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3 Men’s Winter Fashion Trends For 2016



winter 2016
Trends like people come in all shapes, sizes and colours. In fact, it is precisely and perhaps somewhat ironically this reality that makes fashion, as well as breaks it; fashion, though sniffed at as an assortment of fads and vogues or even written off completely as ‘uncool’ by some, is an industry into which (admit it or not) we all buy. The question then, is what to buy or buy into? To answer that, here are three of the major men’s winter fashion trends taking 2016 by storm.


The hipster uprising has been a long one, having first emerged back in 2014 and in 2015 causing even major UK Newspapers such as the Telegraph to publish articles tackling that all important question: ‘Will the ‘Beard Boom’ Ever End?’. The answer, it seems, would be no time soon.


Ironically and apparently, the ‘beard trend’ which has come to encapsulate and stand as the recognised prerequisite must have in the hipster movement, was first thought up as not just a look that challenges our modern and western idea of male identity, but too as an act as much as a look that saw men put down their razors and say a defiant and resolute ‘no’ to the metrosexual, moisturiser wearing ‘new man’. As with punk fashion before it and the rock ‘n’roll get up of even decades earlier, the beard has now simply become its own trend, flying in the face (no pun intended) of those who feel their beards make a statement against fashion as a concept.


2015 and now 2016 winter fashion has been awash with all things natural, from naturally grown facial hair to implementing colours which seek to emulate and so celebrate nature itself and we’ll talk about colour more in a moment; for now, let’s take a look at how the materials used to create this winter’s fashion must haves are being determined by this ‘natural’ theme. To do so, it is worth paying close attention to what’s currently filling the shop front and windows.

Namely, you can expect to find a cosy and comforting array of wools, base layer cottons and perhaps most luxuriously cashmere sweaters. To see for yourself, and without having to brave the rather blustery outdoors, instead head over to the Tailor Retailored, where you can also bag yourself one of this season’s most popular trends: the cashmere sweater. To make sure you get it right before hitting that buy button though, read on to find out what colours should fill your basket.

Ah, the colour of English winter, grey is everywhere right now, but not only because that’s how winter leaves us feeling. Rather, grey is this season’s colour of choice when shopping men’s fashion. Softer than black and far better suited to showcasing the natural textures and patterns created and dominating this winter’s fashion must haves – which include wool, cashmere and cotton, grey is also the perfect colour with which to tie together and yet too offset the beiges, browns and oatmeals occupying designer’s minds this season.

To see for yourself some of the creative and far from boring, dull or drab ways in which grey is currently being used, head over to the GQ website, where grey is being hailed as the number one men’s fashion must have colour.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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