Interview | Questions & Answers With Sophia Shy

Interview | Questions & Answers With Sophia Shy

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Sophia Shy 
is on my list of the hottest female DJs in the world! I had the pleasure of doing a short interview with the artist so that she can update us about the current course of her music career. Nowadays, electronic music isn’t just for boys anymore. Through the years, she has proven that her DJ sets make the crowd go wild. Her winning attitude and charisma have led her to be a favorite among DJanes in Canada and USA. Learn more below.

1 — Thanks for your time. Let’s talk about your latest single “Feel It”. What was the inspiration for this track?

The inspiration was because of the Bass House sound. Raw vocals. Some power and funky rhythm lines.

2 — Definitely, I think your vocals sound amazing on this tune. How do you take care of your voice?

I stay away from hot sauce and over talking especially when prepping to record. And good warm-up tracks to sing to or exercises.

3 — What did you first learn: singing or music production?

Singing! I loved only that for so long. Then I started writing then came DJing and Producing 3 years ago!

4 — As an artist, have you experience a transition towards your current music style?

Oh yes! Times have changed but I love the way it used to be. Strong melodies catchy vocals true music production. It’s less effort now.

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5 — How different and similar is “Feel It” from your previous dance hit “You And I”?

A little less melodic. But funkier bass. Sassy soul vocals. “You & I” was more graceful in my melody riffs.

6 — What famous DJs would you love to remix it?

Wow. Hard one. Malaa music, Patrick Topping, Don Diablo… Too many!

7 —Is there any specific song you’re listening to right now on repeat?

Yes. BLOCK & CROWN! You got the body! Old track but so good! Remixed so well.

8 — What keeps you motivated into making electronic dance music?

The industry. Dance music has hope and it’s here to stay. Every genre needs dance music. It’s a strong conversion between the original track and remixes.

9 — What can we expect from Sophia Shy in 2019?

In 2019, I’m hoping to perform in different places. Open for some special event festivals and new tracks.

10 — Finally, do you have plans to perform your music live before the new year?

Yes. Expected to play NYE 2018. Secret place. LOL. 😄



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