Tomorrowland Is Sold Out – Here Are 5 Alternatives

Tomorrowland Is Sold Out – Here Are 5 Alternatives

Tomorrowland Is Sold Out - Here Are 5 Alternatives
If you have just found out that Tomorrowland got sold out, don’t feel bad – the festival sold all of its tickets in like an hour after the release. They were snatched up like candy!

Don’t despair though! We have a list of festivals that have a similar vibe to Tomorrowland and still haven’t sold all of their tickets!


This an awesome EDM event that rages on for three days in Germany. With over 200 DJs and an awesome visual design of their city, they manage to bring their guests into a whole other world and yes, this world has pool parties! Get ready for insane parties and an awe-inspiring visual experience.

Ultra Europe

There are a few festivals that can boast a line up like Ultra Europe. Top-notch EDM artists gather in the Poljud stadium in beautiful Split, Croatia, to give the crowd the experience of a lifetime. This heaven for electronic dance music lasts for three days and you better come prepared for some intense partying – eastern european style! Ultra is one of the strongest party brands out there and this is their crown jewel.

Balaton Sound

One of the best summer music festivals in the world, located at the Lake Balaton with a beautiful carnival atmosphere along with full carnival rides! They boast a very impressive line up every year primarily focused on electronic dance music with some hip-hop. They also offer beach-side club parties with guest appearances from some of the world’s most favorite party brands.


One of the most visually stunning festival experiences is Creamfields in the UK. A festival that boasts a great tradition behind its parties. It never fails to provide an intense line up to keep the crowd going. Don’t miss out on one of the best EDM festivals in Europe!

creamfields festival
Holy Ship

The journey of the Holy Ship starts from Port Canaveral and goes to the Great Stirrup Cay along with a day at open sea to return to Port Canaveral. This is a more intimate event. The cap is 4,000 people with elite artists there to ensure an almost 24-hour long party atmosphere. You get everything from autograph signing, costume parties, karaoke, and loads of other events that will make you say “Holy Sh**!”


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