Quickfire Interview With: Leyah

Quickfire Interview With: Leyah


Meet the Pop princess Leyah. In this quickfire interview, she discusses her music career, life, dreams, and the newest single “Na Na Na”, which alludes to the fact, she has a beautiful voice. This rising independent singer and songwriter reveals all!

1 – You’ve been singing and writing songs since…

Ever! It must have been encoded in my DNA. But I only got to seriously start writing music after I took my Bachelor in Music as a classical pianist and I realized that I want to perform on stage my own music. I remember that as a child, I always invented short songs and had “performances” in front of the mirror. In my mind, I was a diva on stage, like Whitney. I was her absolute Fan!

2 – You got involved in the music realm because…

My dad, who is a former classical music conductor, once told me: “There is no bigger freedom for mankind than music”. And I thought about it a lot. There are two things that made me choose music. First and most of all, because through music I can freely express myself, write as I fell and detach my self from reality. And then, thanks to the internet and all the streaming platforms existing today, I have the huge opportunity to share my music, worldwide. Like never before!

And there is another great thing about music. It has the amazing power to give freedom and creativity to one’s mind in visualizing its own version of the story. I think we all use this time machine, whenever we push play and a song hits us.

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3 – Your sound is…

A mix of fresh sounds, cool beats and melodic lines fused with Pop, Funk and classical influences.

4 – Your biggest inspiration is…

My parents.

5 – Fans should listen to your new single “Na Na Na” because…

Besides its cool and fresh sound, it has a great dynamic, making “Na Na Na” a song that can be listened anytime of the day or night. It’s a mix between hooky choruses and moody verses, and its love story… is the story of many of us.

6 – If you want to know who Leyah is, listen to the track…

”Na Na Na”

leyah youtube

7 –Your most memorable career moment so far has been…

Launching my first single “Na Na Na”! I hope to always remember this moment and my journey as an independent artist towards releasing my first music album. It has been nothing but a rollercoaster and I wouldn’t be today who I am.

8 – Your dream is…

To write a soundtrack for a James Bond movie. And have a concert at the “Royal Albert Hall”. And have a featuring with Sam Smith. Shall I go on? ☺…

9 – Your next release is called…

“Lost in Music”

10 – Your all-time favourite track is…

Oh! I can’t pick one. It depends of the mood I am in. There are so many beautiful songs that marked my evolution as an artist, starting with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Adele, Sam Smith, and many, many others. But most probably, it would be a ballade.

11 – Your all-time favourite album is…

Michael Jackson – “Thriller” and “Bad”.

12 – If you weren’t a singer and songwriter you’d probably be…

An actress, a dancer, a director, a screenwriter, a fashion designer. Basically, anything that involves creativity.

13 – You’ll only stop making music if…

I don’t feel like. And I’ll just try one or several of the above mentioned.

14 – In a few years, you want to be…

A Grammy winner.

15 – What are you doing for the rest of the day?

I love Netflix series, I write scripts for music videos and fashion films, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, I seek new music opportunities, I stay updated with fashion and beauty trends, I edit photos (I have tons of apps in my phone) and I play with my cat, Spritz.




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