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5 Ways To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face



Sunglasses For Your Face
Have you ever looked at your pictures from a previous holiday and felt that your shades were out of place? Well, you certainly can’t help it now, but it is very sensible to invest in a suitable pair of sunglasses. They are the most important part of any photo where you wear them and people will notice their dark frames against your face. If you’re one of those who need to get themselves a shade that complements their look, here’s an article just for you! We bring you five ways you can choose the right sunglasses for your face:

1. The Shape of Your Face Matters

Firstly, get yourself a marker or a lipstick or anything that writes. Stand at an arm’s length from your mirror and trace your face on it – hairline to chin. The resulting shape is the shape of your face. If you’ve been choosing sunglasses because they looked good on someone you know or they are worn by your favorite celebrity, you are making a mistake! Different sunglasses are meant for different face types, so just make sure you don’t end up choosing the one that’s not made for you. Read more about which type of shades suit your face shape here.

2. Colors

So, you know which type of shape shall suit you – how do you choose the colour? This is a very tricky part when it comes to choosing shades. Try not to include odd colors among your sunglass picks. Most people like to choose shades of black or brown, and sometimes, you may just want a reflector, but it is never too nice to choose a color that is just out of place. Like bottle green or grey for example – avoid these.

colors sunglasses
3. For the Occasion

Make sure you’re suited for the occasion. If it’s a nightclub party, you could try some really cool fancy looking shades with flashing lights. If its a Sunday beer party after a round of golf, you probably don’t want to wear them – settle for something more decent. If you’re going on a road trip, make sure your shades are suited just for your road trip. You may like a particular shade, but if it’s out of place for your occasion, it’s not the one. Save that for later, maybe?

4. Quality Is Important

You may tend to think the best shade is the one with the most expensive price tag, but nope, that, fortunately, is not the case. You must choose your shades wisely. The best shade is the one that looks best on you, any other factor such as its price, make or demand absolutely doesn’t matter. If you choose a shade, remember to invest in it without considering factors such as its demand or year of manufacture. Shop wise and be smart!

sunglasses quality
5. Ask Yourself

At the end of the day, the only person who can give you the best advice is you yourself. You can do this by choosing various shades that you like, comparing them against your face and then, making a final choice for the one you think is best. While doing so, you must keep all features of your selected sunglasses in mind – their compatibility with your frame, color, size and everything else that you feel is necessary. At the end of the day, the best shade is the one that you feel the best about.

sunglasses woman
Here was our list of important points that you must note when shopping for your shades. The next time you visit the shop, arm yourself with everything necessary for a good purchase. A good pair of sunglasses will always go well with your frame. It’s obvious that you will certainly look stunning in your photos, but that’s not all. Sporting the right pair of shades speak a lot about your sense of choice and add generously to your style. So, don those shades and make a lasting impression!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


9 Of The Hottest Japanese Watches For Men In 2019




Japanese Watches
Step up your fashion game in 2019 by adding one of these 9 hottest Japanese watches into your accessory arsenal. Here are the hottest styles to look for.

In the realm of luxury watches, there are two main players when it comes to watching movements; the Swiss and the Japanese. While experts debate whether the workings of Swiss or Japanese watches are best, for most of us the difference between two watches comes from the styling, not the movement inside.

hottest japanese watches
While Switzerland is home to household names like Rolex and Tag Heuer, Japanese watch brands include Seiko, Casio, and Citizen. If you’ve never really considered a Japanese watch before, here’s our pick of the top 9.

9 Best Japanese Watches

Perhaps the main difference between the two watch-making countries is that whilst the Swiss tend to follow tradition, Japanese watches have a reputation for technology. Whether you are looking for a watch with quartz or mechanical movement, there is something for you in this list.

1. Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chronograph A-T Watch

You’ll never need to change the battery of this watch, as it is fitted with Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology. The internal lithium-ion cell is charged by converting light into energy. Considered one of the best Japanese watches for water sports and marine activities (but not scuba diving), it includes a one-second chronograph that will keep measuring for up to one hour.

Citizen Eco Drive watch
2. Seiko SKX173 Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Automatic Dive Watch

Although they were first invented in Britain rather than Japan automatic watches are just as popular with Japanese manufacturers as they are in other countries. This model from Seiko is a true dive watch, suitable for depths down to 200m. Style hasn’t been sacrificed for performance, with the stainless steel casing contrasting with the black dial.

The classic diving look is complemented by a chunky strap. The display has hour markers, with minutes on the bezel, and a date window available in both English and Spanish.

3. G-Shock GA 100 Military Series Watch

Casio carved a name for style as a Japanese watch brand with its Casio G-Shock series. Their heavy-duty designs have made them popular with tough guys the world over, and the GA 100 is another of that type.

G-Shock GA 100 Military Series Watch
The design is all matte black, from the dial to the chunky resin band. The GA 100 has both analog and digital display and is fully programmable. It’s also shockproof and watertight to 200m if you live up to the action man look.

4. Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

The second from Citizen on this list, and another fitted with the eco-drive technology from this Japanese watch brand. Where this differs from the first watch, is that this model is styled for casual or dress wear, rather than for activity.

It has a titanium case with black dials and includes a chronograph. It’s also waterproof to 200m, but we wouldn’t recommend getting the leather strap wet. It also contains a date window and a low-charge indicator just in case you don’t get enough sunlight.

watches japan
5. Orient Flight Stainless Steel Watch

Orient is the brand to turn to if you want something stylish and understated, but with consummate engineering. The design is fuss-free, with a blue dial and titanium case contrasting with a brown calfskin band.

The dial is uncluttered, containing only the clock face itself with an outer and inner dial and a date window. No need to worry about winding either, as this model contains Orient’s caliber 48743 automatic winding mechanism.

6. Orient Monarch Mechanical Hand Wind Watch

If you want to create a vintage look with a brand new timepiece then the Monarch is right up your street. It has a simple steel case and a domed glass, protecting the black dial which is decorated in a timeless style.

Orient Monarch Mechanical Hand Wind Watch
This is a hand wind watch, as befits the whole style. The simple black leather strap is the perfect finishing touch to this hat-tip to the classic watches of the past.

7. Citizen Eco-Drive Avion Sport Stainless Steel Watch

Another vintage-inspired piece, this one harks back to the 1950s. The black strap has contrasting white stitching, a color choice echoed in the dial and hands. Despite the classic look, it contains Citizen’s eco-drive and will self-charge from natural light.

Waterproof to 100m, the Avion also has 12 and 24-hour clock dials and a date window. It might look like it’s slipped from the wrist of a pioneering trans-Atlantic pilot, but the Avion is all modern under the hood.

8. Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Showing the versatility of Japanese watch brands, this model couldn’t be more different from Seiko’s other entrant onto this list. The 5 is an understated, military style watch that would look as good on your wrist on a night out as it would on a long hike.

Seiko 5 watch
With a brushed metal bezel and khaki strap and dial, the 5 has both inner and outer dials and a date window. Underneath the case is a 21-jewel automatic movement that means you’ll never need to stop and wind.

9. Orient Ray 2 Analog Japanese Automatic Silver Watch

An upgraded version of Orient’s best-seller, the Ray, they’ve upgraded the movement and added a hand-wind feature if you want to give the automatic winding a helping hand. If synching watches with others is useful for you, you can stop the second hand just by pulling out the crown.

Looks-wise, the Ray 2 is a slimmer version of the Ray. It has an attractive stainless steel bracelet and a blue face that echoes the Rolex Submariner. It includes a 120-click diving bezel, sword hands, and a date window.

Performance and Style

There’s no doubt, looking at this list, that Japanese watches can stand their ground when compared with models from any other maker around the world. A great watch is a combination of functional and stylish. It contains features that make life easier and blends well whether we’re working, socializing or getting out into nature.

If you need a little help in working out your balance of style and functionality, then keep watching our fashion section. We regularly share content about what is good and what is not in the world of men’s fashion. Whether it’s the best in Japanese watches or the must-have fashion accessories, we’ve got you covered.

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Finding The Perfect Dress For The Mother Of The Groom




mother of the groom

Guest post by Cathy Carter

Weddings come with a lot of joy and happiness as well as some anxiety. Most often, as much as it may be mutual for the bride and groom to have the same levels of mixed emotions, the bride has to deal with a little much of it. What is her theme? What will the décor look like? What kind of dress will she wear? Needless to say what both her mother and the mother in law will wear. Traditionally, the mother of the bride would choose what to wear first which would subtly guide what the mother of the groom would wear too. Today, as much as some still follow the norm, there is much more room for discussion.

dress mother of the groom
Weddings are special occasions for both the mother of the bride and the groom. Therefore, it goes without saying that whatever the theme of the wedding is, they have to feel comfortable in whatever dresses they wear. It might sound like an easy task to do, but there are a lot of considerations that need to be put in place before finding the mother of the groom dresses.

1. Consult with the Mother of the Groom

Firstly, it is essential to get to know the tastes and preferences of the type of dress she would feel comfortable in. In most scenarios, the difference in ages will definitely determine the kind of dress she chooses in terms of the type of material, length, and design. Remember that as much as you already have a picture of what you want her to wear, it is crucial for you to as well adjust to what she chooses.

2. Guide Her Through

As much as she has a say in whatever she decides to wear, it is important to give her a few guidelines. Let her know the wedding theme, the colours, the kind of design you would recommend to her. Mother of the Groom dresses come with different styles, mostly formal but you can put a twist to it making it sassy. Remember, at the end of the day she needs to stand out as well as blend into the bridal party.

wedding dresses
3. Decide On Where to Shop

Having a clear picture of what dress she needs to get for herself, it makes it way more manageable when it comes to shopping. She can choose to physically visit stores that sell these dresses or better yet log in to websites that offer the same. In most cases, stores that sell cheap mother of the bride dresses also provide the same for the mother of the groom.

4. Ask Her to Keep You on the Loop

There are a number of Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses as well as the grooms. As a bride, you could kindly ask your mother in law to keep you on the loop before deciding on what dress to buy. If possible, you could accompany her to find the perfect dress in stores.

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Bownifide X Millennial Market Popup Shop 1/19/2019 (2PM- 8PM) Blowout Sell




is an exotic handcrafted leather bowtie brand that inspires elegance and sophistication. There’s no doubt, they design the ultimate neckwear. Add to this, authentic styles you won’t find at any other store. So, don’t miss out their one day only blowout sale on this Saturday at the Popup Shop. Best of all, all bowties will be available for only $50 USD. — about half the price!!!

Location: Remy Rouge Cultural Center-183 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn, NY



bowtie bownifidebowtie men
leather bow tie
spiked bowtie

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Celebrity Inspired Winter Looks That Are Totally Affordable!




celebrity’s winter look
Fashion is for all, and both men and women have become all the more conscious about the way they look and carry themselves to different occasions. Be it an ordinary day at work, a casual dinner date, or a high society red-carpet-like event – you gotta be prepared for everything. We know staying stylish and bold can be a pain in the neck during winters, but not anymore!

You can create your favorite celebrity’s winter look at an absolutely affordable budget and look like a star wherever you go.

From Kendall Jenner’s & Tinie Tempah’s killer fur look to well-put boot look by Brad Pitt or Gigi Hadid – we will cover all of them in this interesting post.

A Long Fur Coat

long fur coatJust like Kendall Jenner, you can rock a fur coat look this winter season without trying too hard. Keep the colors close to black or brown with interesting fur detailing on the neck and collars. Kendall is considered one of the trendiest and most stylish celebrities when it comes to cool and sassy styles. The long coat gives an illusion of height while the furry detailing adds to the look. Pair it with a mid rise denim, solid tee, high heels or boots, and your favorite sunglasses to leave a royal statement no matter where you are.
Kendall trendy
So you are a young man looking for something stylish yet decent in fur? Why not replicate the Tinie Tempah’s winter’s look in this amazing pale yellow fur coat! The English rapper and singer likes to attend red carpet events, fashion shows, and that’s the reason we decided to include this one in our list at the top. He surely does know the secrets of street style fashion!

Boots for a Statement

woman boots
Love Gigi Hadid? Why not dress like her to stand out from the crowd? Winter season should be no reason for you to stay all day in the bed and pulling such a fabulous look is so easy! Just take out any pastel suit or a plain jumpsuit from your wardrobe and club it with a pair of animal print boots! We bet you’d never imagined how appealing it can look not only on someone with a gorgeous face like Gigi but also anyone who likes to look like a celeb. No print boots are also a total hit this season for a casual dress look.

boots men
Boots aren’t only for women. Lately, we have seen so many male celebrities going forward in the fashion world and giving us some major dressing goals. And we doubt if there’s someone who doesn’t adore Brad Pitt’s fashion sense! For men, it’s even simpler to pull this look. Take out your favorite jeans and a white tee and of course – those stylish boots to get girls to go gaga over your taste. Another idea you can use if you have long boots in your closet is to pair them up with an overcoat or a leather jacket, which is basically a better version for official or special events.

Stirrup Pants is the New Trend!

There’s no single individual on the planet who likes fashion and then who don’t know Rihanna for the same. We know she rocks singing even more, but we just can’t get over her trendy and always-impressive dressing style. This time, it’s none other than the stirrup pants – a new take on regular trousers and pants! The easy-peasy look is too good to be left from our list of celebrity inspired winter looks for 2019. Forget not to pair it always with high heels unless you wanna look like a mess! Wear it with a baggy sweater to create an easygoing look for a day out with stirrup pantsSo for men, stirrup pants might not be a great idea given our dear men don’t wear heels. So we have a separate idea for them to pull off something similar. Formal and easygoing ankle length trousers are in vogue this season and a must-have for every guy. There’s hardly a celeb who hasn’t rocked a red carpet trouser look in a pantsuit or coat.

What’s next?

Tell us which one’s your favorite look out of all and get set to dress like a star throughout this winter season!

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The Latest Must-Have Accessory: The Gucci Backpack




Gucci Backpack
It is not hard to miss seeing your favorite fashionista or Instagram celebrity carrying a backpack for a regular purse. Gucci, the famous Italian brand, seems to be leading the pack for this movement. Anyone interested in staying on the positive side of fashion knows it takes a Gucci backpack. is pleased to let you know they have all of the best models in stock with prices that will not break the bank.

Finding the perfect Gucci Backpack

The Internet is a powerful place.  It is very simple to find a Gucci backpack from any number of locations. The Gucci homepage is always a good start, but there are other sites that offer Gucci as well. All of the high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus and the like will certainly have a selection of Gucci backpacks and accessories. Large cities, of course, will have boutiques that will certainly carry Gucci. The only thing you have to do is some basic searching.

And brace yourself for the sticker shock. A low-end Gucci backpack starts at $890.00 USD, and this is on the LOW end of the line. Start adding things like leather and accents, and you can do the math.

There is always the chance you can take with or eBay for your Gucci backpack. Here you will find backpacks that promise the Gucci name and command the price. What you see on an auction website may not be the exact thing you receive – it could be considerably more worn than you thought or worse. There are other sites – AliExpress and iOffer as examples – that offer Gucci backpack replicas. The quality you will find here is nowhere near what you will find at These two sites lack the design, look and quality material you would expect in a Gucci replica.

You work hard for your money. Quality, trust, and service mean everything to you. Gucci replicas are made from a trusted manufacturer in China. Here, the production team buys authentic Gucci pieces to match as exactingly as possible. This means the best possible backpack for your money.

Visit Youtube. Search for authentic vs. fake Gucci backpacks. It will surprise you how incredibly difficult it is to determine which bag is real and which is the replica piece. Professional authenticators, trained at Gucci, often have problems making the determination. They are sometimes incorrect.

backpack men gucci believes in customer satisfaction and care. They do not share or sell your private information with other companies. They also have excellent discounts on their products for return shoppers, those who use Western Union for payment and coupon codes through newsletters, where they send out discounts for various holidays and the like. You can learn more at the main homepage.

Bagbella appreciates you and your support. They look forward to being your trusted associate as you shop for and select a Gucci replica backpack. Be sure to visit their sister sites: HermesSale, PurseWorthy, and ChanelFinds.

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