How To Build Your English Confidence?

How To Build Your English Confidence?

How To Build Your English Confidence?
If you are reading this article, you have probably made one of the most important decisions in your life. The decision to open the world by becoming an English speaker. Studying new language is always a tough and full-of-obstacles way. Besides obtaining new vocabulary, thousands of grammar rules, different pronunciation and so on, you have to start to think on the new language. Consequently, studying process is impossible without hardworking and persistence. You have to make your best, put in studying as many efforts as possible.

Enthusiasm is your vital friend when you are studying English. It keeps you on the right way, helps you when you are about to give up, inspires you and gives you a nudge when it is necessary. Nevertheless, when you have been studying some time, there always comes the period when you lose your motivation. There are seven tips that can help you find the inspiration again. For this purpose, you have to change the ways you learn and practice English. It is time to get rid of the dull, boring textbooks, and the conservative teachers.

Let us start the new stage of learning English

You can overcome the stagnation in your studying by using only seven main tricks.

The first condition is to love mistakes that you make. Remember, that everyone makes them. That is an integral part of our lives. You will not improve your English unless your mistakes stop upsetting you. Only when you stop being afraid of doing something wrong you will accelerate yourself on the way to your purpose. When you do wrong, you study, so let it happen. No matter how many grammar books you learn, you need to have personal mistakes while writing essays, speaking or chatting.

essay writing
The second tip is to get a studying partner who can provide you with speaking and writing help. It can be someone who has already known English or is just learning it. It would be amazing to surround you with such friends, as it is the fastest way to start speaking a foreign language. Even if you do not have friends who speak English, you can find them on the social networks, different learning platforms, the essay writing services etc. So many people there have the same need that you have. Albeit remember, that your speaking friend has to practice with you constantly.

The third point is to master the body language. It is your gun if you are afraid of being misunderstood. Eye contact and smile can do a half of work for you. Do not mumble and do not look down. Moreover, strong body language skills will support you when you feel uncomfortable with your language.

The next step is to speak aloud. You need to get used to you speaking English. First, it will be heard too strange to you, but after some time it will become normal.

The fifth condition is to pronounce English words correctly. Your mother language affects your pronunciation of the foreign words. Thus, you should spend some time to understand unfamiliar sounds that are difficult for you and repeat them regularly.

The second last is to listen to audiobooks and to watch series or movies. Do not choose the movie or the book that is too hard for you. You should be able to understand the words, the situations, and the plot.

The last one is to arrange your practice time. Rotate the activity you do to avoid boredom in studying process. Practice pronunciation, speaking, essay writing at listening alternatively.

Never forget that English is an important skill that gives you many varied advantages.


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