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Qualities To Look Out For In Gold Bracelets



gold bracelets
Gold is one of the most sought-after beauty products’ ingredients. Gold bracelets and every other jewelry product made out of gold is beautiful and has high demand. Gold is appealing to the eye and stands out like a sore thumb.

When buying gold bracelets, there are certain qualities that you should look out for to get the best in the market.

Personal style and preference

When buying gold bracelet for women, one of the most important qualities to have in mind is your personal style and preference. Bracelets are available in many forms to suit every buyer’s tastes and preference.

georg jensen bracelet
If you prefer large and loud bracelets or subtle gold bracelets that blend in comfortably with your clothes, you can easily find these. When buying the gold bracelet as a gift, it is important that you consider these factors to ensure that your gift is appreciated and worn often.


Is a gold bracelet suitable for you? For some people, gold jewelry is their friend. For others, gold and their skin are not very friendly.

There is a group of people whose skins react negatively to gold jewelry. If you have an allergic reaction to gold bracelets, do not buy gold jewelry. However, if your skin does not react to gold, go for it.


Sometimes the allergic reactions on the skin when one wears gold jewelry is as a result of poor-quality gold coatings. If you can afford, high-quality gold bracelets will rarely affect your skin negatively. It is therefore important that you confirm the quality of your gold jewelry to prevent allergic reactions.

bracelet georg jensen
High-quality gold jewelry may be substantially expensive. A high price is sometimes a good indicator of quality. As a buyer, find unique ways to test the quality of your purchases and always go for high-quality bracelets.


Gold bracelets should be long-lasting. Also, durable gold bracelets are high-quality bracelets. Poor quality gold jewelry will break easily compared to higher quality gold jewelry.

Purpose of the jewelry

Gold has always been used for beauty long before it became a monetary standard setter. Gold was and still is highly valued for its radiance and purity. Gold jewelry is a mainstay gift to special persons or is worn during special occasions such as weddings.

When buying a gold bracelet for women, it is important to consider its purpose. If it is for everyday wear, a cheap piece of gold-plated bracelet will suffice. However, if it is a gift to a special person or to be worn for special occasions, a high-quality gold bracelet will be the item you purchase.


Related to quality, gold bracelets are available in a range of prices. The higher the quality of gold used to make the bracelet, the higher its price will be and vice versa.

Gold is often quite pricey. Even low-quality gold jewelry is often more expensive than jewelry made from other materials.

Why is gold jewelry loved over other jewelry?


Gold is beautiful and easily recognized all over the world. As a standard of beauty, gold is the highest. It has a bright appealing hue that is easily recognizable. Gold jewelry carries the same brilliance and therefore stands out when it is worn even subtly.

Does not easily tarnish

Gold does not easily tarnish. Gold jewelry, therefore, maintain their brilliance and beauty for much longer. They have value for money as you do not have to keep replacing your jewelry with new jewelry regularly.


Gold jewelry makers love gold as it is quite easy to mold into any form. A little gold ready fro smelting can produce a large number of products.


Gold bracelet for women are in high demand. Gold jewelry is highly loved and appreciated. It accentuates the wearers’ beauty and stands out uniquely in any environment. Gold bracelets are beautiful and easily identifiable when worn.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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The Different Types Of Keto Diets




keto diets
You must have heard of the term ‘keto diet’ or the ‘ketogenic diet’. It is a diet that pushes your body to the state of ketosis, a condition where you deprive your body of carbohydrates of any kind. You live through your day by consuming fatty foods, and that is the only source of energy that you allow your body. For beginners, it can be quite challenging to switch to this diet, especially when all you have seen and eaten growing up are pizzas and fries. It is a great diet plan for people who want to lose weight in a short span of time. But, there are several things that you must consider before you take the pledge of changing your lifestyle. You shall find several articles on the internet that talks at length about the benefits of a keto diet and the correct ways to go about it. But that is just one side of the story. You also need to learn about the types of keto diets available for you to choose from. Many people make the mistake of generalizing food habits and diet plans, and this results in them failing to reach their health goals. Therefore, we decided on putting together an article where you can wrap your heads around the different types of keto diets and choose the one that seems to fit your condition the best.

ketogenic diet
The Standard Ketogenic Diet:

The very first thing that you must know about this type of diet is that it involves low carbs, moderate protein, and very high fat. This is something universal that you must know about the keto diet. It is basically a low-carb and high-fat diet. Therefore, the different types of diets are all woven together in one common thread, and that is the high-consumption of fat. However, you cannot put a restriction on the number of calories consumed because different people have different energy requirements. Add as many greens as possible to your diet and also consider eating non-starchy foods. These are the best options to consider when you are following the standard keto diet. Also, look into your options of keto supplements to give your diet plan a boost. Check for some head start.

The Very Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet:

The name says it all, and we would not require to shed more light into what this type is all about. The very low-carb ketogenic diet is the kind of diet where the portion of carbohydrates is minimal. It is almost as if you are starving your body of carbohydrates. That is all that you need to know. The rest of the diet is pretty much similar to a standard keto diet.

Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet
The Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet:

Steve Phinney, one of the proponents of the keto diet coined the term Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet. This diet follows the same route map as a standard keto diet except for the fact that it involves a more constructive and conscious intake of the macro units of fat. This leads to a higher chance of ketosis, a condition that ketogenic diets aim at.

The MCT Ketogenic Diet:

With the MCT ketogenic diet, we are looking at a more scientific approach to the keto diet (not that the other types are any less scientific). The focus of this type is on using more of MCT, which are medium-chained triglycerides. Medium-chained triglycerides provide much of the fat content for the diet. You do not have to look for other sources of fat if you concentrate solely on the medium-chained triglycerides. You can seek refuge in coconut oil if you are looking for natural sources of MCT. But if coconut oil is hard to get access to in your region, you could try ordering some MCT emulsion oil as a substitute. It should work the same. As long as you are getting enough fat from the food you are ingesting, your keto diet should work just fine.

MCT ketogenic diet
The MCT ketogenic diet also seems to help the cause of epilepsy as studies suggest. This is so because unlike the other types of the keto diet, the MCT ketogenic diet does not prevent you from consuming carbs and protein. The idea of this diet is to lead to ketosis while you are still ingesting enough carbs and protein.


We fail in our health goals because of the rampant ignorance about a certain form of lifestyle. We straight away plunge into a certain diet plan without gauging all the sides to it. Ketogenic diets are not suitable for everyone. It depends on how your body functions and how your body reacts to the different food you eat. Therefore, look into all these before you plan for a swift switch. Better still, head to your dietician or your nutritionist because they shall know what would suit you the best.

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5 Tips On How To Make Your Mattress Last For Years




5 Tips On How To Make Your Mattress Last For Years
Your mattress is more than just a place where you unwind and listen to music, it’s also where you recuperate and recover from a long night of dancing, and where you dream about the gigs you’ll attend in the months to come.

Unfortunately, few people take care of their mattresses the right way. Often, we buy a bed, sleep in it, and forget all about the maintenance that comes with making a major home investment. However, if you’re sick of waking up to lumpy or ruined mattresses within months of spending a small fortune, the following five tips will ensure that your mattress is ready to stand the test of time.

1. Use a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors might not seem like a big deal at first, but they can make a huge difference to your bedding’s lifespan. A good quality mattress protector means that you don’t have to worry about sweat and other things damaging the longevity of your new bed. Additionally, it can also help to protect you from allergen problems, by making it easy to get rid of dust and skin cells.

mattress protector
Using a mattress protector doesn’t have to feel like you’ve covered your bed in plastic anymore either. There are plenty of new protectors that feel just as cosy as your standard fitted sheet.

2. Kick the Pets Out

We know how nice it can be to curl up in bed with your dog while you listen to the latest singles from Cyberpunk, or relax after work. Unfortunately, pets can do a lot of damage to your mattress over time. Whether it’s their claws digging into the memory foam causing lumps in your bedding, or it’s their fur getting into just about everything, it’s best to keep your pets out of your bed.

Snuggle with your four-legged friends on the couch and protect your bed as a place for you and your partner only. Trust us, you’ll appreciate this tip in the long-run.

3. Be Careful When Moving Your Mattress

Whether you’re moving home, or bedroom, be careful about dragging your mattress from one location to another. There’s a reason why today’s bed-in-a-box mattresses come in air-tight packaging that protects them from knocks and scrapes.

Even if you’re just flipping your mattress or turning it around to make sure that you don’t get any dips in your memory foam, always be careful. Ask someone for help to ensure that things don’t sag or get bashed out of shape. Don’t forget to also take extra steps to protect it against dirt, dust and spills if you’re putting your mattress in the back of a moving van!

4. Give It Some Air

Making your bed might be something that you’d rather avoid 9 times out of 10. However, every so often, you really should follow your parents’ advice. Strip your mattress of any coverings when you next have a sunny day and open the window. Let the bed refresh and breathe for a while, so it can get rid of all that excess moisture and feistiness from regular use.

Not only will airing your mattress make it last longer, but there’s also a good chance that this process will make your bed smell a lot better. It could even help to keep your dust mite population in check as well if you think you might have a bed bug problem take a look at this guide for more details.

Mattress tips
5. Follow Instructions

Finally, when the time comes to remove stains and other marks from your mattress, pay attention to the instructions provided by the bed’s manufacturer. Most mattress companies will include some directions for stain removal and general cleaning. However, more often than not, you can get rid of dust and other particles with just a basic hoover attachment.

Spot treat stains with a mild solution of soap and water. Avoid chemicals at all costs – this is particularly important for foam mattresses, where chemicals can break down the foam.

There you have it, you’re now ready to protect your mattress, and make sure your investment lasts as long as possible.

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5 Tips To Improve Communication Styles Within Intercultural Dating




intercultural dating
You just met someone new and things really seem to click between the two of you. However, you both come from completely different backgrounds, cultures, and perhaps even countries.

You just met someone new and things really seem to click between the two of you. However, you both come from completely different backgrounds, cultures, and perhaps even countries. Getting to know this new person in your life is all part of the process of dating outside your usual comfort zone.

Due to that initial attraction, we may feel the urge to rush to get to know everything there is to know about this new person, but learning how to fully recognize and understand your cultural differences takes time. This guide will go over some ways that you can get to know someone from another culture and really take advantage of the chemistry that can be found despite your differences.

Tip #1: Communication Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

When you’re getting to know someone with a different culture than your own, there may be communication pitfalls that you could both run into right off the bat. Knowing what these might be beforehand can really help you in either avoiding them or, if these situations are unavoidable, to handle such them in a more skillful way. Of course, you can’t expect to have everything figured out before you get to know someone, but it is nice to at least have some guidelines to read off from before you proceed.

5 Tips to Improve Communication Styles Within Intercultural Dating
One of the first pitfalls you might run into, when getting to know your date, is a difference of opinion on how fast the relationship should progress. Let’s say that you come from a background where people were more open to hooking up with each other very quickly and stepping into the bedroom in a matter of days.

The person you are dating is from a country where they tend to take a much longer amount of time in courtship, before choosing to move forward with that type of intimacy. It is important that you are both able to communicate such preferences for how intimacy is handled, in order to avoid mixed messages or miscommunications from either end.

Tip #2: Express Your Appreciation to Your Partner from Another Culture

Since you are looking to date this new person from another culture than your own, it would be beneficial for you to be open to learning new things about them. Show genuine interest in your date and ask plenty of questions about where they come from, what types of things they would enjoy doing in their home country, and anything else that will show your personal appreciation for them and the differences that you share.

partner from another culture
On the flip side, also remember to be willing to answer any questions that your date might have about you and your culture. Perhaps your date has only been living in your country for a short time and would like to learn more about the local culture. It can actually make for a great date idea to go and visit places that are related to both of your cultures, in order to really get a better understanding of where each other is coming from.

Tip #3: Respect Their Culture – Do Not Judge

Always be respectful of your date and their culture. Try not to make assumptions and seek to better understand the temperament of your date, before trying to ask questions that are too personal or making any sort of stereotypical or political jokes about anything to do with their place of origin. Some people tend to have a specific type of sense of humour, while others choose not to have that same sense of humour.

Being able to recognize this and respect that individual’s preferences will add harmony to your connection. Remember, you are both attracted to each other, so there is no need to try and cause any sort of issue with each other before learning the other person’s quirks.

Tip #4: Overcoming Language Barriers To Intercultural Communication

Overcoming language barriers is one of the greatest challenges for those who choose to date someone of a different culture. While many people from other countries may know how to speak your mother tongue, not all of them will have the same educational experience to draw off of.

Let’s say, for the sake of giving an example, that you just started dating someone from Ukraine or Russia who has only been learning how to speak English for a year, while you have been speaking English your whole life.

They may have a solid grasp on the basics of the English language, which may be enough to comfortably communicate with you in simpler terms, but that doesn’t mean they will understand everything you say.

There may be times where it will be up to both of you to find ways to communicate more simply. This can be done by many alternative means, such as through visual aids like drawing what you are meaning to say or by looking up how to translate what you are saying into their own native tongue. You can purchase translation books and download apps that will help you in accomplishing this. These can be a great way to help out situations that are difficult for you to get through.

Tip #5: Teach Each Other Something New

On that same note, it goes without saying that your date would likely be very thrilled if you were able to speak at least the basics of their own language. If you want to get to know someone from another culture much better, it would be wise to start brushing up on your own second language skills.

love dating
A fantastic way for two people from different cultures to get to know each other well is to work on teaching each other your own native language. If you were to teach your date on how to speak your language, you can also ask them to see if they are willing to do the same. This can make for a fantastic date activity, where you can both experience something new with this other person while expanding your own cultural awareness.

Conclusion: Intercultural Dating Is An Enjoyable challenge

In conclusion, the very best way to get to know someone new is by allowing them to be open and honest with you at their own pace. At the same time, remember to be respectful and understand that not everyone works in the same way. Naturally, if there is an undeniable chemistry between the two of you, this should be an enjoyable challenge to work through more than anything.

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10 Mangalsutra Ideas For Wedding Seasons




10 Mangalsutra Ideas For Wedding Seasons
Mangalsutra is the most prized possession for any married Indian woman. A mangalsutra is much more than just a chain or sacred thread; it binds the two of you into a sacred relationship of a lifetime. These days we find so many varieties of mangalsutras in the shop that choosing the ideal one can definitely be a confusing task. So, check out our recommendations to select your perfect mangalsutra!

1. Simply classic gold mangalsutra!

“Old is gold!” The simple classic mangalsutra made of tiny black beads and gold pendant is a perfect blend of tradition and style. When we say traditional gold mangalsutra design, it need not be plain and boring, go ahead and choose your style — experiment with different stones, and customisation in the design patterns.

2. Elegance personified!

Well, girls just love diamonds and solitaires, so why not go for a solitaire mangalsutra? A mangalsutra with just one solitaire resting in the centre looks classic, elegant and fashionable. It’s perfect for someone who likes light jewellery and something that can be worn daily.

Mangalsutra3. Say yes with a diamond mangalsutra!

Go for uniquely designed diamond mangalsutras or your own customisation! For instance, actress Sonam Kapoor, who recently got married had customised her diamond mangalsutra with the zodiac sign of the both of them. It’s just an idea you can go for something that truly depicts your relationship or bond!

4. Get quirky with peacock motif pendants!

Mangalsutra with pretty peacock motif pendant looks traditional and stylish! The peacock motif looks delicate and feminine and adds on to the charm of the mangalsutra! You can match it with a pair of peacock pattern earrings and bracelets during special occasions!

peacock pendant5. Beaded mangalsutra!

Beaded mangalsutras are not very common these days. You may opt for simple and elegant beaded gold or diamond mangalsutras. The beads can be in different colours, precious stones or simply diamond-studded beads or gold beads! It looks quite trendy and unique!

6. Floral and fern petals mangalsutra!

Florals and delicate ferns are simply the best when it comes to jewellery, so why not go for a floral or fern mangalsutra? Mangalsutra with floral pendant look simply exquisite. It can be diamond-studded florals or embossed gold florals! You may also go for fern pendant or a combination of both floral and fern pendant!

floral mangalsutra7. Stylish bracelet mangalsutra!

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Bracelet mangalsutra is gaining much popularity amongst the young brides these days! A ring and bracelet mangalsutra combo also looks stylish. It’s easy to carry than complicated jewellery.

8. Traditional Mangalsutra!

It’s true that people prefer to invest in the light and fashionable jewellery these days be it wedding ornaments or mangalsutras, but we say that the charm of the traditional heavy mangalsutra still remains unparallel! It’s once in a lifetime affair, so you may choose something with a heavy locket with Meenakari work, or something similar!

9. Long mangalsutra!

If you prefer long chains over shorter ones then go for a long-chained mangalsutra. It’s much more comfortable to carry, and you can also remove it easily in case you don’t wish to wear it.

10. Mangalsutra with hearts!

There is nothing prettier than a cute mangalsutra with hearts! You can go for heat shaped pendants, tiny heart charms all around or an entwined heart in the centre, it all looks adorable!

Go ahead and choose one of these designs for your special day to make it all the more momentous!

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Get The Latest Celebrity News In Morocco Thanks To Salah-Eddine OUAZRI




Celebrity News In Morocco
Salah-Eddine OUAZRI
, is a young Moroccan influencer from the city of Mohammedia. He’s currently the one running the notorious Instagram page ‘Et_Morocco_News’ which is a celebrity news outlet that highlights their daily content and craft.

OUAZRI’s news outlet doesn’t limit itself to just the showbiz world, it sheds a light on various topics from regular daily events happening in Morocco, to other subjects that are related to the country.

The page itself ‘Et_Morocco_News’ has gained a massive following worldwide, reaching over 200K (as of today) and is followed by various Moroccan and Arab celebrities such as the famous Moroccan producer RedOne, whose craft helped put Lady Gaga on top of the music industry internationally.

Salah-Eddine OUAZRI
There’s no doubt that Salah-Eddine OUAZRI’s unique strategy and vision will keep pushing the notorious Instagram page to new limits and go beyond social media norms.

Being an influencer isn’t an easy task, and OUAZRI knows that; that is the reason why he’s always adjusting his style to fit new ways and changes that affect the social media platforms on a regular basis.

Over 200.000 people rely on OUAZRI to deliver the latest in Morocco, whether it’s music-related, film, art, sports or even politics. With that being said, ‘Et_Morocco_News’ is arguably one of the hottest news outlets in Morocco, if not the hottest. That’s up to debate.

For more information, visit the Instagram page:


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