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5 Awesome Vegetable Juice Recipes For Hair Fall Solution



5 Awesome Vegetable Juice Recipes For Hair Fall Solution
Yes, you heard it right. With regular intake of some certain vegetable juices can actually prevent hair fall and enhance hair growth. No need to do chemical therapies, treatments or surgeries. Let’s head into something that’s way more natural.

In this article today, we’ll be providing a list of five most effective recipes that helps a lot to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth of both men and women. We’ve provided the ingredient chart, the procedure (if necessary) and the benefits of each of the juices.

Let’s go through the vegetable juice recipes for hair loss:

# Recipe 1: Cucumber-Carrot Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Carrots (4, large).
  2. Apple (1, medium).
  3. Cucumber (1 piece).
  4. Lemon Juice (A few piles).

The Benefit

The best side of this recipe is, it’s high on beta-carotene. All of the ingredients that we’ve provided are high in vitamins. Apple is knowing well for better digestion, also works great to assist the other ingredients to be absorbed quicker. The other two major ingredients are directly effective for hair fall recovery and hair growth enhancement.

# Recipe 2: The Lycopene Booster Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Carrots (4, large).
  2. Tomatoes (2, large).
  3. Cucumber (1, medium).
  4. Pepper (Red or Yellow, 1).
  5. Lemon Juice (A few piles).

The Benefit

The ingredients of Carrot, Tomatoes, Cucumber creates an awesome blend of antioxidants and vitamins that directly affects positively on hair fall. Also, the inclusion of Lycopene gives the blend an extra shape of anti-aging compounds.

# Recipe 3: Beetroot Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Carrots (4, large).
  2. Cucumber (1, medium).
  3. Beetroot (1, small).
  4. Lemon Pile(1/4th)

The Benefit

Beetroot is a profound ingredient of this juice that helps a lot with the cleansing of every liver function. It ensures better blood circular and this eventually affects the hair growth. So, this perfect blend of healthy ingredients will surely reach the hair the necessary ingredients through the blood. All you need is a great quality juicer. Read this blog for some help in that case.

Hair Fall Solution
# Recipe 4: The Kale Celery Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Large Kale Leaves (4-5 pieces).
  2. Celery (2 ribs of them).
  3. Cucumber (1, medium).
  4. Green Apple (1 piece).
  5. Ginger root (1 inches of it).

The Benefit

Kale leaves are a great or source of necessary health ingredients. Some of these ingredients are also highly beneficial for getting a silky hair and health of the scalp. Also, you might get a healthier hair follicle from this amazing juice.

# Recipe 5: The Strawberry Blast Juice

Key ingredients are-

  1. Fresh Strawberries (12 of them).
  2. Carrot (2, medium size).
  3. Cucumber (1, medium size).
  4. Apple (Red, 1).

The Benefit

If you would like to meet both ends of taste and health benefits, this juice can be the right item that you might need. The inclusion of Strawberries has come with a high count of Vitamin C. Also, a high number of antioxidants will surely stimulate the hair growth of your scalp. So, this item should be a must inclusion in the breakfast of the day.

Bottom Line

So that was the list of vegetable juice recipes for hair loss guys. Hope these juices will take place on your day to day meals and I’m sure that it will have positive impacts on the health of your hair and scalp.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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