8 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Own

8 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Own

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A man’s wardrobe is probably one of the most unorganized places you’ll ever see. Men really don’t spend too long choosing what to wear, so a shirt can last the entire week and a tie will be worn with several combinations before it is changed. Men seem to believe that there simply isn’t enough time to worry about clothes or be picky about them. While this may not always be the case, a well-stocked wardrobe is sure to have a lasting impression for its owner when he goes out in public. Here are 8 things every man should own.

1. The Finest Belts You Can Find

Belts are important for men as they need to wear them with almost everything. From formals to casuals, belts not only make a man look smart but also help in tucking in a shirt better, adding a cleaner look to his image. A man’s wardrobe must have a collection of belts that would surely be required at some point of time.

2. Bags – Because They Matter at All Times

We all know how important bags are. Whether it be for travelling or simply a day at the office, bags accompany at all times. Everything that one needs can be packed into them. Too many bags risk clogging up the wardrobe, so it is wise to keep a select few that are tough and yet aesthetic.

Leather Bifold Wallet
3. Wallets Are A Natural Inclusion

Carrying the same wallet around is not a good idea. Sometimes, a bit of change suits the occasion. Wallets tend to be stuffed and filled with cards, papers, bills and all sorts of things. Often, they are not cleaned, and this results in wallets being puffed up to enormous sizes. Have a good set of wallets that you can use for the occasion and as a replacement if one of your previous wallets suffers damage.

4. Suits and Other Formal Attire

Suits are a must for a wardrobe. Bespoke suits are better than readymade ones, so if you have the resources to spend, do so on something that really stands out. If you like a designer, go to his or her website and check the one that you like. Some designers can get expensive, but no expense can be too great for a lovely suit.

5. Sunglasses for Style and Better Protected Eyes

Sunglasses are very useful accessories and certainly necessary for any man’s wardrobe. Not all sunglasses suit all people. It is important to look for the right one and before acquiring it. While giving you a lovely look of urban fashion, sunglasses also protect the eye contour from the harmful rays of the sun.

6. Casuals for The Merry Days Out

It is necessary to store ample sets of casual wear for both summers and winters. These come in handy for picnics, hikes and other casual activities like going out on an informal visit. Casuals are comfortable and easier to maintain.

men hat
7. Hats, Handkerchiefs and More

All you need is hats for cold days or snow, handkerchiefs as a compulsion and anything else that you feel you need a lot. Each wardrobe differs from the other, and it depends on the owner to choose which items he would like to keep in there.

8. A Collection for Shoes

Beyond the wardrobe, shoes are an important accessory for all men. You must be equipped with adequate pairs of shoes for all occasions and so that they may not look monotonous. Shoes are like the finishing touch to the apparel of a smart looking gentleman, so take care of them.collection shoesIt takes a little bit of time and effort to organize a wardrobe very well. It is important to refurbish the wardrobe at least once in six months. Cleaning it of stuff that is no longer required, while keeping one’s clothes clean and tidy is the ultimate secret to being well dressed. It may probably seem an anomaly that one would spend good time on a simple wardrobe, but remember, what comes out of there may have important impressions during events like interviews and meetings. Maybe your wardrobe just needs a bit of your care.


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