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2018 Most Modern Golf Shoe – The PUMA Hi-Top Ignite PWRADAPT



2018 Most Modern Golf Shoe - The PUMA Hi-Top Ignite PWRADAPT
PUMA has released the latest in its range of dedicated golf shoes and the new footwear is already being labelled as one of the modern and innovative designs available.

The latest version of their successful Ignite PWRADAPT range have a new silhouette and add yet more progressive features to their predecessors.

Pioneering footwear

The new range has been created in partnership with Rickie Fowler and has a renewed focus on the blending of complete comfort with top performance.

This means the latest in the Ignite PWRADAPT range have a unique aesthetic which is different to anything seen in golf before. Alongside this revolutionary look, the footwear also has the best materials and technology for golfers of all levels.

The PUMA Hi-Top range now includes the EVOKNIT, IGNITE, PWRADAPT and PWRFRAME technologies among others – but what does this mean for the person wearing these clever new shoes?

puma golf
The ankle collar

Let’s start with one of the most exciting and interesting new features of the range – the introduction of the impressive EVOKNIT fabric to the ankle collar. This style has been a top component of hi-top PUMA trainers for many years, but this is the first time it has been seen in golf footwear.

The aim of the fabric is to hug the ankle without feeling restrictive and mimicking a sock-like feeling that is very comfortable.

Testers have said the collar is one of their favourite features of the new shoe range. They also have the same look at the PUMA hi-top sneakers with the woven script branding.

PWRADAPT puma golf

The IGNITE foam is another popular feature of PUMA shoes and the brand knew there was no need to mess around with this popular feature in the new shoes. The foam offers superb, responsive cushioning that enhances the comfort level when wearing and now runs full length on the midsole.

The cushioning also offers lightweight performance. Golf shoes have long aimed to be as lightweight as possible without giving up on comfort and performance. The IGNITE cushioning is a key way that PUMA have covered this requirement.


The new PWRADAPT Sole is a proprietary outsole design that improves traction regardless of what part of the course you are on. It makes use of seven cleated pods that move independently unlike a normal sole with fixed position cleats.

The range includes different options including the use of a waterproof stretch fabric upper. This is ultra-thin and uses the TPU crafted PWRFRAME to reinforce the high stress parts of the foot, particularly when you swing.

Benefits at a glance

To summarise, the Ignite PWRADAPT hi-top golf shoe is the next generation of golfing footwear from PUMA and uses entirely waterproof fabric with two ways stretch. It includes the Ignite foam cushioning and the ultra-soft Pro-Fit insole.

The anatomically knitted high top collar makes the shoes as comfortable as possible with a sock like fit while the PWRFRAME technology supports the high stress areas of the foot.
The shoe is also designed to help you keep yourself in a stable position when you swing your golf club, meaning the shoes themselves help your game.

These revolutionary new shoes are available in two colour options, Black-Silver and Grey-Violet. Both have the touches of colour to accent the overall look and the distinctive PUMA branding on the side of the shoe as well as woven into the knitted ankle cuff.

Having been developed alongside a top player, the shoes are practical, easy to wear and offer the benefits of PUMA’s patented technology in subtle ways. The result is a pair of golf shoes you will be proud to wear on the course. These are available to buy on the 4th of April 2018, at Golfposer.

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