Caught Up In A Vortex (Bolmer Remix)

Caught Up In A Vortex (Bolmer Remix)

Caught Up In A Vortex (Bolmer Remix)
Producer Bolmer has remixed the song “Dentro un Vortice” which is Italian for “Caught Up In A Vortex”. The performer of the song, Dario Margeli has worked with different remixers since 2011 including Hungarian producer Gabor BiTbear and Spanish producer DJ Trikinosis. Bolmer’s remix has previously unheard guitars from superstar American session guitarist Hugh Williams. Bolmer’s remix places the kick drum very loud in the mix, the same way producers like Giorgio Moroder or Cerrone had done in certain Disco records of the 1970’s. For the video of the remix, a special beat reaction process has been used that synchronizes the heavy boom boom kick drum of the remix with the visuals. A professional belly dancer was hired for the music video.

Listen to the song on YouTube and watch the video here:

Lyrics talk about the vortex of emotions and negative thoughts. They don’t let us see our real selves. We need a little detachment to understand ourselves. A piece of the lyrics:

“ .. mirror, you are my enemy / giving me a false idea of myself..”

bolmer remix
Dario Margeli has been releasing music since March 2011. In 2012, “Exploited Degraded Office Workers” (original Italian title “Buongiorno Fino A Quando Servo”) caught the imagination of Vice Magazine because of its daring fun lyrics that talk about the life of today’s middle-class workers. The clothing brand Sisley featured one of his songs on its website. Italy’s public TV and radio featured a pair of his songs on their program Il Ruggito del Coniglio (Rabbit roars). Dario has worked with great guitar players including England´s Philip Ockelford. A fan base of 1600 people follow his music on Facebook. His YouTube channel is popular too with over 120000 views. Dario is a US Citizen of foreign parents and spent many years in California. In 2004 due to the dot com crisis, he chose to move to Europe.




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