Interview | Questions & Answers With Prakash Neupane

Interview | Questions & Answers With Prakash Neupane

prakash neupane

Prakash Neupane is looking to open new horizons with his music. He’s already a well-known Rnb/Rap singer and songwriter in his homeland of Nepal. Despite this, the latest song he’s promoting got some type of EDM influence, keeping up with the same level as the current hits on the Dance-Pop charts. In this exclusive interview, we had a chat about all things Rap, his artistic life, and of course, this new catchy track called “Timro Najik”.

1 – When did you start rapping and how did you learn this art?

Well, I started rapping when I was just 16 years old. I learned this art through listening different kinds of Hip-Hop songs performed by popular urban artists & I used to write poems which helped me a lot in my music career.

2 – Was your family always supportive of your decision to become a rapper?

No, my family didn’t support my decision to become a rapper. They always wanted me to focus on my studies and I’m from the small city “Kohalpur” which is situated in the mid-western development region of Nepal. People are not so broad-minded — even my parents don’t know what Rap is. They would be supportive if I would have sung Lok Dohori.

3 — What makes Rap music so special?

Well, in my thought Rap is a poetry mixed of rhyming and spitting which is performed in different ways with music that makes it so special.

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4 — Do you consider yourself as the first artist who introduced Rap to the Nepalese music scene? How much popular is this genre in your country?

No, I’m not the first artist who introduced Rap to the Nepalese music scene. It was introduced by Girish Khatiwada in the 90’s and this genre is being popular gradually and smoothly in my country.

5 — Are you going in a surprising EDM direction with your latest single “Timro Najik”?

Yes, of course, Timro Najik is my first EDM song so, I would love to give my best and surprise my audience with it.

6 — What are the lyrics about?

Well, the lyrics is all about a romantic love story where the guy can do anything to get close to his girlfriend & feels like home when he approaches the girl’s heart.

7 — Are you planning to drop a music video for this release?

Yes, I’m planning to drop a music video of this release within a month.

8 — Is it true you have released a total of 30 songs so far? Which one is your favorite? Why?

Yes, it is true that I have released 30 songs so far. My favorite one is “Sunana” which is the best one for me because it helps me to get recognized well by the Nepalese people.

Prakash Neupane interview
9 — Besides being passionate about music, what else do you share a passion for?

Well — I love to write poems, read books and compose songs.

10 — What can Prakash Neupane fans look forward to?

I’m coming out with my new album and right now I’m working hard on it. So, my fans can look forward to listening to my best upcoming creations & I’ll try to give my best.




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