Bagless Vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – Which One Is Best For Household Cleaning?

Bagless Vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaner – Which One Is Best For Household Cleaning?

bagless vacuum cleaner
Which one is best, bagless vacuum cleaner or bagged? The debt of bagless vs. bagged vacuum cleaner is endless, and people have different opinions on this matter to establish their logic. However, we are going to find here, which one is individually well for household service. For that let’s see what benefits they both can offer and what not.

🔹 Bagged Vaccum Cleaners
For the note, the bagged vacuum has a secret compartment or in this case, a “bag” to store all the dust, dirt, mud, etc. by vacuum head. Once the bag is full, you have to open its chamber and empty the whole thing. In some cases, the bag can be reusable, and in some cases, it need throw away and place a new one.

Bagged Vaccum Cleaners

More hygienic- it might sound wired, but bagged vacuums are more hygienic than other types. Yes, you have to deal with emptying the bag and dump it in the right way which can occur a big mess sometimes. But bagged one don’t need to be full everytime you vacuum. When you are done with cleaning just garbage the bag and tie the opening of it.

Some vacuums have an automatic closing device to seal the bag afterward. That close the inlet hole during the dumping process. So, if you have an allergy, asthma, etc. that type of vacuum will much safe and healthy to deal with.

More suction
Air travels more inside a bagged vacuum cleaner than other ones. With the clean and empty bag, the hose sucks more dirt utilizing the max power of the motor.

Nowadays, bagged vacuums include anti-clog bags that gives better suction power comparison to old models. These bags don’t clog by dirt and debris, so the suction power remains constant, and you get better cleaning.


Not all bags for vacuum comes with anti-clog technology. If you are using this type, the possibility is you may have to replace it before they are full.

The extra cost of buying a bag for vacuum is a big hassle unless you have reusable bags. Also it possible you forget to buy a new batch of the bag, and you need vacuum right a moment.

🔹 The Bagless Vacuum
Two types of bagless vacuum cleaners are available- filtered and cyclonic cleaner. The first one has a filter located in the dust canister which catch all dirts. Where cyclonic one uses the ultimate cyclonic energy to isolate trash from the air and trap into the canister.

bagless vacuum cleaner

Transparent canister
Most of the bagless vacuum comes with transparent or semi-transparent canister. It helps you need what level the dirt cross, or if you accidentally such anything valuable or not. Which means you have full access to monitor what inside so you can empty the canister in times.

Filter maintenance
For the bagless one, maintaining the filter is more leisurely. You need to occasionally brush or shake it to clean until they are discarded. So the cost of replacing a filter minimizes equally.

transparent canister

In that case, you don’t need to replace the filter often like the bagged one.


Bagless is much expensive compare than bagged. Also, the expenses of a filter can cross the price of paper bags for the next six months.

Dust exposer
Emptying the canister and then clean is a big hassle here. Often it cases a massive mess of dumping dust which may severely affect you if you are a patient of asthma/allergy.

Final thoughts

As a matter of fact, both types of vacuum has advantage and disadvantages in their work of features. So, claiming which one is best for a particular user is kind of tricky. If you’re a first-time buyer and don’t have experience of using any of them; its best to go a local shop and try both of them. That’s how you will understand them more and choose which one is best in the bagless vs. bagged vacuum cleaner.


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