Behind The Scenes Of LOSH & Senufo’s Track “Cuckoo” — Interview

Behind The Scenes Of LOSH & Senufo’s Track “Cuckoo” — Interview

Behind The Scenes Of Losh & Senufo's Track “Cuckoo” — Interview
 & Senufo have come together to create an insanely good Tech House banger titled “Cuckoo”, it has a punchy groove, tweaked out synths and a hypnotic vocal. LOSH has previously seen support from the likes of Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and Afrojack, he talks us through how he and Senufo created “Cuckoo”.

1 — What was the inspiration behind ‘Cuckoo’?

It all started with a ticking cuckoo clock, we thought about how cool a clock sample could sound on a track and then related most of its phonetic name “cuckoo” to concepts of madness and delusion.

2 — What was it like working together on this collaboration?

It was fun to exchange ideas with Senufo, he is a very creative guy and usually steps out of the box when creating and arranging little things on the track.

3 — How did the two of you meet?

A mutual friend at an after-party in Brooklyn introduced us earlier this year and we hit it off!

4 — How long did the process take?

It took us a couple of weeks to get “Cuckoo” done; we were sending stems back and forth for like 12 days straight.

5 — What DAW did you use the most on this track?

We worked on Logic for the most part of this production.

6 — Talk us through your creative process?

It all started with the little cuckoo sample and we followed by the bassline, once we had those two things we had a pretty good idea of the direction we were going. We wanted to create something different so the biggest workload was on sound design more than on the structure, which we were able to figure out pretty fast.

7 — What does your dream studio look like?

My dream studio would be a lot of synthesizers, effect racks with compressors, a recording booth, my keyboard, another alternative for monitors, soundproof walls for sure! (for the neighbors), double monitor screens, infinite storage on my computer, drum pads, midi controllers, basically all the fun gadgets.

8 — What’s one piece of studio equipment you’d love to have?

MOOOOOOGGGG… I would absolutely love to have the MOOG ONE a new polyphonic analog synth.

dj losh
9 — Can we expect any more collabs with you in the future?

Yes definitely! we are working on some new cuckoo ideas at the moment so keep an eye out!

10 — Where can people go to buy “Cuckoo”?

Go grab your madness on Beatport:




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