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West L Boyz Album Review — LISTEN

West L Boyz Album Review — LISTEN

West L Boyz
West L Boyz
‘s new self-titled album deserves way more attention. I promise every song of this project is worth a listen. This is especially so, when the duo based in London gives us a fusion of styles (Hip-Hop, EDM, and Afrobeats). From my view, the concept of the album is firmly based on a personal narrative. Most importantly, their dynamic voices combine in perfect harmony. Actually, listeners can feel the energy they deliver as each tune features audible verses, plus fun driving music in general terms. Make sure to read my track-by-track review below, and get ready to discover instant classics!

1 — Level Up This album begins with a bang! Explicit lyrics regarding money and their lifestyle accompanied by the desire to progress is what makes this song suitable for dreamers.

2 — Winners Anthem An EDM influence on their sound is notable from the start. Evidently, an optimistic song that will boost your mood. Curiously, it features just a  few rap verses.

3 — Drop It I’m loving the hand-claps and the vocoded intro. Probably, these talented guys are using an 808 drum-machine. Beyond those beats, electronic music is again present and it matches with their clever wordplay.

4 — 5 O’clock Clearly, the Afrobeats are bringing summery vibes all around. I bet you’re busting some dance moves while you listen to it.

5 — Put Em Up Somehow it bears some similarity to the first track of the album. However, you will genuinely enjoy again the high energy of this duo no matter what!

6 — Pimp Me Too Interestingly, it features sexy female vocals. A seductive slow jam, in which they work magic with words when it comes to rapping. I swear I can listen to it for hours. Put your hands up! Put your hands up!…

7 — Supermodels Here’s another party-themed song that revolves around being surrounded by beautiful girls. Certainly, who doesn’t want to have fun with supermodels?… Just don’t take a serious look at its misogynistic lyrics. At the end of the day, music is an act of celebration.

8 — Where I’m From It’s very catchy, precise and flawless. I wish I could rap that fast. If you are not tapping your feet or bobbing your head while this song plays, then you’re not human. There’s no doubt, it has the potential to become a good single in the future.

9 — Grammy It’s no exaggeration to say these guys deserve a Grammy for this fantastic album. In short, it’s an uptempo song that will keep artists motivated for that grand prize.

10 — Momm The rising duo remind us that money is still one of the most regular subject matters in the Hip-Hop world. In my opinion, they are brutally honest through their verses as financial stability is pretty important.

In conclusion, if this album doesn’t reach the gold status via sales, that would be unfair. Nevertheless, I feel 100% satisfied with my listening experience. Primarily because they dare to experiment with contemporary rhythms. Also, breaking rules of the game, and being innovative allow West L Boyz to be ahead of the competition.



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