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4 Mistakes To Avoid After An Auto Accident



4 Mistakes To Avoid After An Auto Accident
Have you ever been in an auto accident? Thought it would be for the best if you didn’t, but If you did, you have a rough idea of how things turn out as people try to blame it on others. You can keep yourself safe if you play smart and avoid the following mistakes.

Disappear from the Scene

Leaving the accident scene is illegal. If you are not present on the scene, you might be prosecuted with Hit and Run. Your charges would be grim if other parties were injuries. State laws even state that you have to stop and aid the other driver. Failing to follow this regulation is considered a crime.
Therefore, you better stay put and wait till law enforcement arrives for your aid.

Not Cooperating with the Authorities

Even if you were lucky enough the accident was nothing serious; you need to contact the law enforcement. They will include the event in the record and offer help if you need. If the situation is worse, then you better call emergency services instantly. In some events, drivers on both sides agree not to involve legal authorities. This is a grave mistake because not only they are keeping law enforcement in the dark, but they let the insurance companies take advantage of them.

Yes, both drivers may think the damage is minor, and keep themselves out of trouble. Little they know that their actions help insurance company avoid the claim process as they lack the evidence of how the damage and injuries happened and their extent. It’s understandable why people don’t call for police as they can warrant for an arrest, or worse. From a legal standpoint, it won’t help your case, and you need to be honest to keep yourself safe. If you have evidence that the other driver was responsible, he will be charged, and have to pay for damages.

When speaking to them, give them the whole story as you want the accident record to be accurate. Stick with the facts, not what you may believe what may have happened. Also, state how you felt during the accident, and give it to them because anything you hide can be used against you.

Ignore Injuries

These accidents can be traumatic, and you might be shocked by the experience itself. It’s hard to evaluate your injuries or their extent right at the moment. Therefore you have to call medical services to check your, and other’s injuries.

You better seek medical attention even if you believe you are barely bumped or bruised. You believe a minor injury is a serious wound but they are very hard to detect, and you may not feel the pain instantly. So you better be safe than sorry

Apologize is Admitting Fault

Every auto accident lawyer Maryland emphasizes you better keep your mouth shut at the scene. Naturally, you may want to apologize, but your sign of good will cost you in the long run. So remain silent, or you will admit fault which the insurance will use an excuse to save money.

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