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Album Review: Enzo Sprigg – Cosmic Bipolar Nebula

Album Review: Enzo Sprigg – Cosmic Bipolar Nebula

Album Review: Enzo Sprigg - Cosmic Bipolar Nebula
I believe for Enzo Sprigg being creative isn’t a hobby, it is actually part of his daily life. The multiple talents of this LA-based artist show up clearly on his third album ‘Cosmic Bipolar Nebula’. There is something definitely remarkable about this record that will surprise many people. In this project, he has been the singer, the producer, and the lyricist. Additionally, he also designed the album artwork and directed videos. In essence, he is an integral indie artist that enjoys experimenting with music. Taking as a main reference the work of David Bowie and his space-themed songs, his new material reflects his innermost emotions. In general terms, there’s a dichotomy expressed through lyrics: the good and bad of life. Likewise, a mélange of beats will please your ears. Let’s go track-by-track to find out more…


1 – Raygun Love Transmission The opening track takes the electronic pop form like the rest of the tunes on this album. Nevertheless, it’s my favorite one. I like the way Enzo delivers pure emotion while singing and getting philosophical. It’s kinda futuristic too!

2 – Pent-up Android Here the singer will infect you with his rock and roll attitude. This song features a robust pace that is gradually formed by synths, sci-fi sound effects and electric guitars. An interesting song about discontentment. The perfect anthem for those of you who are feeling stuck in a relationship.

3 – Gradual Decent Clearly influenced by Space music, the song starts with a preamble about discussing what is human identity and getting again philosophical about life for the next four minutes. In some way, this tune will also produce a trance-like state on listeners.

4 – Prime Industrial textures and hard-hitting beats will take full force as the song progresses little by little. In my opinion, the chorus is the best part of it: “So break the chains, this is your time”…

5 – Dark Matter The title says it all. This is the darkest song on the album. The combination of Electro Pop and the rockish vibe play out an original number. Nice vocals invite us to sing along with him.

6 – Oh Mother Finally, a great song for Mother’s Day! I like how Enzo sounds sincere with his emotions and feelings. A beautiful track with well-written lyrics. A touching song that paid homage to our lovely mothers.

Enzo Sprigg album review
7 – Swimming Through The White Noise 
At three minutes and forty-eight seconds, this song is quite enjoyable. He adds cosmic synths and dynamic electric guitar strings that will surely uplift your mood.

8 – Sangre’ (In Blood) This is the second song on the album that features a dark feel. If you are a real-life vampire, you will become fascinated with it, hahaha. Fully recommended for your Halloween playlist!

9 – Hyper Magnetic Touch It’s like a slow mellow song that contrasts with the previous ones. I don’t know exactly what is a hyper magnetic touch. Probably this term was taken from a Sci-fi novel and Enzo just made a beautiful ballad inspired by it.

10 – Cosmic Nebula 
Another potential hit song that could serve as a future single. He gets creative with the use of a variety of sound effects but still keeps a Space Rock style. I’m almost concluding Enzo is definitely the humanoid voice of a dystopian future.

11 – Nova Expression This time electric guitars were replaced by acoustic riffs. An incredible psychedelic pop offering, which creates a surrealist soundscape experience. Simply excellent! 

12 – Prime (Way Past My Prime Mix) Augmented by heavier electronic beats the album ends with an outstanding remix of “Prime”. This is his ambitious take on the dance genre, and somehow it reminds me of the happy 80s music.

Overall, a top quality album that will left you craving for more exciting melodies.



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