Brown Kid Singer-Songwriter With Peruvian Roots Releases His First EP ‘Rusty Strings’

Brown Kid Singer-Songwriter With Peruvian Roots Releases His First EP ‘Rusty Strings’

Brown Kid
Brown Kid
recorded his first EP ‘Rusty Strings’ in Nashville, so surely we can expect acoustic-based tracks. Beyond that, what I like the most are his clear vocals and the interesting narrative of his lyrics. It’s like if he’s telling captivating stories with a carefree attitude. He brings you an easygoing afternoon of Pop, Folk, and even Rap rhythms with his six tracks. On a side note, the talented artist from Peru has a signature sound that has been compared to Jack Johnson. Well, it’s less romantic but with a good touch of humor. Scroll down to read my thoughts on each track, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the whole concept of this feel-good EP.

1 — Welcome To My Funeral More than one will be surprised with the opening track’s authentic title. I would dare to say he takes the form of a ghost to welcome guests so that they can enjoy the show of this ceremony. It isn’t a sad song at all, in fact, he is using a peculiar comical speech.

2 — La Farra According to the translation from Spanish to English, “La Farra” means “The Party”. Well, it’s a short song which describes in great detail an entertaining atmosphere, it feels fresh and invites listeners to chill out with its upbeat rhythm.

3 — Hole In The Wall Here the guitar strings shine and prevails most of the time. However, Brown Kid sings some verses about the well-traveled.

4 — Jamaicamecrazy Interestingly this tune feels like a tribute to one of the most popular islands of the Caribbean, Jamaica. There’s no doubt he admires everything about this magical place and its culture. Not to mention, it features rap, as there’s a good delivery of rhymes. Trust me, it’s pretty funny!

5 — Rusty Strings I really love this track as it describes the struggles that face immigrants on a daily basis. The artist felt inspired by his father that came from far away to live the American dream. Obviously, it has a very special meaning for some of us who know closely know the difficulties faced by this hardworking people.

6 — Complacency Finally, the last track carries an important message. If you pay attention to his honest words, he makes a call to appreciate all the things we have. In conclusion, just find some time to relax and take delight in its laidback vibe and leisurely pace.




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