MARGONIPEROT Blazers, Slim-Fit, Adds Cool Colors To Menswear

MARGONIPEROT Blazers, Slim-Fit, Adds Cool Colors To Menswear

MARGONIPEROT Blazers, Slim-Fit, Adds Cool Colors To Menswear
For some time we thought that the menswear industry ought to take a few fashion notes from London designers, known for their savvy color ways in menswear. But here’s a new twist on dapper apparel for men – blazers, that are colorful. If this season you’d want to call yourself a fashion icon, even just a little bit, you’re certainly better off embracing cool patterns and colors – ones that really have charm, enough that’ll grab attention and be pleasing to the eyes.

What Is A Slim Fit Blazer?

A slim fit blazer is one that’s carefully tailored and is designed in a way that hugs the body in a readily comfortable, and modern fashion. Many men who wear blazers often find that slim fit blazers might not necessarily be tight but have a form-function based design and structure that’s far more attractive than a regular fit jacket. Attractive designs of men’s blazers can be seen at The slim fit designs that are fairly common are popular because of the unique fit that gives it character and a level of professionalism.

How To Wear This Colorful Blazer Trend?

The great thing about slim fit colorful blazers whether they are designed with velvet, or wool, is that the creative part of your style will be in line with style trends, regardless of the price point you decided to shop. You can wear slim fit colorful blazers easily, as long as you have other clothing in your wardrobe that balance out all that pattern and bright colorway.

On Wearing, The Velvet Slim Fit Look

Velvet is highly prized, and really, rightfully so. The truth is, that there really aren’t that many other pieces of evening men’s apparel that can you slip on with a loafer and look like you’ve got an entire team of stylist working overtime for you. The velvet blazers that are designed with a slim fit look can effortlessly be paired with your favorite dress shirt and chino pants for a sleek, and modern look. It is well known that an in-style tailored slim fit blazer that’s trimmed correctly can change the look of your entire outfit. The look and feel of luxury are truly there with a high-quality luxury velvet blazer, that’s slim-sit.

MARGONIPEROT And The New Menswear Staples You Need To Get

Key pickups from MARGONIPEROT that are all the rave and more, are the exact styles that we see over and over again in magazines and fashion runways. These particular designs are the leaders of their field and truly more likely than not able to make your outfit and wardrobe stand out from the crowd.

A Few Smart Picks From MARGONIPEROT

Attractive Marble Slim Fit Mens Velvet Blazer – MARGONIPEROT
Attractive Marble Slim Fit Mens Velvet Blazer - MARGONIPEROT

Awesome Black Mens Floral Blazer 4Q7JRJHD – MARGONIPEROT
Awesome Black Mens Floral Blazer 4Q7JRJHD - MARGONIPEROT

Abstract Art Velvet Slim Fit Mens Blazer – MARGONIPEROT”>
Abstract Art Velvet Slim Fit Mens Blazer - MARGONIPEROT

In-Style Plaid Slim Fit High-End Mens Blazer – MARGONIPEROT
In-Style Plaid Slim Fit High-End Mens Blazer - MARGONIPEROT

How To Look Elegant In Blazers

Though there is certainly a difference between suit jackets and sports coats, generally the rules of fit and style with men’s evening jackets are quite similar. Getting the right style of a blazer is one thing, but actually pulling that look off is all about the fit. The key to a wise blazer and suit jackets is getting the right trims in the right places. For starters, if you’ve purchased a blazer and it’s oversized, getting the side trimmed down, along with the sleeves to be more suitable and complementing of your shape, is a smart thing that will ensure you actually wear and use your blazer regularly.

One of the most elegant styles of blazers to shop for is the shawl lapel blazer or a style with a notched-lapel. The shawl lapel style wraps around in an elegant, and very neat fashion, giving the impression of a shawl or scarf. Choosing the right lapel size and style can go a long way to make your outfit more elegant than ever!

Paying attention to the buttons and pockets on your jacket can make or break the look you’re going for. Wearing slim fit blazers calls for typically, jetted pockets, and notch lapels. The blazer jacket is definitely one of the top items a man should have, and that may be because its so flexible and capable of changing the game in your wardrobe for the better and allowing your style to step into the reality of authentic gents style. Blazers with the right fit and design are key to your modern look, perhaps this is why some of the worlds most fashionable and stylish men are sticking with elegant blazers.


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