Kai Straw’s Fab New Album ‘GUN’ Is Now Available On Spotify!

Kai Straw’s Fab New Album ‘GUN’ Is Now Available On Spotify!

Kai Straw's Fab New Album 'GUN' Is Now Available On Spotify!
Kai Straw
‘s new album ‘GUN’ has arrived and it’s available on all major streaming services, including Spotify. Clearly, he puts all his efforts on the 10 tracks produced by James The Bear. The first thing you’ll probably notice is a strong Funk and Soul influence. Likewise, the whole eclectic mix makes his music style difficult to classify. Nonetheless, the outcome is something I will describe as authentic.

Among the favorites, there’s the disco-fied opener “They Sent You”, where Kai let loose a vibrant falsetto as never before. Another song that I love is “The Recipe”, which already reached over a million streams due to its radio-friendly nature.

Besides that, this album also features two tracks with explicit lyrics, such is the case of “Cherry Corvette” and “Back From The Crypt”, the latter is supported by rapper ZayVsThem. Then, there’s “Baby, Pick Up Your Gun”, filled with vintage sounds of another era + a powerful vocal performance. Lastly, the album has a happy ending with “Supernova”, a refreshing tune that provides a feeling of contemporary Future Bass vibe. In any case, the wide variety of sounds on ‘GUN’ shoots at different targets. And most importantly, without forgetting how the rich lyrics are telling Kai Straw’s personal stories en route to his musical success.




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