How Rock Music Affects Our Brain?

How Rock Music Affects Our Brain?
How Rock Music Affects Our Brain?

Guest Post By John Landrum

It has been proven long ago that music influences people’s brain. Of course, there are many different genres of this art as well as the way they impact our brain differs too, but the fact that some effect does exist is unquestionable. Another question is the following: is this influence positive or negative? Again, there cannot be one single response to this question as there are many facts it depends on and thus, just like everything in our lives, it has two sides of the coin, and in this article, we are going to discuss it.

The most questioned kind of music is Rock. Due to the associations connected with it, it is difficult to believe that it has any positive connotations; however, apart from the negative influence this genre makes on human’s brain, there is a single point when it can bring about some benefit.

What Negative Effect Of Rock Music On Brain We Can Observe?

Researchers say that such songs have a syncopated rhythm. It influences the frontal lobe and people lose an ability to reason and judge about the music genre. Similar to TV, this genre of music produces a hypnotic effect and it was confirmed by the experiment with mice.

negative effect rock music
There were three mice each running through the maze. The first one was running in silence, the second one was listening to Mozart music while the third one had to listen to hard rock. To set all mice in an equal position, firstly all of them ran through the maze and it took about 10 minutes for them. Two mice had to listen to music assigned for a month. Then they were put in the initial position and to people’s surprise, the first one has reached the end of the maze twice faster. A mouse that listened to Mozart was even faster, while the third one that listened to hard rock could hardly bump her way for 30 minutes. The researchers say that the last one reminded a creature that had her senses dumped. Moreover, in the previous experiment, mice that were influenced by hard tunes have eaten each other but could we say that there is no that negative effect then?

In addition, the brains of these small creatures were examined after the experiment. The findings are really impressive as branching and sprouting of the nerve cells in their brain was abnormal. There was also a lack of amounts of messenger RNA that is responsible for keeping memories and, consequently, it was practically proven that this genre ruins the brain cells if you listen to it too much.

rock music affects brain
However, there are many other aspects to look at. Thus, the above-mentioned fact is not the only proof of the power of rock music as there are several more negative ways how it can impact human’s brain including the following ways:

1. Rock music makes our creative thinking worse

It is connected with the sound delivered by compositions. This is one of the most influencing points. It does not have to be highlighted that this genre is mostly all about being as loud as possible, making a mix of different noises, which cannot do anything but distract. How does it affect your brain? In accordance with the scientists, moderate noise level increases processing difficulty, it improves abstract processing and consequently leads to higher creativity. When the noise is high, we put all the effort to processing information and have no strength for creativity.

2. It distracts drivers’ attention

In accordance with Brodsky and Slor’s data, it is one of the riskiest genres if to listen it driving a car. What does it mean? Whether it is loud noise or influence on the brain cells, but it leads to attention distraction and can result in traffic violations, mistakes, inaccuracy or aggressive behavior. Listening to rock music at work or driving a car reminds a copied text submitted to an Edubirdie plagiarism checker: you understand what result you will see – nothing good.

3. Rock compositions projection on other people is very negative

The investigations of such psychologists as Nidhya Logeswaran and Joydeep Bhattacharya have proven that there is a correlation between the mood reflected by the music or song and person’s behavior. For example, if you listen to a loud and aggressive rock song, chances are you will treat other people aggressively. No wonder, there are so many suicides among rock fans.

rock music
Positive Aspect Of Rock Music For Brain

A myth about rock bad influence can be questioned today. You can be surprised but there is a positive connection between rock music and the brain. Some scientists say that it makes the sense of identity stronger. Children who have been growing listening to this genre, when grown-up have a strong sense of identity, a knack for community development, and are not so subjected to regrets as more sensitive personalities.

Author’s Bio: John Landrum is a skillful and talented writer working at Edubirdie. He has got a Master’s degree in English philology and 4 years of academic experience. He has completed multiple papers on different topics and is polishing his content writing to offer articles of the highest quality.


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