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Interview | Questions & Answers With The Silver Snails



The Silver Snails
Here’s everything you need to know about The Silver Snails. Over the past few years, this creative husband-and-wife duo brings positive vibes to the world with their family-friendly music. Not to mention, their latest clip for “Dancing With The Stars” will make you fall into a fantasy world. Get all the details in this exclusive interview!

1 — I enjoyed watching the fantasy-themed video for your latest single, “Dancing With The Stars”. What was the inspiration for it?

I have always been inspired by fantasy and science fiction, and also a fan of glam and psychedelia within music. With respect to the astronomer sequence at the opening of the video, here we feature my wife’s late father Rino, with his actual handmade telescope heralding the arrival of The Silver Snails from outer space. The ‘angelic nebula’ shown is a Hubble image of the M42 nebula in the constellation of Orion.

Since living in the country in Italy under bright starry skies for the past 15 years and observing the rings of Saturn etc. through Rino’s telescope, the stars and planets have become like neighbors or friends, constant companions and inspirations for us. At the same time, we live and work among the bones of classical civilization (the province of Romagna, Italy), the very same neighborhood where Dante wrote ‘The Divine Comedy, and there are too many old castles and cathedrals to count. This backdrop lends a note of baroque or classical inspiration to the otherwise glam space-pop theme of our first music video. Note, we have a new video in the pipeline, which is intended as a ‘sequel’ to the “Dancing With The Stars” video, ie. same ‘universe’.

2 — Did you guys do your own cosmic makeup or did you hire a makeup artist for this clip?

My wife and co-conspirator, Elisa Fantini does much of the make-up, costumes, and sets, and we hire help for concerts and video shoots. All of our videos have been home-made, hands-on affairs…

the silver snails interview
3 — Who wrote the lyrics and what exactly is this song about?

I, Lucas Ward composed the words and music for “Dancing With The Stars”. Similar to “Isn’t She Lovely” (by Stevie Wonder), the song attempts to convey the sense of joy and amazement that some of us new fathers feel as witnesses to the miracle of life… The song started with lyrics, which I began at a certain moment in time, taking my daughter Jasmine who was 5 at the time to Rome on the train. I noticed her dancing and singing as if to an internal tune, oblivious to the fears and pressures weighing on me at the time. Thus, both the song and the video feature the actual Jasmine (‘lai lai lai’), within the theme of a glam-rock troubadour family from space, landing on their flying piano to recover their children.

4 — Why are you targeting international audiences and singing in different languages on your debut album, ‘The Seven Melodies’?

Our goal is to spread love and joy through music and media to people around the world. In service of this objective, we strive to write and perform in multiple languages in order to send a message of inclusion and also to appeal to more than just English speakers with our media. This is also ‘who we are’ in the sense that we are multi-lingual people raising our children in a multi-lingual household and our media reflects an appreciation of global culture.

We are not alone or first to mix languages in Pop (Manu Chao, for example, has released LPs with songs in 6 or more languages), and of course, even OG pop rockers such as the Beatles have been singing and writing in other languages since the beginning of the art (e.g. ‘Michelle’). I personally believe that lyrics are the most important component of a song for the listener, and understanding at least the imagery of the lyrics is important to fully embracing or adopting a song. That being said, there are international artists that I listen to who sing in tongues I don’t understand, and of course, melody, harmony, and rhythm constitute a global lingua-franca.

6 — Why is it called ‘The 7 Melodies’? Where can we stream it?

The LP title was Elisa’s idea, and to me it connotes both the ‘lucky’ association of the number 7, (‘The 7 Melodies’ is intended to bring good things to the listener like a good luck charm), as well as the ancient connotation of 7 indicating ‘perfection’ or ‘completeness’. Finally, as with almost everything we do, the title carries a hint of irony or silliness, as there are at least 8 tracks on the LP, and many many melodies, depending on how you count. The LP will be streamable on Spotify and other platforms on October 26.

the 7 melodies EP
7 — What was the original purpose of starting this husband-wife musical project?

The mission of The Silver Snails is ‘to open human hearts through Sound, Light, and Word’. We hope to accomplish this specifically by creating, marketing, and performing the world’s finest Pop-Rock music. It is our way to feed ourselves and our kids, bring value to the world and enjoy our stay. Since when we started The Silver Snails we were already in the parenting phase, we decided to do what felt natural and make the project an all-ages, family affair. As such, we can perform as a ‘front family’, i.e. we are all pro singers and frequently sing in harmony.

8 — What has remained the same?

Despite nearly 10 years in incubation, The Silver Snails project has remained remarkably faithful to its original blueprint and continues to grow rapidly and organically, like a well-tended plant. The children get bigger, our skills improve, we create more media but otherwise, it has been a surprisingly steady and slow gestation.

9 — So far, has there been an unexpected challenge in your music career?

Everything about my music career has been an unexpected challenge, from finding the guts to keep going over and over again, to improving vocals, to learning how to write, produce and perform professionally, to building a presence on social media, to figuring out the marketing, to navigating and integrating wrenching new awarenesses generated along the way, all while trying to take care of self and family. It’s difficult for me to imagine a more challenging (or unexpected) career path than the one I chose, and I see that the personal growth afforded by the very challenge of it is one of it’s biggest benefits for us.

10 — What are your future plans for the rest of 2018?

We are in the middle of relaunching ‘The 7 Melodies’ in the US Indie channel with professional distribution, publicity, and promotion, while at the same time working to complete our new LP (number 2) in time for a 2019 release. We have a new video in the pipeline and are also looking at testing the waters for live touring in the next few months.



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Exclusive Interview: Dhyan Talks Debut Album ‘The Sun Never Says’ & More





In our latest interview, the Maryland-based artist, Dhyan talks about his debut 10-track album, ‘The Sun Never Says’. So many emotions, it’s been quite a sonic journey so far. Press play on the album below and dive into our interview to learn more about it. He has revealed a music video is on the way, and more…

1 — Thanks for your time, how long did it take you to produce your new album ‘The Sun Never Says’?

‘The Sun Never Says’ took me about 4 months to fully create it. I put out “Lady In the Shadows” and “Speak of the Devil” as singles a while before tho haha.

2 — So, what was the initial concept for this record?

Initially, I wanted to make the entire album have a darker more mature vibe to follow my two singles. I eventually wanted the project to be more diverse to show I can capture different types of emotions.

3 — In your opinion, which track has the most memorable melody?

I would say “Back in Business” has the most memorable melody while “Lady in the Shadows” has the catchiest beat.

4 — Is the acoustic sound part of your signature style as an artist?

I LOVE THE acoustic sound and incorporating into Pop and Hip-Hop. I usually am not the biggest fan of putting myself in a box for genre but I would say I definitely say the acoustic melodies are part of my sound.

Dhyan Interview
5 — What’s your favorite lyric from the album?

My favorite lyric would probably be “Lookin in the mirror and I see / the person staring in front of me / does he know who he is?” in “Speak of the Devil”.

6 — How many people participated in this project?

Me, the producer, and the two people I collaborated with! And, of course, the people in my life that sometimes spark inspiration. 🙂

7 — What’s one thing you could change about this finished album?

If I could change anything I wish I could have included the Lady in the Shadows Remix I’m currently working on. 😉

Dhyan music
8 — Are you looking for Producers to remix any of your tracks?


9 — What about upcoming music videos?

 I definitely have a music video coming soon. I have an insane animated music video coming up for my song “Hypocrites”.

10 — Finally, why people should listen to ‘The Sun Never Says’?

People should listen to this album because it’s a lot about raw emotion and honesty. The project name is inspired by a poem by a Persian poet named Hafiz which discusses loving without expecting anything back. ‘The Sun Never Says’ you owe me. The project was meant to capture feelings like lust, infatuation, curiosity, confusion, harmless fun, impulsiveness, and ends with a message selfless love. I think a lot of people my age would relate to a lot of the songs because of the sheer frustration we all share in this aspect haha. Lastly, I have a diverse variety that could be Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Latin Trap and more. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With PhiloSofie




Interview PhiloSofie
like many new rising artists is making her way into the music industry with a high level of originality.  Here she talks to Electro Wow about the early stages of her career, plus, the new single “Go-To”, which is a favorite among her fans. Singing, and songwriting ain’t only a hobby but also her true passion. Learn more below.

1 — First of all, how did you come out with your artist name PhiloSofie? What does it mean to you?

My brother was the one who initially came up with the name and suggested it to me when I was about 15 years old. I was attracted to it because the word ‘philosophy’ itself asks people to look inward towards values and thought. The name ‘PhiloSofie’ captures an ongoing search for wisdom and purpose. My music serves as a vehicle to get me closer to whatever that may be. Songwriting and producing allow me to explore and cross boundaries within myself.

2 — When did you start your music career? Was your family supportive?

I’ve always been writing and making up little songs since I was little, six years old. As I grew older, I would borrow my dad’s work laptop and use Garage Band to make music and then post what I made to SoundCloud. Writing, singing, and producing have always been my passion. Putting the three together into music-making served and continues to serve as an outlet for my emotions as well as a way to tell stories. My family always supported it because they saw how passionate and happy creating made me feel. When “Do My Thing” with Lucian came out, I realized I could do this as a career.

3 — How has your music style changed over time?

My music is constantly evolving and expanding over time. The collaborations allow me to stretch in ways I wouldn’t normally do and put me in genres I wouldn’t normally listen to. This helps inform my own sound as I can take what I like about a particular collaboration and apply it to my own music. No matter how simplistic or sophisticated each song may sound, there is still a dreamy element to my music that is distinctly ‘PhiloSofie.’ No matter how my sound may change, I would like to keep that.

PhiloSofie singer
4 — Which mainstream or underground artists influenced your sound?

Prince, Prefab Sprout, Stevie Wonder, The Gorillaz (still have the T-shirt from their second album “Demon Days” which is my personal favorite album of theirs), David Bowie, Gene Kelly, Lily Allen, Empire of the Sun, Norah Jones, Queen, Fergie, The Internet.

6 — Let’s start talking about your newest single “Go-To”. What was the inspiration behind its lyrics?

0:12 – 0:35 seconds and the vocal chop that comes after was recorded a year ago. I decided to revisit the project and write additional vocals centered around the ‘you’re my go-to’ line because there is someone in my life who is indeed my ‘go-to’ and who the song is directly inspired by. I wanted to capture the feeling of being in love and being with someone who is your everything. Not everyone is in love, and not everyone wants to be, but I want to be able to create what one may not have in his/her daily life, even if it only lasts for 3 minutes and 31 seconds. If I can do that, then that is a day made in my book.

7 — Are you planning to release a music video in the near future?

Yes. To begin with, a video of me singing with the song playing in the background, I’d like to have some visual so people can see how I move and create. There will definitely be a music video to one of the tunes I’m currently working on. There is a note in my phone that contains a huge list of scene ideas. It is high on the list of priorities to turn these ideas into videos.

true love
8 — In your opinion, is it worth recording a song in a professional music studio?

A professional music studio offers a creative space that is optimal for collaboration because you can hire an engineer to do the technical work. You can also work just as well on your own or with other musicians in a bedroom. I still use the same midi microphone I used when I was in high school. Owning a preamp and monitoring speakers do really help the production and recording process but these are still tools you can easily put in your bedroom and that you don’t need a studio for. It really depends on how you work. I would love to get inside a studio that has all sorts of gadgets and analog instruments to play with as well as work with an engineer and musical team to produce some insane music.

9 — What equipment or basic tips do you recommend for beginner artists?

Find a DAW that works for you. It is relatively easy to learn the layouts of other DAWs when you have a good understanding of your own. I use Logic pro but would love to learn how to use Ableton as Ableton is a great DAW for live performances. Get yourself a pair of over-ear headphones. These block out most outside noise and keep you in the zone. One of the biggest tips I can give for beginner songwriters that I wish I had listened to time and time again is to be truthful in what you write about. You don’t need to tell the truth, but whatever you’re writing about, let it come from the heart.

Philosofie live
10 — Finally, how do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself being able to live within my means from the music I create.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With FUREA




The Internet is a magical place where you can discover so many great artists. Such is the case of FUREA, a genuine Electronic Music Producer/Singer from Germany. Electro Wow caught up with him to know all the facts about his latest gem, “This Can’t Be Happening”. A fresh track I’m listening on repeat mode!

1 — Thanks for your time. You have put out a new song called “This Can’t Be Happening”, can you tell us more about the lyrics? 

Thank you too! Yes, sure. The lyrics are about the younger generation, my generation and how suppressed we are when it comes to doing things that we love. We fear a lot of things and it is even cool to be negative these days.

2 — What do you expect listeners to take from it?

I want people to understand, that they should believe in themselves because everyone is unique and you can do a lot of beautiful things in this world. It is just a matter of time!

3 — What were the steps you took to produce it?

I was in The Hague in a hotel lobby when I was producing this song. I started with a House song and ended up with an experimental witchy Trance sound like this. I like Trance but I wanted to use my own sounds.

4 — What challenges did you overcome during the production process?

Vocals were pretty much all over the place because I layered them a lot. It worked well though.

FUREA Interview
5 — Do you foresee yourself releasing more witchy/dark songs during the rest of the year? 

Absolutely, I think that it is something different. So yes!

6 — What kind of music did you grow up on? 

I always tried to do my own thing with my music so I don’t know if a genre exists for me. My label also focuses on this element, Graycrest wants artists to name their own genres.

7 — Do you draw inspiration from contemporary artists?

Yes, for example, while I was growing up a really big Bring me the Horizon fan. I still am. They still inspire me.

FUREA music
8 — What studio tool is your favorite to use when making music?

I’m going to dissatisfy people with my answer but I guess I just like nice computers. Otherwise, if I had a retro synth I would use it but I don’t really own one.

9 — What do you like to do when you’re not working in the studio?

I like to be in nature and meditate. Sometimes I go out with certain people I love and care about.

10 — Finally, what made you want to start a career in music? 

Everything and especially my perception of happiness. I thought I could be happy if I persuade the right thing in my life. The people who have supported me really increased my courage to do so. Thank you all!



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Quickfire Interview With: Mr Hudson




Mr Hudson
I had the absolute honour to interview Mr Hudson. The artist who is ahead of his time is back with a futuristic album entitled ‘When The Machine Stops’. This 11-track project is probably his best work to date and it revolves around modern isolation. As a music fan, I wanted to find out the intimate details about his career. Scroll down for more info.

1 – You’ve been Songwriting and Producing since…

I was nine and wrote a song called “Will You Be Mine” always the sensitive soul.

2 – You got involved in the music realm because…

It’s the closest thing to a religion that I have.

3 – Your sound is…

Sad robot music.

mr hudson interview
4 – Your biggest inspiration is…


5 – Fans should listen to your new album ‘When The Machine Stops’ because…

It’s the best thing I’ve ever made.

6 – If you want to know who Mr Hudson is, listen to the track…

“There Will Be Tears”.

7 – Your most memorable career moment so far has been…
Meeting Elton John on the beach and taking him to the studio to work on MBDTF with Kanye.

8 – Your dream is…

Happening now.

9 – Your next release is called…

“When The Machine Stops”.

when the machine stops
10 – Your all-time favourite track is…

Bowie’s “Space Oddity”.

11 – Your favourite venue/club is…

The Greek Theater in L.A.

12 – If you weren’t a Songwriter and Producer you’d probably be…

A painter

13 – You’ll only stop making music if…

I lose my hearing.

14 – In a few years, you want to be…

In Hawaii.

15 – What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Sitting on a plane to London.



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Quickfire Interview With: RETNA




is a DJ and Producer from London whose whole life has revolved around music from learning the mix on the decks at the age of 10 to graduating Point Blank Music School to having his debut EP supported but some of the industry’s leading artists such as PAX, Eskuche, and Detlef. With the release of his “Teach Me” coming in a few weeks, we caught up with RETNA for a quickfire interview.

1 — Favourite song?
I have so many to choose from, but one of them is DMX’S “Where The Hood At” that one always seems to get me going whenever I hear it.

2 — Biggest Inspiration?
All the young artists that are smashing the scene at the moment and obviously the legends that have paved the way for us all and finally my family, as their encouragement, love and work ethic, drives me forward every day.

3 — Worst Habit?
Being on my phone and getting easily distracted, I probably could have had an album ready now if it wasn’t for my iPhone – definitely need to limit my time on that!

4 — Biggest Career Achievement?
Getting signed to a reputable record label

5 — DJ’ing or Producing?
Producing, that’s another addiction!

RETNA Interview
6 — Dream Collaboration?

Either Calvin Harris or Pharrell, but there are tonnes!

7 — Best DJ Set You’ve Ever Seen?
Adam Beyer at Ants in Ushuaia, Ibiza went off!

8 — Funny Career Memory?
Trying to get my Dad in the studio to record some lyrics for one of my tunes, which he eventually did after more than a few glasses of Courvoisier! Playing back the tapes is something that will stick with me for a long time!

RETNA music-producer
9 — Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received?

The best piece of advice I’ve been given is that people who give good excuses are good for nothing and to believe in myself!

10 — What’s up Next for RETNA?
I’m thinking of starting up my own record label and events company, sometimes you just got to make your own luck, because time waits for no one!



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