Interview With Cordel’s Songwriter Marx

Interview With Cordel’s Songwriter Marx

Interview With Cordel's Songwriter Marx
Great to have you here Marx, tell us about yourself

Marx – Hey well I’m a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter by trade working with Bon Jovi most of my career, to working with Cordel, man I’m loving it.

Wow, that’s impressive, how does it compare?

Marx – Well, Cordel has a rock star voice, so no change there, these songs we’ve done together are dynamite. He’s an incredible songwriter, and pretty nifty on the piano too after I taught him my tricks

Brilliant, how does your songwriting process work?

Marx – Usually quite spontaneously, we will play with the melody and Cordel’s lyrics will just flow out. 99% of the album was written that way. Cordel has the largest voice I’ve ever heard so I think of him as a painter with more colors than any other painter. We could be recording for 50 more years and we wouldn’t have shown everything he can do.

Interview With Cordel's Songwriter Marx
Very impressive, where do you see this year taking you?

Marx – To the stratosphere. I wish I could talk about what we’re working on , I wish I could show you how just text me (Hint it’s a huge Hollywood director asking for Cordel) but I will say this, you’d have to be under a rock not to hear about him this year.

And we will be there to cover it. Quick question how did you meet Cordel?

Marx – Wish I could answer that but I promised Gary (Who we are interviewing next) that he could tell that story, it’s a good one.

We see the chauffeur driven car waiting to take you away – so we won’t take anymore of your time, thanks Marx.

Marx – Thanks if I don’t go, they might replace me hahaha.

Catch us next time with Gary and one special guest.


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