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Interview | Questions & Answers With AstroVoyager



If you’re looking for synth-based music, look no further than AstroVoyager. The French Producer is known as the pioneer of an original style called Electro-Symphonic. That said, most of his shows feature a live orchestra and different musicians, where organic and electronic textures melt together. Get to know him through this short interview!

1 – Hi AstroVoyager, welcome to Electro Wow. How’s it going?

Hi Electro Wow! I’m fine thank you. I just finished my series of summer concerts, with beautiful memories and happy meetings.

2 — When did you start producing & how did you come up with the unique name AstroVoyager?

I have been producing music since the 90’s & in the early 2000’s, I wanted to create my own personal musical universe. Boarding the listener into my spatio-temporal capsule, to travel through time and space together. AstroVoyager was born!

3 — Let’s talk about your track, “Tomorrow Is A Mystery”. What’s the message behind the single?

You only live once… So, live in the moment, head off and let yourself be guided by the light of your star…

4 – How did you and Jean-Paul Flores come around to the collaboration?

When looking for a male voice for my song, I asked Ludo Mantion (my recording sound engineer) if he knew somebody. He responded; ‘For your song, Jean-Paul of course’!. Jean-Paul is a famous French guitarist & he’s played for French stars, such as Jacques Higelin & Brigitte Fontaine – he is also an excellent singer.

5 — What would you describe your signature sound as?

Let’s say ‘Electro-Symphonic’ – gradually merging my synthesizers with instruments, from a full orchestra to create an electronic symphony.

astrovoyager interview
6 — Do you have a favourite synthesiser? If so, which & can you tell us why?

I’ve been a Korg Kronos synths addict for many years, because of their sound and also the feeling that it’s still musical instruments and not computers. And now Korg also returned to the analog market, fantastic…

7 — And finally, what can people expect from AstroVoyager in the upcoming months?

In the upcoming months, I’m working on new EPs – including new exclusive remixes taken from my Big Bang project, recorded with the Prague Concert Philharmonic… And also new live experiences!



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Feyer




Multi-talented artist Feyer creates interesting genre-bending music, pulling influences from rock, electronica, and video game themes. His musical heroes include Queen, David Bowie, and Talking Heads. Currently, he’s promoting the clip for his new song “Stuck In A Video Game”, which features retro animations, plus a thought-provoking concept. Discover more details in this exclusive interview.

1 — Hello Feyer, thanks for your time. Did you study music production or are you self taught?

A little bit of both. I went to school for music composition mainly, but from there, I got guidance on how to produce electronically and take full advantage of the recording studio. After I graduated, I built my own home recording studio and became more immersed in electronic production. A lot of the little tips and tricks about how to manipulate my DAW, I taught myself (with the help of some YouTube tutorials!).

2 — What makes you so passionate about video games and music?

Funny you should ask. I was never really into video games growing up. It was more so a side hobby for me. I wasn’t allowed to have a gaming console, or even a GameBoy, growing up, so if I ever played video games, they would be at a friend’s house. And since I didn’t have games of my own, I would have nowhere to practice and would suck at the games. What really stuck with me when playing (and usually failing) these games was their awesome soundtracks. Music is my ultimate passion, and since video games often have great soundtracks, I often let them influence my own original material.

3 — Do you want to send out a positive message with your newest single “Stuck In A Video Game”?

The message is more so about life in general than about video games specifically. The skin-deep message is about how as we play these games, we become fully immersed in the characters we take on and it can be difficult to separate real life from what is on the screen. However, when you look deeper into it, you’ll find that the song is a metaphor for life, and how we’re always trying to be the best we can be and achieve next-level success, but there are hurdles we will need to overcome and tools and skills we need to acquire just to get there. Maybe it’s not so positive when you think about it, but I hope that it will provoke thought.

4 — Is banning video games the answer to video game addiction?

Definitely not! If you ban something, won’t it make people just want it more? The idea is about moderation and teaching people that these kinds of things are fine in small doses. It becomes a problem only if people begin to feel as if they can’t live without it, or their lives aren’t complete unless they do this all the time.

5 — Many critics think video games have helped the music industry survive. What’s your opinion?

I agree. As mentioned earlier, something that makes so many games unique are their soundtracks. Since games are being developed at a frequent pace, just like music, developers are always looking for original music for their work. They’re also looking to license pre-existing songs that weren’t made specifically for the games but will fit well with them. These developments in gaming will greatly help musicians creatively and financially and open up new opportunities to get their music out there in ways they may have not thought possible.

feyer music
6 — We know you also produce scores for films. Which is your favorite film soundtrack so far? Why?

At the moment, the Interstellar soundtrack. It’s so simple but so impactful. It really captures the feeling of being trapped in space, while trying to maintain the connection you have to Earth. As far as film scores go, this one is very ambient but has a beautiful theme that stays with you. I also enjoy how Hans Zimmer combines real orchestral sounds with electronic timbres, reinforcing the connection between life on earth and spacious artificial intelligence.

7 — Are you working on your second album or do you prefer to release more single tracks this year?

At the moment, I’m focusing on singles, as they are much easier to promote in the age of streaming. I want each release of mine to achieve its maximum potential, so I’m working on different singles to be released every few months. I am also trying hard to collaborate with other musicians, writers and producers to create tracks that I may not have thought to make just on my own. This way, there’s a stronger sense of community. Be on the lookout for another single, to be released in late May. This one will be quite different than “Stuck in a Video Game” and have more of a rock edge.

feyer interview
8 — Analogs vs. Digital synths. Which one do you prefer?

Digital is what I’m most familiar with, and many of the synths I use are in the box, aka just inside my software. However, although I really dig a lot of the presets at my fingertips, I often try to tweak or combine different sounds so that it doesn’t sound too much like an obvious presets. Despite being less familiar with analog synths, I still have a great interest, as with those, it’s all up to you to manipulate and create the sound. It’s almost like cooking a dish: you need measurements and recipes for creating that perfect patch.

9 — Do you think 8-bit/Chiptune music is for everyone?

It can be if it’s presented the right way, such as when it’s in the background for a popular game, movie, or show, but for people who are more into music with live instruments, whether it be a rock band or an orchestra, 8-bit/Chiptune may be harder to digest. I try not to make straight up chiptune unless I’m asked to for a project, as I still really enjoy the elements and energy of a live rock band. Since I usually play live with a band, I want to do something in the studio that will translate similarly onstage.

10 – Finally, have you ever used cheat codes in order to win hard video games?

Nah, never, because I don’t know any! If I did, I’d probably be using them all the time.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Yoda Popz




Producer Yoda Popz

DJ & Producer Yoda Popz has an interesting story to tell through this exclusive interview. Funny thing is that he immersed himself in the rave culture at the end of the 90s, and years later his family motivated him to pursue his dreams in the music world. Today, Chris Foster (real name) has released a significant number of original tracks that have gained thousands of streams and the attention of many EDM lovers.

1 — First of all, tell me about yourself. How did you transition to a music producer?

I got out of the Army in 1999 and that is when I was first introduced to EDM music. Techno, Trance, and Hardstyle were the types of EDM I listened to. I fell in love with the rave scene and the culture. Didn’t matter where you came from, who you were, everyone was so accepting. Just there to have a great time and escape with the music. EDM was an escape for me and brought me such happiness. Over the years, yes I’m 46 now, I lost touch with music and it wasn’t until my daughter Devan and son Nick showed me some of their music two and a half years ago. I was blown away as I thought EDM was gone. I showed them the CD’s of the music I used to listen as well. They decided that it was time we went to a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. My first show was Slander and Dada Life, then a few weeks later, Illenium and Flux Pavilion! I was hooked! My family saw how happy the music made me and I joked and said: “I should make EDM music”. Everyone immediately agreed, so I signed up for Ableton classes with Discosapien Academy and the rest is history.

2 — What has been the most rewarding thing about making tunes?

Watching people react and enjoy my music, in their own unique way, hands down. A friend I met at an Excision concert listened to my song “Hold Me” and said to me, “wow, I just went on an amazing emotional journey, I thought I was gonna cry and smile at the same time”.

3 — How long have you been going to raves along with your family?

We started going two and a half years ago. We have never been able to get all 7 kids together at the same time but we have managed to get 5 with us last year at Electric Forrest!

Yoda Popz family at rave
4 — Are your children also pursuing art as a career?

And far as a career, I am not sure, but my son, daughter and her husband all make EDM music! I know my son is going to perform.

5 — What’s your favorite music festival? Why?

So far it’s Electric Forrest but we are going to EDC Las Vegas this year for the first time so I will have to let you know!

yoda popz festival
6 — What can fans expect from your new single “Hold Me”?

This song takes you on your own personal journey. It doesn’t have lyrics for a specific reason. The song allows the individual to imagine words that fit their world and moment. I feel that by the end of the song you’ll have a sense of empowerment or triumph

7 — Surprisingly, your debut single “Crazy About You” surpassed 30K plays on multiple streaming channels. Do you think “Hold Me” will go the same way in time?

I am truly shocked at how many plays this song has. I told my wife I would be happy with 10 plays and likes. I am so humbled by the reaction this song has received. I think “Hold Me” may do better in the long run because it doesn’t have words and the melody is very powerful but only time will tell.

8 — Which commercial or underground DJs from the Dubstep or Future Bass scene do you admire?

There are so many amazing and talented producers and DJ’s out there. I absolutely love Illenium, Excision, Skrillex, and so many more, there’s just too many to list. Illenium is my absolute favorite though because his music is inspiring, emotional and raw and I really dig that.

DJ Yoda Popz
9 — I noticed most of your tracks tend to be more instrumental. Are you considering collaborating with a vocalist in the near future?

Yes, one day for sure. When I have the right songs I will definitely look at including vocalists.

10 — Finally, what advice do you have for someone who wants to start a music career?

First and foremost, do this for you, no one else. If you are true to your vision, people will vine with you and your music. This journey has been very difficult, and there’s a huge learning curve. Ask questions, be open to learning and doing things differently than you think you know how. I’ve learned so much in the past two years and I am excited about the future.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With C’Marie





I got the chance to catch up with Carly Marie Masten aka C’Marie to talk about her recent “Be Nice” video, anecdotes, early career, and, best of all, she’s releasing her debut album this year. According to the California-based singer, Rihanna is one of her role models and inspirations, and in my opinion, you can feel that not only in her music but also in everything she does!

1 — It’s so nice to have the chance to talk with you. How would you describe your sound for a new listener?

My current sound is Pop/RnB with a little island vibe. But my sound has such a wide variety of everything.

2 — What gives you inspiration when writing lyrics of your latest track “Be Nice”?

What gives me inspiration while writing “Be Nice” was personal experiences in relationships that I feel like every woman goes through!

3 — The music video looks fantastic! How many days did it take you to shoot this clip?

Thank you so much!! It actually only took us one whole day to film my “Be Nice” music video. It was an amazing day, being able to explore a new city and do what I love was such a great experience.

4 — Can you tell us a funny anecdote while filming it?

A funny anecdote that happened while filming “Be Nice” was we actually almost got kicked off of the Ferris wheel. They didn’t allow any filming on it due to reliability. Soooo then they continued to tell us we weren’t allowed to use the footage… oops lol.

5 — At what age did you discover your singing talent?

I still am developing my singing talents but I started working on it at the age of 11.

6 — What achievement has made you the proudest at this point in your career?

The achievement that has made me the proudest so far is being able to say I have been a solo artist for only a year and a half and have accomplished my first album produced by A1 Bentley and going on my first tour including performing at The Forum!

C’Marie Interview
7 — Is it true you will release a new album this year? If so, can you reveal the most important details?

Tentatively there will be an album dropping this year, I think the most important part of the album is just being able to share my craft with others. This is my first album so I’m just so excited to everyone’s reactions.

8 —Why Rihanna represents a huge influence on your music?

Rihanna represents such a huge influence on my music because I love her attitude and how she is such an entrepreneur. One day I would love to have my own makeup line. Be able to inspire and provide people in other ways besides my music.

CMarie artist
9 — In your opinion, what has been the hardest obstacle as a 
solo artist?

The hardest obstacle as a solo artist so far is finding my team and the people are true to what they say. Your team is everything and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

10 — Finally, what one message would you give to your fans?
One message I would give is never to give up on something you’re passionate about. Find people that support your dreams a go!



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Interview | Questions & Answers With KEOTA





I caught up with rising DJ & Producer KEOTA and got him to share more details of his brand new single “Scars”. In this exclusive interview, you’ll also learn more about some of the story from his beginnings as an artist.

1 — Hello KEOTA, you just released your second single “Scars”. In your opinion, what is this song about?

This song is about love. Love is like a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs and some times you are left with scars which are a reminder of how terrifying yet wonderful love can really be.

2 — Did you write the lyrics? Who is the vocalist?

Me and the vocalist Ashley who is a great friend of mine came up with the lyrics to “Scars”. I chose her due to her beautiful voice and how much of a perfect fit she would be to the beat of my song.

3 — Please tell us about the recording process. What tools did you use in the studio?

Since I cannot afford expensive, nice equipment I mainly stick to FL Studio and my midi keyboard. First I test the waters by messing around on my keyboard with different beats and compressions. Then I will just play around with them until I make a melody, which can take a while. Once I create a melody that touches my heart I then look for a voice that would best fit the melody.

4 — Are you considering collaborations for a remix package?

I have not thought of collaborations for a remix package, but I am open-minded about it and may do so in the future.

5 — Which famous Producers have influenced on your electronic sound?

When I was 12 years old I would always turn on tunes while vacuuming the house. I heard one of my friends talk about EDM music so I tuned to the EDM station on Pandora. The first song I ever heard was Krewella’s “Enjoy The Ride” and I was automatically in love with the genre of music. I love Krewella’s style of music which includes vocal EDM tracks. I know strive to create EDM songs like them, but hopefully, I will be better.

7 —How would you describe the EDM scene in your local city? Have you ever played at clubs?

I come from Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington state. The EDM scene here is very small as not many people listen to that genre of music. However, it has been increasing over the past couple of years. I have played at a couple of clubs in Seattle and in Tri-Cities, but I hope to get my feet more dirty by playing at more clubs and festivals!

8 — Is your family supportive with your artistic career or is it just a hobby?

I do truly love creating music for everyone but it is just my hobby as of now. I am focusing on the United States Marine Corps as I am enlisted and leaving in only a couple of months. However, I do plan to make it a career once I am finished with my term of enlistment and I will still be uploading songs while overseas.

keota interview
9 — What is probably the most important lesson you have learned since you started producing tracks?

The most important thing I have learned since creating tracks is to have fun. Skill comes from experience and the more experience you gain the more skill you will obtain. I started off on an online EDM music creator and my song was awful. But as you just have fun and try different things you slowly learn more and more. Also, it is important that you love your music. For if it touches your heart it will guarantee touch someone else’s too.

10 — Finally, is there any new tune you’re excited to release soon? If so, can you share with us more details?

I am excited to announce a new song called “Illuminate” that I am currently creating. It will be a Progressive House and, of course, will have amazing vocals.



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Quickfire Interview With: Asher Laub




Asher Laub

Get to know a fast-rising artist from New York, his name is Asher Laub and wants to conquer the world of EDM with his violin. Incredibly skillful, you’ll be easily amused by his first-ever single, “Neon Dreams”. The following interview paints a clear picture of his identity as an artist in the past, present, and future. Happy reading!

1 – You’ve been playing the violin since…

I started the violin at age 2. I began on a margarine box with rubber bands serving as strings. I learned the Suzuki method and memorized most of the music until I could read at about age 3.

2 – You got involved in the music realm because…

My mother claims I chose the instrument that early. Hard to believe, but I know that with all that formal training from such a young age, and decades of playing in orchestras and with jazz bands, playing the music scene as a professional came pretty naturally. I always loved music, it was an easy way for me to make money while in college. And so I spent my evenings and weekends playing club dates and weddings to pay my bills.

asher laub interview
3 – Your sound is…

Hard to define my exact sound, since I cover many different genres. I have strong classical, but also fusion jazz influences. Bluegrass, pop and rock music also play a major role in my musical styles.

4 – Your biggest inspiration is…

I’m inspired by folks who overcome personal challenges, be it physical, emotion, or anything else. Teddy Roosevelt is one of the first people that comes to mind. He’s one of the reasons why I was able to discover a way out of adrenal insufficiency. He refused to accept his physical limitations and far surpassed peoples’ expectations.

5 – Fans should listen to your new single “Neon Dreams” because…

Neon Dreams is my first original single and marks a significant milestone in my music career – one that seemed impossible just a short few years ago. It marks the realization that my dream of making it in the music industry was very much attainable. This song is like none other, in that it merges sophisticated classical with modern EDM music. It doesn’t compromise that technical arpeggiation found in concertos but is still totally relevant and accessible to electronic music fans.

You can stream it here:

6 – If you want to know who Asher Laub is, listen to the track…

“Neon Dreams”. This song is the essence of what I’ve been trying to achieve. I have a number of songs in the works that have taken Neon Dreams to a new level of musical excitement, but they’re still being crafted at the moment and won’t be published for another month.

7 –Your most memorable career moment so far has been…

Too many to count! A few of my top career moments include featured performances at Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center, my debut of Neon Dreams at Master Theatre and my recent, and 2nd feature on PBS. I would say that the best is yet to come with my performance at Carnegie Hall Sat. June 29th. I can’t wait to connect with my audience.

8 – Your dream is…

To headline my own world tour. It’s in the process, but I’m taking baby steps at the moment, working on regional tours, and large-scale venues.

9 – Your next release is called…

My next violin cover is Charlie’s Puth’s “Attention”. The video will be released in a week.

10 – Your all-time favorite track is…

Aside from my own music, is Vanessa Mae’s “Contradanza”. That song is a pure work of genius. I have no clue how she wrote it. It’s full of excitement and passion, has a ridiculous Irish groove and still is true to classical music. I hope someday to produce something along those lines with my own unique voice.

violinist asher laub
11 – Your favorite book is…

I love Lord of Rings. I grew up on that and the hobbit. Nothing beats fantasy, in my opinion. Much of my music and music videos are actually influenced by fantasy.

12 – If you weren’t a violinist you’d probably be…

A nurse. I actually have a nursing degree from NYU and 3 degrees in the sciences. Seems pretty random, but I was raised in a pretty science-focused family.

13 – You’ll only stop making music if…

I physically cannot longer hold up the violin, and even then I’ll probably continue to compose. I hope to continue performing on stage until I’m 99!

asher laub violin
14 – In a few years, you want to be…

Me, with a clearer, understand of what my fans want to see and hear. I’m looking to connect with my fans in a deeper, more meaningful way. I’m looking to produce music that they absolutely love to hear and anticipate more of. This is my passion.

15 – What are you doing for the rest of the day?

It’s the weekend and I’m a bit of a workaholic. I’ve got 5 songs and 3 collaborations in the works at the moment. Lots to do, but all of it is what I look forward to doing every day, and feel blessed that this is my full-time career.



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