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The 5 Best Electronic Instruments For Beginners



Electronic Instruments
In the modern world of music, there are seemingly endless varieties of instruments. Thanks to human ingenuity and advancements in technology, there are now many electronic versions of popular instruments. Read on to find out about the 5 best electronic instruments for beginners.

1. Electronic Drums

One of the most popular electronic versions of a common instrument are the electronic drums, also sometimes referred to as digital percussion or digital drums.

Electronic drums are very similar to traditional drums, especially in set up. They can be set almost identically to the common drum set or other drum configuration. A digital drum set is made up of several parts. The main component is the digital sound module, which is connected to one or several electric sensors that sense the pressure created by drumsticks or hands.

electronic drums
Electronic drum sets are becoming popular for various reasons. They can be hooked up to laptops and recording equipment so that the player can jam along without having a full band to accompany them. There are also options to muffle the sound of the drums, which can be helpful for late night practice sessions. These are just a couple reasons why electronic drums are quickly becoming a popular part of the drum community.

2. Electronic Keyboard

Electronic keyboards are another great electronic instrument to learn if you are a beginner. Anyone can play them; it just takes practice to be able to use them really well.

electronic keyboard
Keyboards are very similar to other keyed instruments such as pianos or organs. However, unlike a traditional piano, in which the keys are connected to strings that move a hammer to make the vibrations and sounds, the keyboard is engineered to make these sounds when the player presses down on the keys.

Keyboards are a great option because they are compact and can travel easily. On many models, electronic keyboards also include built-in tracks and pre-recorded sounds, so you can play around and create.

3. Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is an incredibly versatile electronic instrument. They are exactly the same as a normal acoustic guitar except for their typically skinnier neck and the fact that the middle of the body on an electric guitar is solid. In a traditional acoustic, the body is where the vibrations of the strings and the sound reverberates from. But with an electric, the guitar is hooked up to an amplifier, which produces a loud and powerful sound.

electric guitar
Electric guitars are great for playing in large spaces or in a large band of other musicians. Many people who are beginning to learn this instrument decide to purchase and learn on an electric guitar because that’s what they plan to use to perform.

4. Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Similar to the classic electric guitar and within the same family, there is also a group of instruments known as “acoustic-electric” guitars. Acoustic electric guitars are unique in the sense that they are kind of the combination of the traditional acoustic and the electric guitar. They have the open and hollowed out body that you would find as part of any regular acoustic guitar, but they are also equipped with a special microphone or magnetic pick up that allows the player to plug it into an amp and have an amplified sound.

This is a great option for those who want to produce a louder sound while still maintaining a lot of the beautiful tones that make an acoustic so special.

5. Bass Guitar

Last but not least, another great electronic instrument to learn is the electric bass guitar. The electric bass works in much the same way as the classic electric guitar. The bass is longer and larger, in order to produce its unique lower tones. The bass has four strings instead of the six on a regular guitar.

For this reason, many prefer it as a good beginning instrument because chords and progressions tend to be simpler.

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Learning To Play The Violin As An Adult Beginner




There are so many things to expect if you’re learning to play the violin for the first time as an adult. But don’t worry if you started late in taking music lessons because there’s no age requirement in wanting to learn something new in life.

Tips for Adult Beginners in Becoming a Violinist

The first thing you need to learn when attending a music lesson as an adult is resisting to feel embarrassed. You should be more prepared in doing repetitive work which can be a physical issue for most people of your age. Also, you need to focus more on learning the basics of playing the violin. Never skip learning about the basics. You may opt to purchase violins for beginners first before proceeding on the more advanced type.

You will need to learn the basic anatomy of your instrument and how each component works. In addition, you will be taught about the functions of the different parts and its significance while learning how to handle them so you can produce the right melodies and tunes.

play the violin
Don’t fret because you will only be given simple exercises to improve your skills in music. You don’t need to undergo the complex tunes if you’re not ready yet. As long as you have a reliable music teacher, you will surely enjoy the learning process.

Taking Lessons and Acing Them

During your lessons, be confident in playing in order to hone your talent. Some adult beginners feel embarrassed when they join a music class with younger musicians. Concentrate on what you need to learn and ask for help whenever possible. People are subjective and will have different opinions about why you want to learn to play the instrument even though you are already an adult. That is when you have to focus on your main goal.

the violin
When you’re comfortable in what you’re doing, it’s easier to succeed in your goals. Be ready to commit mistakes, fail in some exercises, misunderstand instructions, and play badly. These are all part of the learning process, and they help make you a better violinist in the future.

Whether you’re asked to play basic tunes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or something from Mozart, play it with your heart. Your connection with music and an understanding of emotions will make your performance even more captivating. And with that, you can eventually build more complex techniques when practicing your violin.

Final Advice

Playing a musical instrument is like doing physical activity. Therefore, you need to condition your body for your violin lessons. You should develop your muscle memory, agility, and strength. The character of sound you will produce will always depend on the amount of tension you use and your bowing techniques. You also need patience when performing repetitive exercises. If you can do these, you can eventually become the violinist that you’ve been dreaming of when you were a child.

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Latest Serie A Live Scores




Latest Serie A Live Scores
Now it has become much easier to follow the Serie A live scores. This is a great opportunity to always keep abreast of events of this championship. In the current season, by the middle of the tournament race, it became obvious that Juventus Turin would once again become the national champion.

Now, the thing is that the Bianco Neri are more powerful than their competitors, so they not only demonstrate bright and attractive football but also achieve results. The key role in this is played by Cristiano Ronaldo became the leader of the new team from the first matches. The Portuguese are not just the top scorer of Juventus, but of the Serie A as a whole.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Moreover, he is able to‘harm’ both average teams and the grandees of the local championship. Since there is virtually no doubt that Juventus will become the champion, the main attention of the fans is focused on the fight for the places in the zone of the Champions League. The main contenders for them are:

🔹 Milan

In the current season, all these teams lacked stability, which led to the fact that now they can not secure a place in the top-4 in advance. It became much easier to learn Serie A news and live scores of the team. You just need to go to our site, because here all the information is updated in real time. You will be able to find not only the results of the matches, but also how recent results have affected the situation in the standings. It is very convenient and opens up wide possibilities to analyze events for ordinary fans.


Now, 777score is adjusted to work via any device. Thanks to this, you can stay up to date no matter where you are. This is a great way to save time. The main thing is the stable Internet connection.

statistics football
In the final rounds, the contenders for the places in the Champions League zone simply have no right to make mistakes. They should do their best at 100% if they want to take part in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent. This is especially important for Milan. The once great club is experiencing far from the best times but in the winter the club very successfully signed Piatec, who quickly joined the team and already scored several important goals for the new club.

At the 777score’s pages you will easily find the statistics of his games and understand that this is actually the only real rival of Ronaldo in the fight of scorers. Visit our site at any time of the day and you will find only the verified information that will make you a true guru in the field of Italian football.

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5 Tips To Create Your Ideal Playlist For Studying




Playlist For Studying
When you get overwhelmed with all the tedious assignments and lectures that you have to study, there is one thing that can easily lift your spirits up – music. Listening to your favorite tunes that make you feel like you can move mountains or enjoying the relaxing melodies that calm your anxiety is exactly what you need in those tough moments.

Whether the music is essential for you to concentrate or you need complete silence when you are absorbing knowledge, you’ll still need some great songs to elevate your mood during break time. The question that arises is how to create the perfect playlist for studying? Well, with the following tips you’ll compile the tracks that will give you the power to study longer and improve your productiveness.

studying playlist
1. Focus with Classical Music

Listening to music with lyric can be distracting while you are trying to memorize something. For that reason, classical music is always a great choice.

Try to play some classics such as Beethoven or Mozart during your studying hours. Even if you are not a huge fan of classical music, it is proved to work best for concentration.

It seems that there is evidence that Mozart improves mental performance. This phenomenon is popularly called the “Mozart Effect.”

Major corporations such as Shell, IBM, and Dupont, as well as hundreds of schools and universities, use music such as certain Baroque and Mozart Effect pieces, to cut learning time in half and increase retention of the new materials.

Just don’t spend hours searching for some special songs to add to your playlist because all you need is background music to concentrate.

2. Enjoy the Sounds of Nature

While sounds of nature are not exactly music, this is the most relaxing playlist you can make.

Our senses and minds have evolved in the natural world and nature’s sounds are the brain food we need.

Listen to sounds such as rain, waves, or jungle noises while studying. This will lower your anxiety and release you from stress so you will be able to have a better focus on your assignment.

Choose some subtle and non-intrusive soundscapes which will allow you to be immersed in a natural sound world while getting on with what you need to do.

8 Ways To Grow Your Fanbase With Spotify
3. Adjust the Playlists Length

Taking breaks during the study time is extremely important. If you drain yourself with never-ending studying, you won’t have the motivation to take a book in your hands for quite some time.

Almost all studies on brain function and concentration agree that most people cease to maintain their level of productivity after 50-90 minutes of continuous work.

Make playlists that last for 50 or 60 minutes. This will be your cue to take a short break from studying. Since you’ll have a playlist as a timer, there will be no excuse to keep your phone close to you and get distracted.

Taking breaks in your study routine can positively affect your attention abilities and improve both focus and attention.

4. Empower Yourself

Even if you tried listening to music during the study time and it doesn’t work for you, what you can do is to create a motivating playlist to listen to before the actual studying or when you take breaks.

Music can have any effect that you want and one of the best parts about music is that it can make you feel happy and confident. Make a playlist that contains songs that burst with confidence which will evoke the feeling that you can do anything in the world. Listen to this playlist before you get to studying or when you are taking a break so that you motivate yourself to continue.

Whether you need to learn countless lessons by heart or you have to spend hours trying to find online paper writing services, this playlist will make you feel that you can conquer any task.

Another type of songs that you can include is some of your favorite songs in the world. When you are listening to your favorite music you will feel happy and all the worries you have will be irrelevant at that moment. This will make the stress level that blocks your concentration lower.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Now that we have covered what type of music is a good choice for your studying playlist, let’s quickly address what you should avoid when you are creating them.

While Skrillex’s bass drop can blow your mind, it’s probably not the best choice for your study playlist. Any type of song that gets you thinking about how much the bass line makes you want to get up and dance should be avoided.

Also, try not to listen to sad songs or especially songs that remind you of your personal stories. Some can think that songs with slow melodies can relax you, but if such songs get you down the memory line and how your first boyfriend or girlfriend in the second grade never called, that is not exactly what you need in the moment of studying.

Another thing that you shouldn’t add to your playlist is a podcast. The dialogue of the presenters and ads will most probably distract you.

Over to You

I hope that these five essential tips will help you to create the ideal playlist that will get you to rock that study period. You’ll know that you succeeded when the music fades into the background and your study material takes center stage.

By creating the perfect mix of music that relaxes you when needed, helps you to focus, and boosts your confidence, you’ll provoke a change in your learning environment and influence your motivation to stay focused on what’s important.

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Can Snacks Help Jolt Music Creative Process?




Creativity in music, like in every other art form, is harder to come by for some more than others. Creativity often comes as a spontaneous inspiration for the artist. However, if creativity is random, artists wouldn’t be able to turn out hits as much as they do. Some reports have suggested that certain food substances can help jolt the music creative process. While you might wonder how exactly eating snacks might jolt the music creative process in artists, it turns out there’s enough evidence that points to them helping out.

The human brain runs primarily on glucose from carbohydrate-rich foods, and as you may know well, most snacks are rich in carbs. The glucose helps the brain remain sharp and alert, which means that your creative juices are kept running for longer. The fact that it’s difficult to concentrate on any task on an empty stomach is proof of glucose being necessary for people to stay focused and at their creative best.

music creative process
Glucose is also necessary to neurotransmitters – brain chemicals that transport information throughout the brain and body. Without glucose in the body, the communication between brain cells is weakened, thus impeding the creative process in an artist.

While all snacks contain the glucose required by the brain to function maximally, not all snacks are healthy for the brain. Baked snacks usually contain refined sugars which are quickly absorbed by the body’s digestive tract, causing a sugar rush. The problem with this is that after you get the rush for a while, your blood sugar drops due to the body’s secretion of insulin to manage the sugar. This drop in blood sugar can lead to irritability, discomfort, fuzziness, and impaired memory – all of which spell doom for any musician serious about writing a masterpiece.

The alternative is to take low-glycemic snacks like yogurt, nuts, and fruits. They release the sugar more slowly to the body, but they also ensure that your brain and body have a steady supply of energy. Nuts, in particular, are widely recommended for people trying to get their creative juices flowing. In addition to the high carbohydrate content, they also have a high amount of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants that aid brain power. To get healthy nuts that boost creativity, click here.

Snacks that are rich in vitamins and minerals have also been shown to improve health, curiosity, and creativity. Vitamin C is very instrumental in producing dopamine – a feel-good hormone. Most composers report being able to create more when they feel happy, so snacks with vitamin C are a good bet to boost your juices.

Vitamin B has also been found to influence feelings of vitality and engagement, which is a good thing if you’re looking to find inspiration for a new song. It can be found in tuna, sardines, oysters, clams, and a couple of other foods. Vitamin E, on the other hand, helps improve memory and mood, prevents depression, and can be found in almonds, sunflower seeds, avocados, and other seeds and nuts.

In summary, snacks can help you jolt your music creative process as long as you’re eating the right ones. Going for natural and healthier alternatives are sure to pay off, both in the short and long run.

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