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Interview | Questions & Answers With Veluzz



Interview | Questions & Answers With Veluzz
has a touching story to relate. The talented producer from Spain is gradually recovering from a coma, and music has been his best therapy. Fortunately, his skills remain intact, while the health has improved greatly. Today he shares with us a new song that was inspired by an event that marked his life, with the purpose of bringing a message of hope. Discover more below!

1 – Nice to meet you Veluzz, how are things your side?

I’m ok thanks, working hard in my rehabilitation & also on new productions.

2 – We’ve learnt of you overcoming personal obstacles, did music help you get through & recover?

Yes, that’s right, some hard obstacles indeed. I was in a coma, after suffering a traumatic brain injury & when I woke up, I had to learn everything again – following an intense Neurorehabilitation program & now approaching three years, this still continues today – but I’m happy.

Music has been & remains my best therapy & faithful companion, friend. It’s helped make me feel alive again, to vibrate, to concentrate & gather strength, to get excited which is what happens with “Stargazing”, the wonderful composition of a producer I admire very much – Kygo. And all this is thanks to Yann Pissenem & I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to him once again.

3 – Why is your debut single “Sleepaway” inspired by this incident?

“Sleepaway” represents my toughest & most recent experience. The accompanying video for the single is autobiographical. I also wanted to convey to people who are in a process of recovery like me, to give them a message of hope & that the effort is worth it. And do not lose the illusion of reaching better times. Yes, you have to try hard, but you have to try & never give up. Dream, move what you can move & feel the music running through your veins. It’s exciting & living is exciting.

4 – What made you want to collaborate with Kristina Antuna on vocals?

Kristina has an exquisite tone of voice. When I heard her for the first time, I had no doubt that the timbre & the weaving of her voice would play a fundamental part of Sleepaway & am thankful for the collaboration – I hope to be able to work with her on future projects too.

5 – Is there a profound message in the lyrics?

Yes. As I mentioned previously, with hope, effort & tenacity – everything is possible.

veluzz sleepaway
6 – We really enjoyed the tropical/chill vibes of the single. What is the secret formula to get that effect?

Most of it is the inspiration. I get that from where I’ve lived (Including Ibiza, where I was born), from the love of my family & friends, from personal heroes such as Kygo… it is important to have a purpose, a dream, a goal & for me – music is life.

The other part of it is knowledge. As I grow as an artist inside the world of music, I understand this is one of the most important assets to have. That’s why I strive to work hard every day, to improve & to become better.

7 – Are you planning to release any further remixes in the future?

I can announce the planned launch of my next single in May entitled “Show You”. In my opinion, it will be well received & of course, I love it. I’ll release it as a radio mix, as well as having an extended club version. Naturally, I want to reach both worlds: dream & dance, relax & party, day & night. At least, try. I’m also finishing the musical project “Believe”, whose video clip also stages a real story with a magic touch. It will also be available before the approaching summer. As you can see, I do not stop.

8 – Being a Spanish artist, how has its scene shaped your music?

It’s too early to be able to answer that question, but I do believe that if Veluzz were a Norwegian or French producer/DJ, he would have an equally difficult but more productive path. In Spain, a lot of Reggaeton is consumed…

Veluzz interview
9 – Do you spend a lot of time in the studio? What’s your favourite equipment?

Everything that I can after the rehabilitation. I use my computer, piano & Logic X. Nowadays, there are so many good plugins to choose that I don’t always have to use the same.

Finally, thank you very much for this interview & opportunity. Till next time!



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Vessbroz




Brothers Armia and Arsham make up Vessbroz, a DJ and Producer duo who have been absolutely killing the scene ever since their debut release back in 2015. The pair have composed for a large scale Malaysian-English film called ‘C144’, have tens of thousands of followers and have even received the support of 50 Cent when he featured their music video “Dreams” on his blog. We caught up with the boy to find out more about them.

1 — Give us a bit of an insight who the Vessbroz are?

We are two brothers, Armia and Arsham. We are DJ’s and music producers and you might know us from our song “Nothing”, it was in the top 40 charts for the U.S. Billboard mainstream chart for 7 weeks!

2 — How did you come up with the idea to create Vessbroz?

Both of us always wanted this since we were kids. When we grew older, unfortunately, we were busy with our studies and daily life. In 2015 we decided to continue our childhood dream and we started to learn about music production and DJing. In 2016 we launched Vessbroz officially. Vessbroz is a short form of Vessel Brothers because we are real brothers with same blood running through our veins.

Vessbroz interview
3 — Who are your influences?

We love and respect all the DJs who started the EDM vibe and bring us DJs from shadows to the main stages and connected the Pop world with the EDM world, people like David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and Daft Punk.

4 — What are your musical backgrounds?

I (Arsham) graduated as a sound and music engineer and bachelor of recording art and my brother Armia studied in music composing, songwriting and music business.

5 — If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why?

We love everything about this industry. Maybe the only thing we would like to change is the way people think about musicians especially DJs, they think most of us are drug users but in fact, we know so many healthy DJ’s and we have also never smoked in our life and we believe in a healthy lifestyle.

6 — Tell us a fun fact about yourselves?

We love supernatural activities and maybe when we turn 50 years old we’ll start looking for supernatural activity/powers with a group of professionals.

vessbroz music
7 — What would you be doing if you didn’t get into music?

We always wanted to be Professional basketball players and we dreamed about playing in NBA next to Lebron James!

8 — Who would be your dream collaboration?

Our dream collaboration is never going to happen but it would be a dream to work with Michael Jackson.

9 — Where would you love to perform a set?

It would have to be the Grammy Awards and Coachella.

10 — What song made you fall in love with dance music?

“Give Me Everything Tonight” by Pitbull and Ne-Yo and “Getting Over You” by David Guetta.

11 — Finally, where can we go to check out more of your music?

Of course, Spotify is the easiest way to stream our music nowadays and YouTube is a great way as well… you also can follow our social media to find out about our upcoming releases.



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Quickfire Interview With: Allen Wish




Allen Wish
Allen Wish
is an artist who creates melodic and emotive EDM songs. With a love for Progressive and Electro House, Allen is inspired by the likes of David Guetta, Axwell, and Nicky Romero. His emotional attachment is what makes Allen such a special artist, as music is what kept him alive during his experience of fighting in Afghanistan. He now spends his time working in the studio on creating emotive EDM songs that he hopes will help other people.

1 – Favourite song?
“M83” by Midnight City.

2 – Biggest influences?
My influences definitely are Alesso, Guetta, and Axwell.

3 – Best city in the world?
It definitely has to be Dubai so far.

4 – Dream gig?
Close the main stage at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

5 – Who is the one person you would love to collaborate with?
Oh, that’s a hard one, I think I’ll have to go with Alesso.

allen wish interview
6 – Day parties or night parties?


7 – Preferred BPM?
126 – 128.

8 – DJ’ing or Producing?
Both, but I’ll lean more towards DJ’ing.

9 – Progressive House or Electro House?
Progressive House.

10 – David Guetta or Axwell?

dj allen wish
11 – Best gig you have ever been to?

I’d have to say when I opened the show for Nicky Romero.

12 – Favourite food?
Italian food.

13 – What hobby would you love to try?
I’d love to start running or ride a bicycle more often.

14 – Big nights out or chilled nights in?
Big nights out!

15 – Ultimate career goal?
Be in the top 10 of the best DJs, the other is to win a Grammy.




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Interview | Questions & Answers With Meddie Bloom




Meddie Bloom
We talk to Meddie Bloom about his newest single “Time To Live”, which has a beautiful message for humanity. Furthermore, it’s so catchy that you could listen to it on repeat. By the way, the music video looks amazing as well. There’s much more to discover, so check out this interview right here!

1 — What’s the message behind your debut single “Time To Live”?

The message behind “Time to Live” is about unity, self-love, self-acceptance, togetherness and showing unconditional love, respect and help to all living beings on this planet that live with and around us. As a new artist, I really wanted this song to be a thunderous, liberating and uplifting introduction to my music.

2 — What locations were considered for the music video?

Pasha Teplo (Director) and I shot the scenes for this music video in various deserts outside of Los Angeles, in order to convey the pain and confusion of isolation. We both are nature lovers and wanted to capture these scenes in the hearts of some majestic landscapes. As you can tell by watching the music video, all these stunning landscapes are a reflection of the pure mental state that all the characters are currently in.

3 — How many hours go into shooting the visuals?

We shot all the nature scenes in roughly 1-2 hours. The heat in the desert was unbearable, making it almost impossible to take more time. And all the other scenes including the ones of the wonderful cast were shot in a studio within a half day. It was an exhausting but exhilarating and fun experience.

4 — Are the lyrics based on personal experience?

Absolutely, but I’m sure that most of us can relate to them. In this song, I’m yearning and calling for a message of hope and compassion that is lost in many areas in this world we’re living in. But the call I’m making is that of a positive one. I believe that we can collectively heal our earth by starting with ourselves first. It is only then that we will be able to project love, understanding, and compassion to all other sentient beings, no matter what color, religion, sexual orientation, shape or species. We all bear the same expressions and are all made of the same stardust.

5 — Who collaborated with you in the studio while producing this great Dance-Pop anthem?

I wrote, produced and recorded the song myself about 8 years ago. My dear friend Juan Robles put down some of the very first scratch synth’s tracks after giving him directions of what exact notes and chords to play. And finally, the track was being mixed and mastered by Austin Leeds.

6 — Did you find there was much pressure going into recording your debut single? How would you describe the whole creative process?

There was absolutely no pressure at all. Like I mentioned earlier, the song was already recorded a long time ago. I haven’t released it throughout all these years but ultimately decided to do so. The way I go about the creative process is usually very simple and straight forward. I usually come up with the main chorus melody first and then built around it. Most often I already have an idea where I would like the song to go after I’ve built the main chorus. I often use the acoustic guitar to come up with additional chords and melodies that end up being played on the Synths.

meddie bloom interview
7 — Do you have any vocal training?

I possess no vocal training whatsoever. I’m an occasional bathroom singer just like most other’s (hahaha). I joined a church choir for a very short period of time when I was in my teenage years, but that’s really all. It’s all in the bathroom or in the car.

8 — What’s your purpose of doing music?

My purpose with music is to enlighten, touch and inspire people and to inspire people to give love a chance. The sheer beauty and power of sound waves, beats, and words are an excellent outlet to convey that energy. I also love to bring up worldly topics that might need awareness and questioning.

9 — Would you like to experiment with other genres besides EDM?

Totally… Being influenced by so many different genres, from Rock to R&B to Classical to World music to you name it and being a multi-instrumentalist, I will definitely branch out to other styles other than electronic dance music or fuse several styles together in the future. I can’t wait for that…

10 — Finally, where does your artistic name come from?

Meddie has always been my nickname since I was a little kid. And when it came to choosing an artist name I really wanted that name to be followed and accompanied by “Bloom”. I love the idea of blooming and showing off all your colors in all it’s glory… blooming as if you want to make the whole world beautiful. To me “Bloom” also inspires a necessary call of action: It encourages us to stop hiding all of our magic and talents, it encourages us to unleash them in the name of love and art. Everyone has the power and depth to inspire others. And it wouldn’t necessarily have been a certain talent, it could simply be someone giving their utmost warmth, care, attention, help, and support to someone else in dire need of it…



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Chloe Tang




Chloe Tang
Learn more about Chloe Tang, a rising RnB/Pop artist with a glorious singing voice. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona but resides in LA like most indie artists. Here’s an insightful interview that will give you a much better picture of her music career. Moreover, she also unveils funny details about her recent “Hype” music video.

1 — When did you learn to sing so beautifully?

I’ve always loved singing for fun since I was a kid! I never took any formal singing lessons but I was always in choir in school and I learned a lot about technique doing that.

2 — What fueled your musical creativity?

It’s something I have never really been able to identify. I’m inspired by so many things and I think it has continued to grow over time because the more I write songs, the more I love it.

3 — Which is your favorite method for writing songs?

I love collaborating with people. It allows me to learn so much from other peoples’ creativity. We usually start with a concept then hash it out from there with melody and lyrics.

chloe tang interview
4 — Why most of your lyrics are about relatable life experiences?

I’ve always found I tend to write better songs when I don’t feel restricted to write about “pretty” things. Fortunately, I think pop music is now becoming a lot more honest about issues like mental health and I’m all about it. I just want to continue the pattern and the only way I know how to do that is being in touch with my own emotions/experiences and putting them into songs.

4 — Is that the case of “Hype”? What is this song about?

Yes, “Hype” is about people who get all caught up thinking they’re the shit and having a toxic attitude. I think it’s great to have confidence in yourself but when you are putting other people down in order to feel better about yourself, that’s when you’ve got it wrong.

5 — Do you think the storyline behind your new video clip matches with the lyrics of “Hype”?

I do, I think the story of the video ended up being a cool take on the lyrics. I wanted it to have its own story and be its own piece of art but in the end, the video and the song have a lot of similar themes.

6 — Was there any funny anecdote while shooting the video?

The guy who ran after us in the Chinese restaurant was our real waiter. He was such a champ when Lorenzo asked him to run after us… at first, he didn’t want to do it but he killed it and I will always remember him yelling at us, “you forgot to pay your bill!”.

chloe tang singer
7 — Besides Pop and RnB, what other music styles do you enjoy singing to?

I actually have a secret dream to be a rapper! Haha, I’d love to be able to perform like Lauryn Hill or Nicki Minaj… and I’ve been listening to a lot of Denzel Curry Lately as well, he’s so inspiring. I do that a lot in the car.

8 — What would you be if you were not an artist?

I’d love to keep writing songs for other people but if I didn’t do music at all I’d probably be working with kids or animals. Maybe start my own dog shelter or daycare where we can foster dogs and they build relationships with kids with disabilities.

9 — How do you see the current indie music scene in your homeland?

I’m actually pleasantly surprised at the music scene in Phoenix. There are so many creatives and people doing things that are at or above the level of people who live in LA or Nashville. I also noticed there are a ton of artists who grew up in Phoenix just KILLING it in LA – Kiana Lede, Kacy Hill, Alec Benjamin, and so many more. I see Phoenix as a good place to develop and grow then it can be a stepping stone to places like LA.

10 — What do you dream of accomplishing this year?

I want to tour SO BAD! I miss playing lots of live shows (I played so many when I lived in Denver) and I just love that audience connection so much. Other than that I don’t have a ton of specific goals because I prefer to let things happen on their own. I’m working hard on a lot of music but I’m not going to have any expectations because I feel like sometimes that can be mentally limiting.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Nick Vivid




nick vivid
I’m 100% hooked on the funky groove of “Ricochet” by Nick Vivid. Not so long ago, he released the ‘Blissed Out’ album, which will please everyone with its vintage sounds. In this interview, The NYC-based artist talks new single, and shares his views about his music project and other important topics.

1 — First of all, what were some of your early influences?

KISS, MTV, lots of early Hip-Hop and Glam Rock.

2 — Is an artist born or made?

The intangibles and passion can’t be taught, but the rest is certainly created in the conscious ego.

3 —How would you define your own music style?

Intensely relaxing.

4 — What makes “Ricochet” so hypnotic and irresistible?

The swirly hook that circles around. When I visualize what hypnotic music sounds like, that circular repetitive motion is definitely a key component.

5 — Your new music video features a unique creative 70s aesthetic. Why do you love so much this era?

I just think everything was cooler back then. The movie “Dazed And Confused” probably made me this way.

6 — What are the lyrics exactly about?

Realizing that some things in life might be a losing battle but knowing I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t go for it anyway.

7 — How has the music scene evolved over the years in NYC?

Pretty much the same as everywhere else. Bands used to build a following by playing clubs and pressing cassettes and singles. Now some of my favorite local artists exist merely on Bandcamp. I wish I could see some of them live, but they don’t play shows. As far as the styles, you still get everything but it is in pockets without any central hub to tie it all together like the venues used to do. I think many artists don’t have a sense of direction since touring is so expensive and getting a record deal is no longer a goal. That idea of artists challenging each other to push it a step further seems to be a little lost because there’s no reward for doing so. But I would like to see that make a comeback somehow.

nick vivid interview
8 – Why are there so many music collaborations lately? Do you like the idea of collaborations?

The idea is fine. Too many SoundCloud rappers want free beats, though. I’ve done a few collabs in the past and I like the other artists I’ve worked with. It can only be a win-win situation if everyone gets to shine and everyone works equally as hard to contribute and make the track great.

9 — Where’s your favorite place to perform your music? Why?

I did my release party for my latest album, ‘Blissed Out’, at a club called Berlin in NYC and it had all the right elements. It was small, the stage was low to the floor, and it had a loud sound system. Those are my favorite kinds of places to play.

nick vivid artist
10 — Finally, are there any upcoming projects that you are working on?

I’m planning a fall tour at the moment. I just purchased the van and I’m currently writing this from Shreveport Louisiana while in my way back to New York. I’m also starting a campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of benzos like Xanax and Klonopin. My mother recently passed away due to the painful withdrawal side effects of using these drugs as prescribed by her doctor. She never abused them. Most people don’t but they still destroy lives and families. If you can help someone not fill their first prescription then maybe you can help save someone’s life. See for more information.



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