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2018 Most Modern Golf Shoe – The PUMA Hi-Top Ignite PWRADAPT



2018 Most Modern Golf Shoe - The PUMA Hi-Top Ignite PWRADAPT
PUMA has released the latest in its range of dedicated golf shoes and the new footwear is already being labelled as one of the modern and innovative designs available.

The latest version of their successful Ignite PWRADAPT range have a new silhouette and add yet more progressive features to their predecessors.

Pioneering footwear

The new range has been created in partnership with Rickie Fowler and has a renewed focus on the blending of complete comfort with top performance.

This means the latest in the Ignite PWRADAPT range have a unique aesthetic which is different to anything seen in golf before. Alongside this revolutionary look, the footwear also has the best materials and technology for golfers of all levels.

The PUMA Hi-Top range now includes the EVOKNIT, IGNITE, PWRADAPT and PWRFRAME technologies among others – but what does this mean for the person wearing these clever new shoes?

puma golf
The ankle collar

Let’s start with one of the most exciting and interesting new features of the range – the introduction of the impressive EVOKNIT fabric to the ankle collar. This style has been a top component of hi-top PUMA trainers for many years, but this is the first time it has been seen in golf footwear.

The aim of the fabric is to hug the ankle without feeling restrictive and mimicking a sock-like feeling that is very comfortable.

Testers have said the collar is one of their favourite features of the new shoe range. They also have the same look at the PUMA hi-top sneakers with the woven script branding.

PWRADAPT puma golf

The IGNITE foam is another popular feature of PUMA shoes and the brand knew there was no need to mess around with this popular feature in the new shoes. The foam offers superb, responsive cushioning that enhances the comfort level when wearing and now runs full length on the midsole.

The cushioning also offers lightweight performance. Golf shoes have long aimed to be as lightweight as possible without giving up on comfort and performance. The IGNITE cushioning is a key way that PUMA have covered this requirement.


The new PWRADAPT Sole is a proprietary outsole design that improves traction regardless of what part of the course you are on. It makes use of seven cleated pods that move independently unlike a normal sole with fixed position cleats.

The range includes different options including the use of a waterproof stretch fabric upper. This is ultra-thin and uses the TPU crafted PWRFRAME to reinforce the high stress parts of the foot, particularly when you swing.

Benefits at a glance

To summarise, the Ignite PWRADAPT hi-top golf shoe is the next generation of golfing footwear from PUMA and uses entirely waterproof fabric with two ways stretch. It includes the Ignite foam cushioning and the ultra-soft Pro-Fit insole.

The anatomically knitted high top collar makes the shoes as comfortable as possible with a sock like fit while the PWRFRAME technology supports the high stress areas of the foot.
The shoe is also designed to help you keep yourself in a stable position when you swing your golf club, meaning the shoes themselves help your game.

These revolutionary new shoes are available in two colour options, Black-Silver and Grey-Violet. Both have the touches of colour to accent the overall look and the distinctive PUMA branding on the side of the shoe as well as woven into the knitted ankle cuff.

Having been developed alongside a top player, the shoes are practical, easy to wear and offer the benefits of PUMA’s patented technology in subtle ways. The result is a pair of golf shoes you will be proud to wear on the course. These are available to buy on the 4th of April 2018, at Golfposer.

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Why Weekender Bags Are Considered Important For Travel




best weekender bags
Weekend bags consider the most important element for travelers before to go anywhere to spend long holidays. For tourists, and for making weekend plans, there are things which can be useful to spend the best holidays without any type of interruption. A weekend trip can scratch the travel itch and provide maximum satisfaction and joy into our traveling lives. If you have a hobby and want to spend a great weekend trip then arrange a weekend bag to carry the important travel items with full safety manners. Oversize luggage can be great for long vacations to foreign destinations, and to enjoy the best time with your families and friends. Packing a lot of items neatly and securely before to go anywhere and spend your time to arrange and to pack your items with full confidence. There is no best one idea except weekend bag because the best weekender bags are all about efficiency and economy of design which efficiently meets the expectations of the people and provides them their interests relevant items in a safe bag. Find the best weekender bags from your resources and feel free to carry the best items which you feel necessary for your travel and accommodation. Weekender bags have enough space in which lots of items can be carried easily and safely.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Weekender Bags?

There are many choices of the people to buy the best quality bags of their own use or to transport travel items from one to another place. The big families also prefer to carry luggage bags and travel bags when they decide to go anywhere to enjoy their holidays and there is no alternative to a weekender bag which provides / provided good safety of items during travel journeys. Finding the best weekender bag of you consists of two important facets which match your personal style and travel needs. There are many online and local shops which provide almost every range and quality of travel bags with free shipping services. Visit the website of got for personal shopping and choose the best quality travel bag in which many items can be packed without any chance of damage and to carry easily from one to another place without asking for anyone else. Handles, wheels, and catchers are the most important parts of a travel bag which provide great support in many places especial to move bags from different places. Wide Variety of Travel Bags is awaiting your response and to order immediately to ask for free deliveries. Visit online websites and take a look at the top picks to see which one is the most suitable for you and order immediately to get free deliveries of your desired location. Almost every bag has lots of features which should never be ignored at the time of booking , in special features like , size of the bag, weight of the bag, handles, locks, wheels, leather quality, zip quality, control and management of the bag and lots of other features help the clients to choose the best quality weekend bag . When you’re going on the ultimate weekend trip, you’re going to need the best weekender bags. Make your next business trip or weekend away more simple and stylish with one of these sleek and practical weekender bags.

weekender bags

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5 Environmentally-Conscious Fashion Label Initiatives




fashion label

Sustainability practices are now an integral part of consumers’ expectations of good business practices.

In today’s world of fashion, it’s no longer enough to present a good-looking, well-fitting product.

Corporate responsibility—towards society, workers, and the environment—are of significant importance for consumers. That said, many fashion labels actively work towards producing more sustainable clothing, and while the list of such initiatives is quite long, here are five fashion labels that pay attention to their brand’s environmental footprint.


The Swedish fast-fashion brand is one of the better-known in the fashion world for its sustainability programs. For six years now the company’s stores all over the world accept used textile, which either finds its way to second-hand stores or is repurposed for eco-conscious clothing collections or the production of other goods.

clothes men
The H&M Garment Collecting program, as the initiative is called, is not limited to clothes in good condition, which means that even worn-out, hole-filled garments may be reused in some way.

The garments that are in good enough condition to allow it are shredded to threads and find a place in H&M’s Conscious collection.

Stella McCartney

Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella made a name for herself within the fashion industry, and one of the main characteristics of her collections is the focus on sustainability. You could say that producing eco-friendly garments is a No. 1 priority for Stella’s brand, with the designer investing a lot in innovative ways of producing natural materials. One of her latest initiatives is in partnership with Adidas and “textile innovations company” Evrnu. The trio is now working together to repurpose old garments and turn them into new sportswear by recycling the cotton fibers and liquid pulp and “feeding” them to 3D printers.


A lot of the talk about saving the environment revolves around the excessive number of plastic products that we use daily and the most often—plastic bottles. Sportswear brand Columbia is also taking action on the topic with its OutDry Extreme apparel collection. The OutDry Extreme jackets are made from dye-free fabric produced from recycled bottles. On top of that, the production technology allows the jackets to remain waterproof without using DWR (Durable Water Repellent), a chemical-produced material traditionally used in waterproof jackets.


For many jean lovers, Levi’s is the go-to-brand for quality jeans. However, the production of this garment is quite resource-intensive, which, combined with how popular jeans are globally, means quite a load on the environment. To address its production footprint, Levi’s came up with its Water<Less collection, which, according to the company, uses “up to 96% less water.”

As per the brand’s webpage, so far Levi’s has saved “172 million liters [approx: 46 000 000 gallons]” of water through this water-saving collection. This is just one of the company’s various sustainability initiatives; others include the responsible use and disposal of chemicals, the recycling of materials, and the use of sustainable wood-sourced viscose-like fabric blends.


It is only natural that a brand aimed at nature lovers would be doing some good for the environment. But Patagonia’s sustainability initiatives go beyond what customers have grown to expect of any company. Apart from the usual use of sustainable materials, Patagonia aims to stay at the forefront of its industry’s environmental initiatives.

For example, the company came up with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition which, as per the company’s account, “helped gather the top leaders in the apparel industry, non-governmental organizations, academia and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for an inaugural meeting in 2010 to determine the feasibility of working together to create an index of social and environmental performance.”

Another great Patagonia initiative is called Worn Wear, which incentivizes the recycling of—and even helps customers to repair—their gear so that it doesn’t end up in the landfills.


Many other industries, especially those whose business has the largest impact over the environment, are now taking proactive measures to minimize their footprint.

Beyond fashion, other businesses known to generate lots of waste have also undertaken ambitious initiatives to do their part in saving the planet. Last year’s Super Bowl—a major event that also typically results in lots of waste—set out to be a zero-waste event and succeeded with its plan on recovering 90% of the garbage that it generated. That same year the Kansas City Chiefs, who run a high chance of winning the next Super Bowl according to Oddscheckers, also made a move towards sustainability by introducing compostable peanut bags.

In another corporate bid to help the fight against undesired climate change, the world’s largest concert promoter, British “Live Nation, recently announced plans to make “all their venues, clubs and concert halls zero-waste by 2030,” as quoted by Euronews.

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5 Simple Hacks To Enhance Your Hairstyle




It is one thing to want to look good, but it is a whole different story when you have to spend hours and hours trying to fix your look. Every man should take some time to look in a mirror, but not more time than is absolutely necessary. One of the hardest things to lay down correctly, as a man, is the hair. Men have to take care of their facial hair as well as the other hair. Without proper attention to your mane, it can take an outfit from very fashionable to ‘I don’t care about myself’ kind of look.

To avoid all that, you need some life hacks. Here is a compilation of five simple hacks that will help you enhance your hairstyle and save you some time on the clock:

Skip shampooing

Well, not all the time. Men are known to wash their hair more than women, mostly because most men keep short hair. While it is very tempting to shampoo your hair every single day, it might not be the best solution for your hair. For one, a lot of shampooing strips your hair of natural oils and leave it drier than usual, which is not healthy for your mane. If you want your hair to remain lustrous, shiny and healthy throughout the day, then cut back on shampoo.

Further, skipping shampoo will allow you to spare some time to get other things done. You also do not get to wash off all the product that is useful in protecting your hair strands.

Pro tip: try dry shampoo. Once you cut back on frequent washing, your hair will start building up on grease. To fix that, and still maintain your hairstyle, dry shampoo will do the trick.

Use a blow dryer and a comb to add volume

Are you by any chance struggling with thin hair? If your hairline is not receding because of balding, and your problem only lies in wanting more volume, you can achieve it right at home. Use a blow dryer and a comb, to comb your hair up and dry it at the same time. In the end, you will find that your hair tends to stay up, retaining some volume.

blow dryer
Keep your beard in check

If you want people to notice any effort in maintaining your hairstyle, then your beard should complement it. Technically, the beard shapes your face, and in combination with the right hairstyle, accentuates your best features. Ensure that at all times, your beard is well kept. This hack is very important, especially in between haircuts. Since you cannot always rush to the barber to fix your hairstyle, before your next visit, use a trimmer to keep your beard precise, enough to cover your hairstyle.

beard in check
Use hair conditioner to combat frizz

Humidity and the scorching sun are the enemies of hairstyles. Your hair can go from looking well-done in the morning to a complete frizz disaster by the lunch break. Technically, frizz results from static. Lucky for you, by rubbing a small amount of hair conditioner on your hair, you assuage the static. This allows you to maintain your hairstyle throughout the day. It is also a great way to retain moisture on your mane.

frizz hair
Use products on dry hair

Have you ever tried to apply paste, clay, or wax on damp hair? Well, it may not be the look you are going for. These products on wet hair tend to clump the hair together. Otherwise, use creams and gels on towel-dried hair, for best results.

There is a lot of men can do to enhance their beauty today. All it takes is a little effort and mastery of the right products and tools. Visit for some of the finest grooming tools in the market.

grooming tools

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The Best-Dressed Male Celebrities Of 2019




Best-Dressed Male Celebrities
Being a suave and dapper gentleman is an aspiration for most men, so it’s good to believe it’s an achievable goal, even if it isn’t. The dapper chaps were going to look at in this list have A-lister status and often an army of stylists and fashion designers to prepare them before they hit the red carpet. All this goes to say: Don’t feel too bad if you can’t match their style because they’re here for inspiration.

So, here follows a list of some of the best-dressed men in the world and their fashion credentials for your perusing pleasure. All the men previously appeared on GQ’s top 50 Best-Dressed Men in 2019, but so as not to bore our readers, we’re only going to look at our personal favourites.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Gosling wears jean jackets and printed sweaters for effortless style.

At the top of our list, Gosling has an effortless charm that translates into his clothing choices. A lot of his style centres around casual retro-Americana — jean jackets, bomber jackets, printed sweaters with rolled up sleeves or washed-out jeans with a simple white tee. That said, when it comes time to suit up, he goes bold, usually opting for a well-tailored, no-tie look with stand-out colours and a subtle print. Gosling is also a man who knows how to accessorise, often donning a sharp pair of sunglasses and wristwear to complete his look. Off the red carpet, keeping it simple seems to be the key for the Gosling look, which thankfully, means it’s not too hard for us mere mortals to emulate his style.

David Beckham

Beckham has been a regular on the GQ list for over two decades, proving that he has style in spades as well as the longevity to match. If you’ve seen the pictures of him at the recent Royal Wedding, then you’ll understand. Whether it’s a casual look while tramping through an airport or a suited and booted look for one of the various gala’s or red-carpet events he attends regularly, Beckham always looks outstanding on-camera. We’re curious to know how much of that is Posh Spice’s doing.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

McGregor dressed to the nines at a UFC press conference.

The Notorious One is no stranger to high fashion, often showing up to UFC press conferences in dazzling suits from Gucci and other designers. Whether you’re a fan of his brash and bold attitude or not, it’s hard not to admire some of his style choices. McGregor, who until his defeat at the hands of Khabib Nurmagomedov ranked as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC, has a particular affinity for the Versace brand. Only recently, the UFC fighter wished designer Donatella Versace a happy birthday through an Instagram post, showing a series of pictures of the two looking quite chummy indeed. They’re so close, apparently, that McGregor was able to throw a lavish birthday party for his mum at the Versace mansion in Miami, dressing all his family in Versace clothing to boot.

Donald Glover

Actor, writer, producer, rapper and musical genius, Glover has a whole raft of credentials under his belt at a fairly young age. On top of all of this, he ranked first on the GQ list this year for his impeccable style. Casual and comfortable are the keywords for Glover’s style. However, he has a penchant for high-end Gucci items like Gucci loafers, often worn in an understated fashion as part of a casual ensemble. When dressing up, he often goes for a 70’s-esque suited style with the no-tie look, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold as hell. It’s a hard style to emulate for those without deep pockets and a personal stylist, but if you can manage it, then he’s the one to inspire you.

Honourable Mention: Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum

Could you pull off the polka-dot shirt with a snake-skin tie?

Let’s be honest with ourselves here: There’s no other man with this much flavour. Or at least, no other man in his 60s who could pull off this much flavour in his wardrobe choices and get away with it. Hero.

So, there you have it: Some of the best-dressed male fashion icons on the planet. I’m sure there are a hundred other suave gentlemen that deserve a mention, but for the purpose of inspiration, whether you’re looking for some tips on style or a template to reinvent your look, you need to look no further than these mighty few.

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8 Fashion Tips For The Elderly




8 Fashion Tips For The Elderly
When age is just a number, why let that number hold your inner fashionista from coming out? Remember that you can still look fashionable and enjoy those compliments with a little homework or help. It is true that comfort becomes a big driving force for the elderly while choosing clothes and other items. Following fashion doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of comfort. Putting in a little thought can bring fashion and comfort together. Let’s see how you can rock the world with your look.

1. Recognize Your Style

Recognizing and following one’s own style brings confidence and no kind of fashion can match that. See if you’re more into fun, quirky, bold, boho chic, casual, active wear or elegant dressing style. Easy way to do that is to categorize your belongings, checking majority and ultimately your inclination towards the different styles.

elderly fashion
2. Don’t Overdo That Style

Going overboard on any kind of style is a complete NO. If you’re into bright colors, funky and bold style then always try to balance it with something less loud. Similarly, if pastels and nude colors are more your things, a little bright color once in a while will bring in some oomph factor. It is all about balance folks.

3. Minimal Jewelry

Too much jewelry can do the opposite of making you look good. Keep your jewelry game to a minimal, deal with signature pieces that are unique, light and that complements your personality. Follow the rule of two or maximum three pieces at once. Besides, carrying too much of expensive jewelry is risky.

4. Experiment Sometimes

If you’ve been following one style from a long time and you feel like shaking things up a bit, well go ahead. Experiment with something that you always thought was chic but felt like you won’t be able to carry. Well give it a try and bring some change in your look. You never know, it might become your new thing. What’s there to lose anyway?

fashion elderly
5. Blend Style with Safety

You have to make sure that every fashion item that you choose is safe enough to be worn for a long period of time especially footwear. Ladies, be careful with those heels and avoid it if you can. Your footwear should be comfortable and non-slippery. For overall safety carry a wireless panic button everywhere. It can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet as well.

6. Experiment with Pastels

Pastel colors are quite popular among the elderly. If you think they are boring, think again. Pastels are simply classy, so experiment a lot with them to make it work on your body. Pastel colored clothes are essential for the elderly, it brings out their soft and subtle nature. So, invest in a lot of them, do mix and match, you’ll be surprised every time.

7. Don’t Blindly Follow Trends

This rule applies to everybody and elder people are no exception. Trend changes all the time, and frankly speaking, most of them are absurd. Some trend may look good to the eye but may not be workable for you. So, if something catches your attention, see if it matches your style and personality.

8. Most Important Factor Is Comfort

Yes, comfort should be the first criteria in choosing clothes, shoes and other fashion items. Tight t-shirts, jeans, trousers etc. are just going to make you feel uneasy all day. Inferior fabrics will give you discomfort, heavy ones will disturb your daily activities. So, try every piece and buy only if it ticks mark the comfort criteria.

Looking good doesn’t require that much effort, play smart, follow these tips and you can never go wrong. Take help from family and friends if you may. Keep two things in mind always- first, elderly people look adorable in whatever they wear and second, smile is the best accessory that you can put on.

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