5 Best PDF Readers For Android

5 Best PDF Readers For Android

5 Best PDF Readers For Android
PDF files are extremely popular for several reasons. They are used almost everywhere, from offices to online as almost all websites allow you to upload PDF documents.

Since PDF files are unique, you need a PDF reader to be able to access them. Long ago, PDF readers could only be used on PC’s and laptops, however, now PDF readers can be downloaded on Android devices as well.

So, let’s have a look at 5 best PDF readers for Android:

1. Adobe Reader
This PDF reader is the most common choice of people. It is a good app, but its big size is its biggest downfall as space can take around 40MB of your space, and with many Android devices have less space, this can be a trouble for many users.

The app is free to download from Play Store, however, you will have to buy it if you wish to use advanced features to edit or create PDF files. The interface of this app is beautiful and comprehensible as well, however, the app might slow your phone if you open too many tabs or use heavy features to edit PDF’s.

2. Soda PDF
You can get SodaPDF for free and enjoy what this amazing device has to offer. There is a paid, enterprise edition of the app, but the free one also does quite well.

It works on all devices and even allows you to save your files to the cloud, which means you can access your documents on the go. It’s also very lightweight and easy to use and makes it easy for you to add, edit and upload all kind of PDF documents.

3. XODO PDF Reader
This PDF reader is free to use and offers amazing features too. This app is commendable for its sorting ability as it organizes all your PDF files according to their created and modified dates so that you can access them easily.
If your Android device is low on storage then you can also link XODO PDF reader to an external storage source such as Dropbox, OneDrive etc.

It allows you to add comments and apply annotation on your files and enjoy reading books as it offers 5 different view modes. It also has a great search option that makes it easy for you find what you are looking for.

4. PickWick Santa PDF Reader
PickWick Santa PDF reader is for avid readers. It offers night mode option that lets you read in low light conditions. You can also listen to the text as this app can convert text to speech; sit back, plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite books and novels.

5. Foxit PDF Reader
It is one of the most downloaded Android PDF readers, and why shouldn’t it be? It offers three types of reading modes, single, continuous and thumbnail view. The brightness of your Android device gets adjusted automatically when you open a PDF file via Foxit reader, as the app gets you prepared to read.

These are some of the best PDF readers on the Android market, so feel free to give them a try and let us know your favorite one.


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