kindly invited down to Sarm Studios in London where our UK correspondent got to meet Cordel and his team for interviews, first up will be head producer Stuart:

Hi Stuart, Great to meet you tell us about yourself

Stuart – Hi, I’ve been a producer for more years than I can remember, I discovered Elton John recorded with the likes of Led Zep, Oasis, Paul Weller, The Who,

Wow, a real rockstar producer!

Stuart – Could say that, but Cordel he’s the biggest one I will do, Mark my words, he will be the one they pick out in the history books

What drew you to Cordel?

Stuart – The voice, always the voice it’s a mammoth, you wait until we release, we have nearly 3 albums of material, all hits.

Do you work mainly out of this amazing studio?

Stuart – Yes mainly, we move around a lot for different projects around London but I will always mix Cordel’s material right here.

Cordel has a few other producers on board too, who is the boss?

Stuart – Well who are you interviewing first that’s the answer to your question.

Where do you see Cordel in 3 months?

Stuart – In simplest terms sitting on the top of every major chart. 2017 is the year of Cordel!

We have lots we want to ask you but are embargoed until Friday so hope to catch up then.

Stuart – Oh you want to talk about ****** and ********* talk on Friday and can tell you all the details.

Thanks, Stuart, tomorrow we will be catching up with Marx Cordel’s songwriting partner and followed by his management and special guests.


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