Interview | Questions & Answers With Kia Mazzi

Interview | Questions & Answers With Kia Mazzi

kia mazzi
Kia Mazzi
‘s debut album Mothership is a testament to the artist independence. I had the opportunity to talk with him about this album and also on electronic music in general. Discover everything below.

1 – Where did you learn to produce electronic music?

When I was younger, I would listen to any kind of music I could find and tinker with Remixes. Back then I would talk endlessly about music with friends. I always had some artist I identified a certain style with and played around with sounds trying to imitate them. I shared music I’d been messing with friends, making playlists and such. It made me want to get involved in creating music of my own. When I moved to the United States, I started submitting for remix contests and performing here and there at local clubs. I won one of these contests, which got me on people’s radar, that lead to me getting my own residency in Boston. Doing a weekly helped me gain confidence to put together my own studio and getting creative with producing more on my own music.

2 – Do you know if there’s an underground electronic music scene in Iran nowadays?

I’m sure there is & it’s growing.

3 – How influential was the vinyl collection of your father in the development of your music career?

Well, I feel like had everything to do with it cause I was raised hearing American records so later on in life hearing music sounded familiar even though back then I wouldn’t even know the English language, I would just repeat the words the way they sound! that’s how I kinda learned English language too.

4 – What have been the difficulties you have faced as an independent artist?

To be an artist is a struggle. We as independent artists struggle through everyday life. Rent, bills, family and just having enough finances to purchase the gear needed to create my art. The struggle is a distraction. It slows your process as an artist. I had to take a bit of a longer route, trying to hold life together, but I stayed focused. I just keep working and moving forward.

5 – Why is your debut album called ‘Mothership’?

Mothership is a story about where I have come from. More or less it is sound track of my life. It is a combination of some of my older work, that I finally happy with. I couldn’t let the tracks go. I felt they still had a lot of potential, it just took a while to find the right sound design and the cohesive theme that made the album whole. There were more a lot more tracks I omitted, that were just not the right fit. I’m extremely happy with how it has turned out.

6 – How long did it take you to produce all the 12 tracks?

Majority of the Mothership were written in Tehran but it took me a 10 months to strip down the old works rebuild everything track by track.

7 – Which is your favorite track from this album? Why?

I see this album is a complete thought. To me the whole album is single. Though it has a different story in every track, they all have a relation to each other. I designed each of the tracks to lead to the next.

kia mazzi interview
8 – I noticed there are only two vocal tracks on your album, and they actually sound pretty good. Why didn’t you produce more vocal tracks?

Thank you, there was maybe one or two more tracks that I wanted to add vocals but didn’t happen plus I like the experiment first time feeling to let the audience create their own image & experience on their own.

9 – Are you currently working on any new project related to music?

Got a ton of material I’ve been working on, tweaking and shaping for years. There are a lot more records I will be releasing over the next year or so. I have so much work worth putting out and I am currently polishing up my next release. For right now my focus is working on my live performance and making sure that I can reproduce Mothership live on stage at a high level. I’ll be releasing dates shortly, my plan is going out on the road for most of 2018.

10 – What would you do if the music stopped existing tomorrow?

Something pure & natural about music that you only find on humans that connect us all because we all have those senses but we almost losing it’s value to machine, more technology takes over our life style more we lose that sense & we almost become numb to it!




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